fine dining

Culinary delights

One of my passions in life is food. I'm a huge foodie. I love fine dining, and cooking delicious and fresh foods. I like going grocery shopping daily by at the St. Lawrence Market, McEwen or Pusateri's. Any fine food specialty store. My favourite restaurants in the city so far, are; The Chase (both the seafood bar and the restaurant), Mortons, Ruth’s Chris, Sassafraz, Jacobs, and The Shore club. I also love a good simple seafood place, like Red Lobster, Rodney’s or Lbs. My favourite foods are Lobster, crab, oysters, steak and venison. I go to the Shore club a lot, just because I love the atmosphere. One, located in the Hazelton hotel Yorkville, used to be a good place too, but the food went downhill. Jacobs is a cool place because they make the Cesar salad in front of you, which is cool. It's made with fresh ingredients. Ruth’s Chris located in the Hilton Hotel is by far the best steakhouse in the city, as they cook their steaks with salted butter and parsley!

As far as cooking goes, I love cooking a variety of foods. Lamb sirloin, salmon or steak is a favourite with mashed potato and veg. I also enjoy cooking savoury soups, including, pumpkin beef, which is Jamaican delicacy. I enjoy making pasta's, and roast chickens. The best dressing for a roast chicken is sun dried tomato salad dressing. Below the chicken put some yukon gold potatoes, sweet potatoes, squash, carrots and kidney beans, for a delicious meal. The chicken should be put on broil, where it will come out moist and savoury. If you prefer, you can use chicken breasts as well. I also enjoy veal chops with apple puree. When it comes to breakfast and lunch I am pretty simple. I'm peckish all day, so enjoy having lots of fruits around in the kitchen; blueberries, nuts, oranges, as well as tuna and green apple for sandwiches on rye, sardines with tomato and rye, oatmeal, and hard boiled eggs. For sides, I usually do rices, either wild rice or jasmine rice, with kidney beans, or else sweet potato, a very nutritious choice, or steamed yukon gold potato. I drink a lot of a all natural cranberry juice with water. It's very refreshing and healthy for women, as it prevent's UTI's among other nutritious benefits.

For sweets, I have a huge sweet tooth and I usually have gobstoppers candy around. I enjoy cooking some sweets. Blueberry pie is a favorite, cherry pie, as well as lemon cupcakes that I make. I make them with a lot of lemon juice and zest. It's a vanilla cake with a lemon icing, with skittles sprinkled on top. Food will always be a passion of mine, luckily I have a good metabolism, so I stay nice and thin. I am pretty sure my career keeps me busy enough to burn off all those calories. My favourite kinds of cuisine are; Greek, Italian, Fine Dining, Canadian, Steak and Seafood.  

I look forward to trying a lot more of the restaurants in Toronto. On my list are; Barbaryans, and George. Some places I like just for features are; Harbour sixty steakhouses' parmesan cheese mix that they give you with the bread; they blend it with olive oil, another cheese, and some spices, and it's just delicious. I also love their lobster and crab. Smith Brothers steakhouse in Scarborough is amazing for their hearty home cooked feel with gravy a large helping of mash and broccoli. Their Panko shrimp is to die for. Canoe also has a great view located in the TD tower. I also love the tuna tartar at the Keg, as much as the one at Mortons!