Culinary delights

One of my passions in life is food. I'm a huge foodie. I love fine dining, and cooking delicious and fresh foods. I like going grocery shopping daily by at the St. Lawrence Market, McEwen or Pusateri's. Any fine food specialty store. My favourite restaurants in the city so far, are; The Chase (both the seafood bar and the restaurant), Mortons, Sassafraz, Jacobs, The Shore club, and North 44. I also love a good simple seafood place, like Red Lobster or Lbs. My favourite foods are Lobster, crab, oysters, steak and venison. I go to the Shore club a lot, just because I love the atmosphere. One, located in the Hazelton hotel Yorkville, used to be a good place too, but the food went downhill. Jacobs is a cool place because they make the Cesar salad in front of you, which is cool. It's made with fresh ingredients.

As far as cooking goes, I love cooking a variety of foods. Lamb sirloin is a favourite with mashed potato and veg. I also enjoy cooking savoury soups, including, pumpkin beef, which is Jamaican delicacy. I enjoy making pasta's, and roast chickens. The best dressing for a roast chicken is sun dried tomato salad dressing. Below the chicken put some potatoes, turnips, carrots and kidney beans, for a delicious meal. The chicken should be put on broil, where it will come out moist and savoury. If you prefer, you can use chicken breasts as well. I also enjoy veal chops with apple puree. When it comes to breakfast and lunch I am pretty simple. I'm peckish all day, so enjoy having lots of fruits around in the kitchen; grapes, clementines, bananas, as well as tuna and green apple for sandwiches on rye, sardines with tomato and rye, oatmeal, and some cold cuts and cheeses, like kolbassa and mozzarella. For sides, I usually do rices, either wild rice or jasmine rice, with kidney beans, or else sweet potato, a very nutritious choice, or steamed white potato. I drink a lot of a all natural cranberry juice with water. It's very refreshing and healthy for women, as it prevent's UTI's among other nutritious benefits.

For sweets, I have a hug sweet tooth and I usually have gobstoppers candy around. I enjoy cooking some sweets. Blueberry pie is a favorite, cherry pie, as well as lemon cupcakes that I make. I make them with a lot of lemon juice and zest. It's a vanilla cake with a lemon icing, with skittles sprinkled on top. Food will always be a passion of mine, luckily I have a good metabolism, so I stay nice and thin. I am pretty sure my career keeps me busy enough to burn off all those calories. My favourite kinds of cuisine are; Greek, Italian, Fine Dining, Canadian, Steak and Seafood.  

I look forward to trying a lot more of the restaurants in Toronto. On my list is; Barbaryans, and George. Some places I like just for features are; Harbour sixty steakhouses' parmesan cheese mix that they give yo with the bread; they blend it with olive oil, another cheese, and some spices, and it's just delicious. I also love their lobster and crab. Ruth's Chris is a good steak place too, located at the Hilton on University Avenue, along with Smith Brothers in Scarborough for their hearty home cooked feel with gravy a large helping of mash and broccoli. Their Panko shrimp is to die for. Canoe also has a great view located in the TD tower. I also love the tuna tartar at the Keg!