A man is a protector. He will love you, be faithful to you, treat you with kindness, and all kinds of intimacy. His priority is to see you happy or he's not happy. Only you. Anything that falls short of that, is not a man. - Jade Naraine

Own your decisions without apology. - Jade Naraine

Why I would be perfect to play Pocahontas: We are both annoying, traditional, try to convince others we are right and have an army of enemies we have somehow upset. - Jade Naraine

Everything I have ever wanted I got on my own. Every t.v appearance, success, audition, opportunity... I didn't go through an agent or publicist. I hunted down the numbers, picked up the phone and called myself. - Jade Naraine

An empowered woman will go away when there is justice, but until there's justice, she will be relentless in her quest for justice. - Jade Naraine

You may lose the small battles, but you'll win the big war. - Jade Naraine

Never feel like you're missing anything, when you're doing what you love. - Jade Naraine

You don't have to lose your crazy. You just have to learn to hide it better. - Jade Naraine

You don’t need anyone to make your dreams and wishes come true. You can do that all yourself - Jade Naraine

Everybody has a story, be kind. - Jade Naraine

You do not accept the things you cannot change, you change the things you cannot accept. - Jade Naraine

How well you do in life, relies on how hard you work and how you bounce back from the obstacles set to trip you. - Jade Naraine

Success is inevitable when you know what you’re doing. - Jade Naraine

She was a soft-spoken girl who always stood up for what was right, because change for the better, was only made by those willing to put up a fight. - Jade Naraine

Girls hold something special. It’s that magical fairy pixie dust that has the power to touch others with her beautiful and kindness. - Jade Naraine

When something doesn't seem to be going your way, trust that God has a reason why. - Jade Naraine

Follow your own path, because all that matters is your happiness. - Jade Naraine

Choose a job you love and you'll never have to work a day in your life. - Jade Naraine

A relationship can only work when both people are givers. - Jade Naraine

God will allow you to go places you don't understand just to bring you where you need to be. - Jade Naraine

God never fails. Just in time. Every time. He always comes through. I believe more than ever that when he gives you a hard time, that it's to teach you a lesson, but that he loves you and will make sure that you are okay at the end of the day. - Jade Naraine