Culinary delights

One of my passions in life is food. I'm a huge foodie. I love fine dining, and cooking delicious and fresh foods. I like going grocery shopping daily by at the St. Lawrence Market, McEwen or Pusateri's. Any fine food specialty store. My favourite restaurants in the city so far, are; The Chase (both the seafood bar and the restaurant), Mortons, Sassafraz, Jacobs, The Shore club, and North 44. I also love a good simple seafood place, like Red Lobster or Lbs. My favourite foods are Lobster, crab, oysters, steak and venison. I go to the Shore club a lot, just because I love the atmosphere. One, located in the Hazelton hotel Yorkville, used to be a good place too, but the food went downhill. Jacobs is a cool place because they make the Cesar salad in front of you, which is cool. It's made with fresh ingredients.

As far as cooking goes, I love cooking a variety of foods. Lamb sirloin is a favourite with mashed potato and veg. I also enjoy cooking savoury soups, including, pumpkin beef, which is Jamaican delicacy. I enjoy making pasta's, and roast chickens. The best dressing for a roast chicken is sun dried tomato salad dressing. Below the chicken put some potatoes, turnips, carrots and kidney beans, for a delicious meal. The chicken should be put on broil, where it will come out moist and savoury. If you prefer, you can use chicken breasts as well. I also enjoy veal chops with apple puree. When it comes to breakfast and lunch I am pretty simple. I'm peckish all day, so enjoy having lots of fruits around in the kitchen; grapes, clementines, bananas, as well as tuna and green apple for sandwiches on rye, sardines with tomato and rye, oatmeal, and some cold cuts and cheeses, like kolbassa and mozzarella. For sides, I usually do rices, either wild rice or jasmine rice, with kidney beans, or else sweet potato, a very nutritious choice, or steamed white potato. I drink a lot of a all natural cranberry juice with water. It's very refreshing and healthy for women, as it prevent's UTI's among other nutritious benefits.

For sweets, I have a hug sweet tooth and I usually have gobstoppers candy around. I enjoy cooking some sweets. Blueberry pie is a favorite, cherry pie, as well as lemon cupcakes that I make. I make them with a lot of lemon juice and zest. It's a vanilla cake with a lemon icing, with skittles sprinkled on top. Food will always be a passion of mine, luckily I have a good metabolism, so I stay nice and thin. I am pretty sure my career keeps me busy enough to burn off all those calories. My favourite kinds of cuisine are; Greek, Italian, Fine Dining, Canadian, Steak and Seafood.  

I look forward to trying a lot more of the restaurants in Toronto. On my list is; Barbaryans, and George. Some places I like just for features are; Harbour sixty steakhouses' parmesan cheese mix that they give yo with the bread; they blend it with olive oil, another cheese, and some spices, and it's just delicious. I also love their lobster and crab. Ruth's Chris is a good steak place too, located at the Hilton on University Avenue, along with Smith Brothers in Scarborough for their hearty home cooked feel with gravy a large helping of mash and broccoli. Their Panko shrimp is to die for. Canoe also has a great view located in the TD tower. I also love the tuna tartar at the Keg!

Laws of Passion

Today when I was filing, my producer told me that he would pay for my law school if I wanted to go. Even though I want to be a singer, it makes me cry to know how much strangers can be more family than blood. Forever my Mr. Church.

I enjoy law. But I don't think I would want to do it all the time. I enjoy fighting for issues that I believe in, like social justice for women, animal welfare, charter breaches, abuse of power and maybe even criminal defense for a few abandoned harmless girls, but music is my everything.

I find lawyers to be very passive. The advantage of being a self represented litigant is that you don't need to worry about relationships with the opposing side. For example, I find defense lawyers to be very passive, due to not wanting to break friendships with crowns. Some judges are very nice and very much on your side, but others will still prefer tradition and that you are represented. They will remind you over and over that you are self-represented. You never know who you'll get. 

I remember a lawyer who was representing me in a case, where I brought charges privately. Looking back in the transcript, I'm pretty sure he just said; "okay" "and "yes, I agree with the crown." lol, agree? I am not paying you to agree. Tell them we will fight this!

Also, Danny Kayfetz is the best lawyer I have ever met. He taught me to always make sure the judge knows that they would be doing the best and most right thing by deciding in making a certain decision, rather than simply putting the other side down, or focusing on why it would be wrong the other way. Being Positive is key. 

Maybe in my next life, I will be a powerful lawyer. But in this life, I plan on being the best singer I can be. ♥

The Beauty in Disaster

So much has happened to me over the last few years. If you've followed my life at all, you definitely would have noticed. Somehow in all of that, I am at peace. In the amount of horror I have been through, I have grown so much and have discovered how strong I truly am, who I am and who I want to be. I am not that broken little girl that I once was. In being emotionally abandoned by my parents as a child, it caused me to be very vulnerable. When a girl is abandoned she may attract the wrong types of people, and may be susceptible to vulnerable to difficult situations in her adult life, she may become an easy target for men or bullies, someone to be taken advantage of. They may find the girl weak and passive. I didn't understand a lot about people, and life. I was naive and I was thrown into a world that isn't always nice, with  absolutely no guidance. No one to tell me to be careful. My life got really bad to a point where I could hardly breathe. I remember that day in January 2018. All I could think about was how to end my terrible life, but it was a day when I realized that nothing could get worse than it was and that it was only going to get better from there. I decided to take control of my life and find happiness within. I have never been happier than I am now. After filing a few Legally blonde looking claims, I studied the law, did hours of research on legal terms, case law. I put in the work and now people tell me I should be a lawyer and that I would be one of the best ones. I started speaking out about my life and some of the injustice I had endured and felt like a huge weight was lifted off of me each time.  I knew that I was going to use this horrible life that was dealt so far as a gift, something to turn into something special. I am proud to say that I know exactly who I am now. I know exactly who I want to be, who I'm not and exactly where I am headed. Music is my love and it's my everything and I will be sharing it with you for the rest of my life. I want to inspire young girls and women everywhere to stay strong. I want to be an activist for change in social justice for women and abuse of power. I want to inspire tradition and being a good role model. I want to inspire kindness, which is something that we lack a lot of in this world. Most importantly, I want women to take a stand, fight for whats right and leave their mark in the world. I look up to many influential women, including; Meghan Markle, and Jennifer Lawrence.  I am so grateful for all of the support from media, radio, television, and those closest to me for standing by me throughout these past four years. I look forward to sharing my story with you in both a book, and a based on a true story movie, when the time is right. Nothing comes easy, everything is difficult. But you have to decide if it's worth the fight. No matter what you have gone through; know that, taking control and actively making change while seeking justice for yourself will always heal. Remember;

"We can do the impossible. They say the odds are stacked against us But that can't hold us back, we will be relentless So let them say we can't do it, give us a mountain, and we're gonna move it." - Leann Rimes


Ole iloinen!! (Be happy)

Hey :)

I wanted to write a diary entry today about how I've been feeling lately in hopes that it will inspire you to keep smiling. So often we feel like people are judging us, laughing at us, we dwell over people who are mean to us or try to hurt us, are angry at us... for a while, I had been struggling with letting other people affect my life. Remember to let go. Every day, you need to remind yourself of all the good things that are going on. Maybe it's that you get to eat your favourite food today, or the rain, snow or sun is inspiring, that you get to see a loved one, that you get to work on your dreams. Let all the negetivity go, your skin doesn't like it, your heart doesn't like it and your head doesn't like it. Smile and remember these 3 things: 1) Don't ever let someone who gave up on their dreams, tell you to give up on yours. 2) Do what works for you in life. What may work for someone else, may not be right for you. They can judge you and you can judge them but at the end of the day, ignore their immaturity and love your decisions that you make for you! 3) Don't try to hold on or change people. So often we try and try to hold on to people in our lives. We are afraid of missing them, losing them, we want to change ourselves for them. This way of thinking can often be toxic and it's important what Marilyn said which is; it's better to be unhappily alone than unhappily with someone, and this goes for friends, relationships and even family. When you let go of any insecurities and all of the above, you will truly be able to experience, love and LIVE your life. Remember to capture every beautiful moment of life too and share with others. I personally love looking through instagram and seeing all of the beautiful pictures you all take. xo

Are you afraid to see a fortune teller?

Okay, so basically, on my way home from the studio, I noticed a posting for a fortune teller. I had heard of these people before who use cards and your palm and their intuitions to tell you what your future will be like when it comes to health, wellness, love and relationships and your career, but seriously aren't you scared? I feel like I wanted to know in the moment and it might still be cool to know but what if it says something really bad? I guess it would be fun to check out. I mean, we should still live our lives trying our best to be healthy, good in our relationships, and pursuing our goals no matter what. I still don't understand how these people can be psychic. Do you believe in this superstitious stuff?

Jack Russell Terriers

 You have probably seen my 1 year old Jack Russell terrier, Sage. I just wanted to say that Jack Russells are the cutest dog. I was watching family channel one evening, when the show with the talking dog came on, so I decided to submit her for some acting in commercials like; Fido or Telus, an agency more or less and they wouldn't take her! Every time I would leave her at the grocery store, everyone would surround her and take photos of her. By the time I got back there was a crowd around her. I never leave her anymore because I'm terrified someone will take her, but seriously... I cant believe they took the other boring looking Jack Russell at the agency and not mine. It just goes to show you how unfair the film and television industry is as they say. I was also hoping they wouldn't notice until on the set of Fido, that she really isn't that experienced with posing for the camera. ♥

My new sound

Hey loves, welcome to my new website. I kind of felt like I had to make a new website as I start a brand new style of music. If you're an old fan, you would know that I used to be pop. I started out in Country music and somehow found my way doing pop, but Country has always been close to my heart. I feel so at home singing country music. I really look forward to making songs that I hope will touch you guys.