Ole iloinen!! (Be happy)

Hey :)

I wanted to write a diary entry today about how I've been feeling lately in hopes that it will inspire you to keep smiling. So often we feel like people are judging us, laughing at us, we dwell over people who are mean to us or try to hurt us, are angry at us... for a while, I had been struggling with letting other people affect my life. Remember to let go. Every day, you need to remind yourself of all the good things that are going on. Maybe it's that you get to eat your favourite food today, or the rain, snow or sun is inspiring, that you get to see a loved one, that you get to work on your dreams. Let all the negetivity go, your skin doesn't like it, your heart doesn't like it and your head doesn't like it. Smile and remember these 3 things: 1) Don't ever let someone who gave up on their dreams, tell you to give up on yours. 2) Do what works for you in life. What may work for someone else, may not be right for you. They can judge you and you can judge them but at the end of the day, ignore their immaturity and love your decisions that you make for you! 3) Don't try to hold on or change people. So often we try and try to hold on to people in our lives. We are afraid of missing them, losing them, we want to change ourselves for them. This way of thinking can often be toxic and it's important what Marilyn said which is; it's better to be unhappily alone than unhappily with someone, and this goes for friends, relationships and even family. When you let go of any insecurities and all of the above, you will truly be able to experience, love and LIVE your life. Remember to capture every beautiful moment of life too and share with others. I personally love looking through instagram and seeing all of the beautiful pictures you all take. xo

Jack Russell Terriers

 You have probably seen my 1 year old Jack Russell terrier, Sage. I just wanted to say that Jack Russells are the cutest dog. I was watching family channel one evening, when the show with the talking dog came on, so I decided to submit her for some acting in commercials like; Fido or Telus, an agency more or less and they wouldn't take her! Every time I would leave her at the grocery store, everyone would surround her and take photos of her. By the time I got back there was a crowd around her. I never leave her anymore because I'm terrified someone will take her, but seriously... I cant believe they took the other boring looking Jack Russell at the agency and not mine. It just goes to show you how unfair the film and television industry is as they say. I was also hoping they wouldn't notice until on the set of Fido, that she really isn't that experienced with posing for the camera. ♥