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 Southern Belle: "Southern belle" is a term used to describe women from the South with distinct characteristics that give them a warm, enchanting and inviting air. Southern belles are polite, respectful, well-kept and use certain words in their speech.

Though not from the south, this is exactly what comes to mind when people think of Canadian Country Singer Jade Naraine, who’s dream is to grace the ACMA awards.

2019 will be a busy year for the singer-songwriter as she makes frequent trips to Nashville and Los Angeles to write.


After releasing the Country version of “Princess” which many radio and industry professionals stated was on the upper end of what they receive from independent artists, Jade released a 6 song Country record titled; Country Music took me back, featuring singles; “Princess,” “If I’m Right,” “Snow White”, “Back to my Dream,” “You Decided to Stay” and “Country Music Took Me Back” summer 2019.

Jade says that her favourite part about being a singer is writing. She likes to tell stories through her music and use meaningful lyrics and rich instrumentation, to move her listeners. Her sound is both traditional to country roots, and new.

After being subject to a career halt that lasted just over five years, due to an unlawful seizure of her Passport, Jade is racing to make up for lost time. Jade will be out on the road promoting her new EP, while concentrating on writing sessions in Toronto, Los Angeles and Nashville, with seasoned writers known for penning songs for; Maren Morris and Brett Young. Stay tuned for details.



Jade has always had the same dream, to be a successful Country singer, and with the writing skills and vocals of; Taylor Swift, and Kacey Musgraves paired with supermodel looks - she seems to have everything going for her. When asked what she likes to do for fun, her answer is always the same: "My career! All I do is write songs, record, perform, dream and work on moving forward with my career."


"A lot of people don't know this about me but it hasn't been easy for me. I've worked dozens of jobs, from door to door sales with frozen toes, trying to balance 3 jobs at a time, only to be fired for lateness, and this was all for an undeniable spark in me that was music. I have been through so much but it's helped me to develop thick skin and strength in a very harsh and difficult industry. Now I say, "Bring it on" to anyone who tries to stand in my way. I am well prepared. It has also made my music that much better. Many will try to push people down and discourage them from continuing in their dreams, but when I charted 7 spots below Taylor Swift’s Wildest Dreams on the new music charts, it made me feel like I'm right where I should be." - Jade Naraine 


In 2015, Jade's first single peaked at just 7 spots below her idol; Taylor Swift. This was an incredible achievement for a new Canadian artist!

In 2015, Jade's first single peaked at just 7 spots below her idol; Taylor Swift. This was an incredible achievement for a new Canadian artist!


Album Art for "Country Music Took Me Back" the 2019 EP, by Jade Naraine

Album Art for "Country Music Took Me Back" the 2019 EP, by Jade Naraine

Jade is currently writing new music with the help of top Toronto based music producer; Mike Dmitrovic.

Jade has performed at pretty much every venue, under the radar, in Toronto from The Opera House, The Mod club, The Kool Haus to ElMocambo; Jade has shared the stage with many talented acts such as; Danny Fernandes. 

  "I worked with a couple of different producers to experiment between the genres but found that I really liked working with my Mike D, of Voodoo Records. He's a great producer and a great friend and I'm so excited for my new releases!




"We love "You Decided to Stay!" Sounds like it could fit right in here." - Kurt Flescher (Vista Radio Country stations)

"Thank you for the email and video. Great song. And we love Barbie Gurls!" - Dale Peters (Radio Tracker)

"Thank you for sharing the music video. Beautiful singer, beautiful video." - Dan Swinimer (Producer)

"Beautiful voice. Love the songs!" - Heidi Baiden (Virgin Radio)

“Hi Jade! Gave this a quick listen. I receive a lot of independent stuff, and this is in the upper end of what I receive in terms of quality. Thanks for submitting that. It exceeded my expectations.” - Paul Ferguson (Program Director)

“This is really well produced, and your vocals are stunning.  Our station REALLY leans toward classic country, so we need more steel guitar, fiddles, etc...from the new country that we add! This would be perfect for the top 40 new country stations. It's just what their looking for.” - Corey Noel (Music Director)

“Hey Jade, thanks for reaching out to us! I just had a chance to give Princess a listen, it's got a great flow to it. Great message as well! We'll keep it in mind for a feature, thanks again!” - Luca James (Afternoon host/Music Director Real Country 95.5)

“Looking forward to chatting with Jade Naraine, she is an incredible person, helping so many women. Also is extremely talented. I have been doing some research, and she is a very impressive individual. I would be honoured to talk with her and play her music.” - Matt Ryan CJNS

“Glad to say that we loved Jade's new song and we are adding it this week!” - Jayson (One FM Country stations)



The true story of singer Jade Naraine, a victim abandoned by her parents, the Canadian Federal Government, lawyers, men and the Toronto Police. 


Jade's life story is currently being made into a movie, based on a true story. Set to be shot in Los Angeles, written and directed by Ashley Avis of Winterstone Pictures (Deserted), the film will be put in front of Lifetime, MTV, Netflix, and various other networks. The film will be released at a date to be decided by her label and management. The story has captured interest from a Hollywood film director, investors, media domestic and abroad, as well as the hearts of many.


A lot of unimaginable things have happened to her, but it’s coming to an end and we look forward to sharing it with you. 

Though facing trauma after trauma, Jade somehow, maintained her morals and dreams and made it through what most wouldn't. She would go onto pursuing her career as a Country singer-songwriter and Women’s Rights lawyer.

“These men and individuals have spent years trying to destroy this young girl. All I wanted to do was get her out of this. - Daniel Kayfetz Criminal Lawyer

Stay tuned.