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A Canadian songstress


Canadian Country Artist Jade Elizabeth Naraine, of Finnish, Jamaican and Russian descent - from Southern Ontario, ON, always knew she wanted to be a singer. 

It started at just 5 years old, when she went to see Christina Aguilera for a mall signing for her first album. She says she was just blown away. From that moment on she knew she was supposed to be a star just like her.

Growing up with traditional country roots, from her grandmother, Jade started performing at weddings, banquettes and doing tons of musical theatre in the Country music genre; however, it wasn't until the end of high school when she started looking for a music producer to begin recording her own songs.

In 2015, due to her producers musical influence, a pop single to radio called "Cause I Can't Take Missing, which made the top 70 on media base in the USA, peaking at just 7 spots below Taylor Swift's Wildest Dreams. Shortly after that, she released a self titled pop EP; Jade, which received a lot of praise from media and music critics. 

After that, she hit a career halt due to an unlawful seizure of her passport, which caused her the inability to travel for or finance her career, but she still kept focused on honing her craft. Jade began working on more music, recording over 50 demos in the Country genre, where she felt most at home. 

In June 2019, Jade released a second EP; "Country Music Took Me Back" after a severe life changing event, where she was subject to a sexual assault, impacted her emotional ability to pursue a career in Country music for a short time. She went back to Country, believing that she wasn’t going to let a person who can hurt women, interfere with her dreams and was determined to use her experience to inspire and help others, through her ongoing women's rights activism.

Jade's song; Princess was a track on the EP. The single garnered national media attention for it's uplifting message and vulnerable lyrics about her journey going from a weak, broken woman to a strong woman. 

Jade says that her favourite part about being a singer is writing. She loves to tell stories through her music and use meaningful lyrics and rich instrumentation, to move her listeners. Her sound is both traditional to country roots, and new.




1) I'm 5'8.

2) I want a yard full of rescues.

3) I love the 1940s and 50s style.

4) My favourite food is soup and seafood (crab legs and oysters especially.)

5) I've never dyed my hair and won't ever.

6) My dream is to have a little house in the middle of nowhere with a huge yard for dogs and my vegetable garden, that they will probably destroy.

7) I almost always get mistaken for Asian, Hawaiian or Spanish.

8) I cried for a week straight when I wasn't cast as Belle in the grade 8 production of "Beauty and the Beast." 

9) My love of all music will drive me to change genres throughout my career. 

10) My favourite shows are; The Golden girls, unsolved mysteries and Arthur.

11) I love cooking fresh and delicious dishes.

12) My favourite movies are; Disney's The Parent trap, Matilda, Mr. Church and any good documentary, black and white movie, shark or dino movie. Oh and Doris Day.

13) I'm a huge country girl, no makeup, north, picnics, cottages, and the beach with my dog, are just a few of my favourite things. 

14) I went through a rock phase where I wanted to be just like Avril Lavigne. Glad I didn't get that skull tattoo (or any tattoo at all. :) )

15) I want to star on Disney's Broadway when I'm 35.

16) I believe Taylor Swift's stories and songs about guys, even when they get upset and claim it's all false and that she's insane. A girl never lies. Bad guys always get upset when we figure them out ;)

17) I love to buy fresh food from the st. Lawrence market or specialty supermarkets like Pusateri's wherever I am, on a daily basis. I also love fine dining, so I spend the majority of my income on food. (oops)

18) My dog only eats human food. Her favourite dishes are rice and beans with chopped lamb, mashed sweet potato, broccoli with beef, turkey, veal, liver, and chicken soup with squash. When she refused to eat dog food, I stopped trying. 

19) I'm very bubbly when one on one but was never the life of the party. Always more of an old soul, so traditional, presentable, private, introverted, and a conservative home body. 

20) I believe in being natural, happy and loving yourself, not changing yourself to follow any kind of trends. 

21) I won't ever have kids just dachshunds and Jack Russell terriers because everything is always going to be okay as long as ... DOGS. 

22) I am 0% Trini, Indian or Guyanese. My grandmother married an Indian man and passed along the name Naraine to my mother even though he was not her father. I adopted my moms last name. That is the story. 

23) I am also studying Political Science, women’s studies and law, so that I can practice women’s rights law on the side of music.

24) If I ever get married, it will be in Napa California cause Halle's dad from the parent trap lived there and he was the best. Also, Rascal flats will be performing.  ♥



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