I thank the Good Lord, I got a good man.

I wanted to do a new diary entry. A lot of amazing dreams have come true for me lately and I am so happy. For one thing, my song was played on KX96, Canada’s #1 country station, which has been my dream for many years. I had sent my music to the station many times over the years and it kept getting better and better feedback, so once it was added, I felt so grateful and happy.

My songs have been played on so many other amazing Country stations as well. I did my first national television appearance with etalk, which my brother and I used to watch as kids, but something that I have to say is; I THANK THE GOOD LORD, I GOT A GOOD MAN!!! (Thank you Abby Anderson, for the perfect song lyrics to describe how I feel.) And I aint’ lettin’ go!

This man is loving, supportive, kind, and accepted me for all I have been through and told me that even though a lot of men cheat, he is a rare one, and one who would never hurt me because all he would have to think of is seeing me cry and he wouldn’t do it. He compared women to flowers, lots of pretty ones, but that it doesn’t necessarily mean he would pick one, especially when he has a girl who makes him happy, why chase another? but admitted he is a rare one. :)

He always wanted everlasting love with one woman just like I always wanted. He is an old soul and traditional just like me and loves country music as much as me and is a country guy!

He is amazing and always tells me I make him so happy, but he makes me so happy. I am glad he came now, when timing is right. This is a time, where both of us believed it was fate. I felt like after everything that had happened, I appreciated a good man so much. I was at a point in my life, where I had so much love to give a good man. He felt the same, that maybe he was meant to meet me since I never had a good guy before.

In his eyes, I am an amazing girl, with an ugly past. He is a man I can trust, that I can feel safe with, my best friend, my other half. I don’t really know what I did to deserve all of these blessings, but if you read my diary entry about January 2018, I was so low. :(

He was so nice and was okay waiting until engagement to be intimate. It’s nice to be with someone who shares my morals and values. Not a day goes by where I forget I am loved or where I let him forget that he is.

When things get really bad, just hang in their. Dreams will come true, and good things will come for you, this I promise you. If you don’t hold on, you’ll never know ;)

We have so many amazing things planned to do together, like Nashville! :)

So, I thank the good lord, I got a good mannnnn, I thank the good lord, I got a good man. :)

Love Jade

Ole iloinen!! (Be happy)

Hey :)

I wanted to write a diary entry today about how I've been feeling lately in hopes that it will inspire you to keep smiling. So often we feel like people are judging us, laughing at us, we dwell over people who are mean to us or try to hurt us, are angry at us... for a while, I had been struggling with letting other people affect my life. Remember to let go. Every day, you need to remind yourself of all the good things that are going on. Maybe it's that you get to eat your favourite food today, or the rain, snow or sun is inspiring, that you get to see a loved one, that you get to work on your dreams. Let all the negetivity go, your skin doesn't like it, your heart doesn't like it and your head doesn't like it. Smile and remember these 3 things: 1) Don't ever let someone who gave up on their dreams, tell you to give up on yours. 2) Do what works for you in life. What may work for someone else, may not be right for you. They can judge you and you can judge them but at the end of the day, ignore their immaturity and love your decisions that you make for you! 3) Don't try to hold on or change people. So often we try and try to hold on to people in our lives. We are afraid of missing them, losing them, we want to change ourselves for them. This way of thinking can often be toxic and it's important what Marilyn said which is; it's better to be unhappily alone than unhappily with someone, and this goes for friends, relationships and even family. When you let go of any insecurities and all of the above, you will truly be able to experience, love and LIVE your life. Remember to capture every beautiful moment of life too and share with others. I personally love looking through instagram and seeing all of the beautiful pictures you all take. xo

Are you afraid to see a fortune teller?

Okay, so basically, on my way home from the studio, I noticed a posting for a fortune teller. I had heard of these people before who use cards and your palm and their intuitions to tell you what your future will be like when it comes to health, wellness, love and relationships and your career, but seriously aren't you scared? I feel like I wanted to know in the moment and it might still be cool to know but what if it says something really bad? I guess it would be fun to check out. I mean, we should still live our lives trying our best to be healthy, good in our relationships, and pursuing our goals no matter what. I still don't understand how these people can be psychic. Do you believe in this superstitious stuff?