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A Canadian songstress


 A Southern Belle at heart: Jade Elizabeth Naraine, born in Toronto, ON, always knew she wanted to be a famous singer. 

"When I was 5 years old, I went to see Christina Aguilera for a mall signing for her first album and I was just blown away. From that moment on I knew I was supposed to be a star just like her." - Jade 

  Jade started performing at weddings, banquettes and tons of musical theatre; however, it wasn't until the end of highs chool when she started looking for a music producer to begin recording her own songs.

  In 2015, she released her first single to radio called "Cause I Can't Take Missing, which made the top 70 on media base in the USA, peaking at just 7 spots below Taylor Swift'S Wildest Dreams. 

  After that, she began working on more music, recording over 50 demos until 2017, when she formulated an album to be released, along with 4 new singles; including her well liked song; "Princess," written about her struggles through her emotional life, dealing with many traumatic experiences, including a sexual assault.

  Jade is now getting ready to release a second EP in the Country music genre; "Country Music Took Me Back" after a severe life changing event impacted her ability to pursue a career in Country music for a short time. The EP will be out in April, as Jade begins to take frequent writing trips to Nashville.

 Not only is Jade a singer, but she's also a pre-law student, looking to become a women's rights lawyer on the side of her music career, to help women who are victims of sexual assault and sexual harassment, in law suits, like she represented herself in her own.

  We wouldn't be surprised if she ends up starring in the latest Disney Broadway musical, as she says it's always been a passion of hers to play a Disney Princess like Meg, Esmeralda or Pocahontas when she's older. 

   Often compared to Taylor Swift and Kacey Musgraves, in terms of writing style and sound, there is no doubt that Jade has a bright career ahead of her. With her diverse love of music, we look forward to hearing what she'll do next! 


Thank you so much for your love and support. xo



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1) I'm 5'8.

2) I want a yard full of rescues.

3) I love the 1940s and 50s style.

4) My favourite food is soup and seafood (crab legs and oysters especially.)

5) I've never dyed my hair and won't ever.

6) My dream is to have a little house in the middle of nowhere with a huge yard for dogs and my vegetable garden, that they will probably destroy.

7) I almost always get mistaken for Asian, Hawaiian or Spanish.

8) I cried for a week straight when I wasn't cast as Belle in the grade 8 production of "Beauty and the Beast." 

9) My love of all music will drive me to change genres throughout my career. 

10) My favourite shows are; The Golden girls, unsolved mysteries and Arthur.

11) I love cooking fresh and delicious dishes.

12) My favourite movies are; Disney's The Parent trap, Matilda, Mr. Church and any good documentary, black and white movie, shark or dino movie. Oh and Doris Day.

13) I'm a huge country girl, no makeup, north, picnics, cottages, and the beach with my dog, are just a few of my favourite things. 

14) Some of my favourite singers and musical inspirations growing up and now are; Christina Aguilera, Kacey Musgraves, Avril Lavigne, Faith Hill, Gwen Stefani, Leann Rimes, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Demi Lovato, Rachel Platten, Pixie Lott, Hilary Duff, Jessie J and Vanessa Carlton.

15) I went through a rock phase where I wanted to be just like Avril Lavigne. Glad I didn't get that skull tattoo (or any tattoo at all. :) )

16) I want to star on Disney's Broadway when I'm 35.

17) I believe Taylor Swift's stories and songs about guys, even when they get upset and claim it's all false and that she's insane. A girl never lies. Bad guys always get upset when we figure them out ;)

18) I love to buy fresh food from the st. Lawrence market or specialty supermarkets like Pusateri's wherever I am, on a daily basis. I also love fine dining, so I spend the majority of my income on food. (oops)

19) My dog only eats human food. Her favourite dishes are rice and beans with chopped lamb, mashed sweet potato, broccoli with beef, turkey, veal, liver, and chicken soup with squash. When she refused to eat dog food, I stopped trying. 

20) I'm very bubbly when one on one but was never the life of the party. Always more of an old soul, gypsy soul, traditional, presentable, private, introverted, conservative home body. 

21) I believe in being natural, happy and loving yourself, not changing yourself to follow any kind of trends. 

22) I won't ever have kids just dachshunds and Jack Russell terriers because everything is always going to be okay as long as ... DOGS. 

23) I am 0% Trini, Indian or Guyanese. My grandmother married an Indian man and passed along the name Naraine to my mother even though he was not her father. I adopted my moms last name. That is the story. 

24) I am also studying Political Science, women’s studies and law, so that I can practice women’s rights law on the side of music.

24) If I ever get married, it will be in Napa California cause Halle's dad from the parent trap lived there and he was the best.  ♥



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