First and foremost, I am turning 22 and have no criminal record, all charges were withdrawn and I've never been in jail or had any kind of bail. There is a 3rd party error that people have found but the evidence of these withdrawn charges are below. I won't be engaging in any posts anymore, as it's taking away from my career and creating good music, so I'm posting the true story synopsis here of what happened with all of these charges and men and all evidence below. The only thing, I don't want to post is my ID, but may post a screenshot of just the birthdate at a later date. I am also proud to say that I'm waiting until marriage for sex. I believe it's a great way to find true love and build a deep connection and even if you never find love, I think it's better. Real love lasts forever. People who do not know what real love is, their superficial love will not. Beautiful actress; Meagan Good wrote agreat book called; The Wait. The world and media has gotten so bad these days that people actually think your odd if you believe in everlasting love, like the way it's supposed to be. Sometime's it's funny to think about how nuts people have gotten. To each their own, but I certainly won't conform and I hope I can be a good role model for tradition. 

I'm currently working on a book and a screenplay with Ashley Avis. Written in first person, it reflects the life of a vulnerable young girl, based on a true story. I'm still deciding on Deserted daughter and Pretty and the liars as the name. Bare with me, as I do this in my spare time, when I'm not working on music. The film is already set to be directed and filmed by Ashley Avis of Alchemy pictures and will contain everything on this page. Here is a synopsis:

Everywhere Jade went and everyone she met, they would say just how pretty she was, how nice she was, she was eventually showered with investments and men would flock to her for dating, but underneath that pretty girl was a broken soul... who wanted everlasting love but never knew how to get it, so was targeted by men who would lie and deceive for sexual gain. There she became victimized like thousands of other girls from broken families. 

Jade looked out the window of the taxi as she left her mothers house. To her, this was saying goodbye to years of breathing in second hand cigarette and marijuana smoke, years of her mother telling her she's prettier, that she will never be a leading lady in a film, tempers, fits, unpaid bills and hot water shut off, bringing different men in and out of the house, staring around the University classroom wondering why she was there, spending time in the library... writing songs, researching how to become a singer, working two jobs, while her mother demanded all of her money for the bills, endless amounts of responsibilities to care for her younger brother, making lunches, tutoring him, while managing to be an English scholar and nominated for Valedictorian in high school, when her friends were shopping or camping. Years of her grandmother trying to fight for custody so that she could raise me properly with love and teach me to wait until marriage for sex, her grandma who paid for all of her expensive music lessons and modleing portfolios. Goodbye to abuse, as she started her new life, of hopefully reaching her goals and dreams as a successful singer.

When she got into her new life; she hit a downward spiral. Jade didn't have a father figure to teach her how to protect herself, she never knew of love, that people lie and deceive, or how to recognize a genuine man or how to be respected by them. One day she met an investor named Chris. Chris worked for a venture capital firm in Toronto. Chris agreed to invest and provide $5,000 towards a $8,000 music video deposit and a balance of $5,000 at a later date, while bigger and formal investent was in the works. Jade had saved years working as a receptionist and cashier for $3,000. When Jade would not respond to his sexual texting and phone sex, as she was uncomfortable and still a virgin, he just kept sending her graphic messages, about him being hard or imagining her in different lingeries, he even attempted to call her once to help him over the phone but she just hung up, she was so shy and uncomfortable... he became angry and said he would no longer provide the balance. Jade began pleading with Christopher but Christopher, worthover 100M, responded "Barf" "Boohoo" "We all have problems." Christopher told the Police a misleading story, that he had only seen her once and she was demanding ridiculous amounts of money from him. Jade had really seen him 4 times and she was only asking for what was agreed. Jade was arrested for harassment and extortion. This created PTSD and Depression for innocent Jade who never imagined her life would take that turn. The arresting officer was a failed actress, who was overweight and picked at Jade, took her Passport and never gave it back, even when her charges were both withdrawn because Christopher did not want to agree to a trial where he could be embarassed in public, so they agreed to a special deal where Jade will plead guilty but it will be withdrawn as if she never pled guilty, so she would have no public record. (See below) Jade's lawyer Robb MacDonald, who originally said that Passports should never be taken in minor crimes like this, told her, he knew she had been through a lot and she can wipe her hands clean like it never happened. He told Jade she could go back to the detective and ask for her Passport back, or reapply if she's still difficult, as he himself had called her not very nice. Jade thought this was her second chance, but the detective was not pleased, so held her passport despite pleading of her investors, producer, label and Jade, since she was charting in the USA. This hurt Jade and her grandmother who had invested years into her career. Jade eventually got $300,000 in invetsments from other Bay st executives and a 2M invstment offer from an American investor. 

Jade sued Christopher Payne for $10,000, on her own.. double of what he owed for all of his lies to the Police and got her money. Jade then got a positive judgment in federal court to return her Passport and provide $2,000 in retribution for the mistakes of the Passport program and the Detective. Due to innapropriate emails exchanged between the Detective and Passport Canada, poking fun at Jade's depressing state, with the use of winking faces, she was encouraged to retain a celebrity lawyer, Clayton Ruby to seek 2.5M in damages for loss of an american movie offer, loss of investments and potential revenue of the officers misconduct, as a passport should have neverbeen taken for a minor crime like that to begin with. The veteran lawyer of Christopher Payne, not so honorable member of the law society, also tried to give Jade a hard time, but it didn't work out for her. 

Jade then started dating for the first time in her life. Jade met a man named Adam, where she expressed that she had gone through trauma and that sex was special to her. Adam agreed that he did not want hook ups with her and agreed with her that they will be in a relationship. After sex a few times, he just blocked her and she felt so hurt and discarded. Lots of quick meets. never any proper dates, just promises to have more free time soon... (I know now. Its about what a man does.) Living up the bachelor lifestyle, not caring what girl he hurts. Everyone she told, felt so bad for her. Jade could not speak about what happened to her without breaking down into tears up to a year later. There was no worse feeling than being treated like trash. Especially when your Parent's treated her that way too. Jade's new oncologist 29 year old boyfriend, said he would never block a girl post intimacy a few times. He was raised better than that. Adam then lied and said that Jade ruined his career and cost him money, being sent home from work, when he was really promoted.

Then there were just some little flings, I don't count these, no full sex but these men would treat me badly by asking me for dates for a date and time and then when that time came I never heard back and my grandma would ask me to have a friend text them as an escort to see if they wanted to meet and they were eager, then when the escort canceled, suddenly they were free and made an excuse that they were at work... I would sit across from them at dinner and watch them lie. (Yeah I saw them again, cause I was naive, and accepted their excuses.)

Jade then met another man, who more or less, was dishonest. After taking her to lavish restaurants and spending thousands on dates, bringing balloons for her to do photo shoots, and telling her she was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen and how he could not believe she was with him, he was so puzzled by it because she was so pretty... how they shared the same love for the golden girls and seafood, both conservative values, he then demanded she remove their photos together, after already giving permission after one date at the christmas market together, explaining that it has to be that way for now for at least six months, co workers are laughing at the photos and printing them off, a coworker had to be fired for printing off the photos...they had done this before according to Mike... and he cannot explain why. But wait... she entered the relationship with heavy persistence by Mike, when Jade wasn't even interested in a  second date, delaying it... until she decided to go and got to know Mike more and started to develop feelings, and her only wish was that they could take photos together. Prior to this, he had said he wanted to bring Jade to meet his friends at work, so Jade was confused. Jade assumes people laugh because he's known to go through women, as he claimed to be used for cc's and money in the past and cheated on on the wedding day. He took it all out on her. Why else would it be so funny to be in photos with your beautiful girlfriend? It was so absurd to people she spoke to, why a coworker would print off the photos and take effort to put them on everyones desks and why that would affect him so much. No other man could understand why, unless he was playing the field. Very immature and not a real man. After further investigation, he was hiding his instagram, changing usernames a few times each day and was being dishonest, so Jade knew this was not what she wanted, still hurt that she was used again. He was following porn stars and escorts on social media and had a stripper as a friend. Jade wanted a real man who could build a relationship on trust. He always complained about being used by women and it was shocking that he did not want a pure girl. "I think a lot of us date the same type until we learn. I think he went back to the same types who use him for money. I remember I bought him a nice gift for his promotion, his favourite candy and treats and clothing line. It was all a joke." She never cared about his Porsche.

Jade then met one more man who lured her into Polyamoury, sex clubs, drugs and disease/ A life she never knew of or wanted. Luke told her that he was divorced and looking for a life partner. Luke told her prior to sex that he wants her to feel 100% safe with her that he will delete his dating app and they will be exclusive... but he never deleted it and they never were, just started mentally and emotionally abusing Jade when she asked why it was never deleted. Fair enough he would say... but he's not capable of being with one girl. At the end of the relationship, she was assaulted by him, where he claimed other women loved being beaten during sex, admitting to breaking their bones during sex while beating them with paddles. Luke was a sadist. All of his alternative looking "queen st" women and partners came out and told Jade that they were his life partner and meeting his friends and family. That they were in love. They all had photos with Luke. Luke denied it all, even though the girls had photos with him. He claimed it was him at first who wrote it, to convince me Poly community was a good thing, then changed it to it was a friend, until the photos showed up and he got angry and denied it and called Jade crazy. His wife had met him on a swinger website, they all knew about Jade before he met Jade. He was passing along infections, which he had fishy odors on his penis which were from having sex with other girls the same day who had bacterial infections . Then it was Jade who was crazy. Pretty little Jade who never wanted this life. Luke then texted Jade that he had good friends on the police force who can make things bad for her, so he denied signing a reference letter, he offered her for something she needed for a law suit, so she was falsely was arrested for forgery. The charge will be dropped as she undergos signature analysis. Luke is being privately prosecuted for sex assault and too cool for the law Luke has been sued for Public mischief, where Jade received a default judgment with his failure to respond and avoidance of the Private investigator, so will be garnishing his wages for $19,000 in damages and will be sending that to EMS to ensure that Luke Halstead is never able to testify in the court of law. Jade's psychologist said that Polyamoury is mental illness. Jade was sent a dirty email from his wife, from Luke's email account to a friend, with 12 lewd women Luke was having sex with, stating something very vulgar about them. "so many good little girls, sometimes my cock needs a break." It was clear that all these poor girls were very insecure or abandoned, why they would be sending their beautiful bodies for a man to laugh at and use. Luke covered my mouth during sex, told me to be a good girl and after sex, my vagina was swollen. He attempted to stifle my cries of pain from his mother who lived upstairs. The reason we are undergoing private prosecution is due to his close ties on the Police force. He had two past convictions for drug distribution and assault. I should have never overlooked such severe offenses. Luke was so abusive, emotionally and mentally, saying I was untrustworthy, when he was, calling me horrible names. Luke even wrote to me as other women in hopes of getting me to agree with the poly community. Luke was often broke and said he had only $70 for the week or could not get anything at tims, collecting change for gas, so Jade took him to a nice restaurant to eat, and bought him tea. Again used... ''How could I not know that a man who committed much more serious offenses... crimes of "immorality" and can't even travel, would be a bad boyfriend. My producer and those around me were shocked that Luke could turn me from this wholesome girl who would be okay with a man who used drugs or had been to sex clubs in the past and kept saying not to be judgmental to those crowds. (so he said, but eventually it came out that he is still in the lifestyle of sex clubs, stealing sleeping aids from his work, drugs and never agreed monogamy was better and wouldn't get into a monogamous relationship if he didn't, as he claimed at the start. He then said Polyamoury was better, right after sex.  I quickly woke up and left him.  It still angers me how disrespectful it was.Can you imagine having sex with your boyfriend who just had sex with another girl with a bacterial infection? Maybe his crowd is okay sharing bacteria, but I NEVER agreed to that. Let’s remember that before sex, he was “divorced” and “fully capable of monogamy” – it would be impossible for any polyamorous to live live without deceiving for personal gain. The seriousness of this is that he could have accidentally given me aids. He is not tested every time he meets a new partner and in his community, everyone has sex with multiple people and strangers. No idea of why we need morals to function and that's why I hope his son stays with the mother. It has become more than clear that he has distorted views on love and marriage and he claims everytime helikes a girl she ends up being crazy, but I have a feeling the girls are normal, but after luring into his lifestyle, he views the resulting anger as crazy. He claimed I had no idea of normal relationship and adult behaviour but he talked like it was okay that men were meeting his wife on sites like fetlife, what kind of low life wants other men releasing sperm into his wife. That alone discredits Luke as a normal sane person. He also blames you for dragging his friends into the issues of your own doing, and breaching his trust, but he is the one who created the issue from the start by pursuing you, knowing he is not what your looking for. Psychologists and therapists would agree with me that what he’s doing is sick. Hopefully one day he seeks out much needed mental care to save more poor victims. Whe I broke up with him, he sent me a text saying how much I have to offer and what great qualities I had, so it was clear he knew he lost a great girl and was angered. He just had so many mood swings and name calling in the period of one day, where he would apologize and then do it again. Luke's friends who defended him, were all scammers and had scammer reviews of their own.  The only time I got angry was when he told me he was still married and could not bring me to petawawa for the weekend, as planned. I felt disrespected because we had had sex under the terms he was divorced and single. That was not clingy, it was disrespectful and immature of him to start a new relationship with a girl like me and expect her to be inherently okay with these polyamorous terms and living arrangements. Luke was unable to differentiate between love and sex addiction. Luke was really the lowest I went, him and his women fit the Queen st borderline homeless look, with the died blue hair etc. In seeing his girls, it was a wakeup call in itself. 

Luke promised to bring a universe of shit onto Jade that would make her head spin, use his friends on the police force to put in good words for him. This is how he spoke to the girl he decieved and used. Jade felt Luke had very immature ideals on love and relationships and heavy control on young women as when they would contact Jade, and she would inform Luke, within minutes, Facebook accounts and Instagram's were deleted without trace.

He also liked to create a false sense of security, trust and safety, false relationships so that girls believe they are in one, in which he then laughs at you later and calls you disillusioned for believing you were in one and that it should last forever, meanwhile he was not what you were looking for and he knew that.

At the end of the relationship he told Jade that she had betrayed his trust, and brought his friends and family into things, this is how sick and brainwashing he was, what little mental capacity he had to acknowledge that he had betrayed mine all along, and brought her into their life where his friends and family all knew who she was, from the moment they met and said he was single, and she was receiving so many hateful messages from people he knew from the poly community. Luke thrives on making girls feel like they are betraying his trust. He loves to brainwash to be the dominant. The amount of embarrassment that a singer like me had because he told everyone about me before we even met. Jade felt so victimized. Can you imagine the feeling of dating someone and his girlfriend comes out at the end and says “I knew all about you, Luke told me he was going to meet you.” or his friend saying “Luke was only going to use you for sex.” I didn’t know ANY of this. He would frequently cancel dates or break promises because of his wife. Sarah this, sarah that... he should have never been dating.  And he should have never done his dirty, deviant, sadistic immoral sex on her. Luke and his friends all knew what he did to women and know he deserved what came, but they stick up for him as friends. It was really bad that he would date when he still had a wife and not understand how it would affect the new relationship, no more going to his home, constant cancellations and emotionally unavailable as he would reveal to Jade that he's still hurting from the divorce, mainly financially as his wife paid for  a lot and came from a wealthy home. Luke's wife was overweight and insecure, and very poorly raised, otherwise, why would she settle for being someones "other" when she should know she's worth being someone's "only." I still can't believe how normal he thought it was when I asked him if he kissed people at the sex clubs he went to. He said "of course." He didn't know that people who have multiple sex partners could contract herpes and things in their mouth. I felt so disrespected. Not something you imagine your boyfriend doing. Polyamorous people are those who have taken their boredom to a new level. For me, I am so excited about my career, but people with the same daily life, 9-5 etc, often find themselves doing these deviant things. Luke, as a part time paramedic and a stressful life and nothing to look forward to is the kind of person who would look for excessive sex and deceive to get it. Even if I was bored, I wouldn't do anything immoral.

Jade then took time away from relationships to reflect on why she keeps getting used and hurt, several months later she met a man who accepted her for everything she had been through, a 29 year old cancer doctor, who said that she was just vulnerable and will make a very good mother one day. A man who showers her in love, hugs and affection and who she abstains from sex with, but he understands that after all she's been through, that she would be scared for a while. They are so alike, and can talk hours about interesting things, both traditional, conservative and against sex clubs, hooking up and polyamoury. Fingers crossed he's the one! Will he be? Jade was always of a different calibre. She always wanted that kind of love every girl deserves. A nice young girl who had never touched drugs, been to a night club or even smoked, weed or cigarettes. Men always told her that it's hard to find a nice girl these days that they can actually bring home. That was the kind of man she wanted. She was vulnerable and naive and the men she met knew that. She knew that she had to make a change, to hold herself to a higher standard and stop being used by men who look for vulnerable girls, who did not have adequate fathers, or love, to take advantage of and discard. To get the kind of man she wanted, she needed to protect herself.

Jade has always made jokes and remained happy through everything she's been through, but underneath it all it has been hard on her and there have been lots of moments where she wishes she could go back and not have given anything to the men who discarded her, but she's always taken a stand and done what's right, starting with posting warnings regarding the hunters who hurt her, so that other girls who may be vulnerable would not be hurt. Yes, it's the parents of the girls fault for not teaching their daughter to be a smarter, careful and loving their girl, but it's also the men's fault for taking advantage of that. Now that Jade knows what she was lacking, the sensors to detect the traits of a good man, it would be her fault if she was ever used again. A good man will teach and help the girl. Jade's psychologist sometimes wished she was a matchmaker, as she had many handsome financial executives who would come into her disturbed not understanding how girls can go casual relationships. Sometimes looks can be deceiving. Him being 6'4, blonde, handsome and Jade being a stylish singer, who wears makeup, people wouldnot suspect wholesome. Her heart always bled for women who endured the mental, emotional or physical abuse these men put on her and then just raising more awareness on what real love should be, standing strong for girls, because it's tough being a girl. Psychologists and people she would meet would say good for her for posting these warnings and taking a stand. You have to be brave to stand up against abuse and you will be kicked down a lot, but it's better than doing nothing, so no matter what men say about her or ost about her, she will always be happy and know that she did the right thing, saving some girls. Jade then loved herself, she learned to be wiser, she learned she was better than them and she learned she had a gift to make music. With the love of those close to her, her producer, friends and grandma, she feels the love. 

No matter what men think, that they are the victim, the woman is ALWAYS the victim. Together these 3 men have been with 125 women. Luke said 100, Adam said 14 and Mike said 11. Jade's boyfriend was only with 3 women and he's 29 and believes in working through issues, rather than replacing a girl every time there is a small issue. So we see that these sick men who love to victimize all these women, who do not all agree to casual sex, stick together, but one honest voice is louder than a crowds! We never lied to the man, we were honest and had good intentions to love. The man was lying, using, manipulating, all for sexual gain. You are ALWAYS the victim and it's never your fault. Just learn to protect  yourself so that it doesn't happen again, and you can be with the kind of man you deserve. Psychologists have told Jade that women have been coming into their offices crying, after dealing with men they met online, who lied to them to get sex. After Jade heard this, she was literally in tears. What gives men the right to do this? Jade could have never victimized men as they claim, because she was nice to them and told them at the start that she was traditional and what she wanted. So, if they weren't that and they led her on and she got angry, that does not constitute as victimizing. Again, Jade never knew Luke had life partners when he met her and told her they were monogamous... he did though... if you tell a girl she can feel 100% safe, but you have a hidden life, of course your the predator and you can team up with men all you want who will vouch like men alike, but good men and women know this is not the case. A woman who's body is used through deceit is never the predator, she is the victim. Now men think they can threaten her to get their way, but until they apologize for victimizing all those girls and make changes to becoming better men, like her new boyfriend who has been with 3 women at 29, then those warnings will always be there. 

More to come! :)

Remember girls: When people say you too pretty to not have a boyfriend, remember that your too pretty to be lied to and used. Go out on dates for fun once and a while, we all want to get some attention once in a while and be around a handsome guy but don't give anything until your in a long term, respected relationship. You have to gain a mans respect and heart first. That takes time and comes with meeting the family and engagement or even better; marriage. The longer you wait, the better the relationship will be.. Also, don't look for happiness in the same place you lost it. Look within, good things will come to you when you least expect it. Also understand that the world is not always just. Otherwise how could my story be rationally explained. In theory, the predators should be punished, but everything works out in the end. I also don't understand why people think it's defamatory posts. Those are only when the post is false. So girls, please post all your stories and experiences of abuse. It's the only voice we have since what they do isn't against the law but without a doubt, a very damaging form of abuse. 

I don't know who's posting all of the negative stuff about me online, it could be Luke, unable to satisfy his sex addiction, being banned from various sites, who is on a rampage, from being sued and soon prosecuted, or it could be a lawyer guy I met, who has a very low IQ, and nothing very intelligent to discuss, who thinks I posted something on him, when I did not have an ounce of attraction towards him... and we never had sex... it takes a real intelligent man to captivate me, or it could be someone else, but I wanted to share my story on my site in detail since I plan on releasing it in the book and film. There is obviously something wrong with men who have slept wth so many women, they really don't understand what matters in life and I am way above that. Like my boyfriend says, building a friendship, a foundation takes time and it's much better to work through issues than replace the girl, like these men oh so often do.  

I have also noticed a lot of 3rd party error. For one thing; I'm 22 years old in March, not 25. I was never out on bail or had a bail condition. I was never in jail. I just went to the police station to fill out paper workand then they let me go. The detective just chose to take my passport away on her own. On my ID it says 1996 as my birth year as well. Secondly, both my charges were withdrawn as can be seen here. I was never guilty. To end the case early, the crown agreed to a special deal to withdraw both charges as long as I don't contact Chris for a year, so in that, I suppose I was admitting to guilt but only for the process. To the public I have no criminal record and both were withdrawn. I can also travel freely and have a travel doc. I was in LA last week! I have a limited use Passport that I can use to travel for my career until this fall when I get my full one back. :) I have attached proof of my withdrawn charges, the judgment and retribution in my favour for Passport as well as my settlement with Christopher below. Clayton Ruby had even said that Christopher should have been sued for a lot more than $10,000 for what he did to me, but it's okay. If there's one thing about me, despite my vulnerability, I was always correct and in the right. I won't ever have to post another man because I have gotten the help that I need to learn about just how vulnerable I was and how to protect myself to be able to get the kind of relationship, with a traditional good man that I want and to never be victrimized by men who specially seek out girls who are easy targets. They never deserved my body. All the men knew about my past issues and said they felt so sorry for me, the only reason they are posting all of it now is to seek revenge, but I'm not embrassed. I was just vulnerable and it's not my fault. I think like how my new boyfriend is a cancer doctor at sunnybrook, he has more compassion and is against drugs, *** clubs, smoking and polyamoury and comes from a family of doctors. I think its better if people just stick to their own crowds of people. Jade was a higher standard of girl, who values real love so she would never get along with someone like Luke, Adam or Mike or any of the men she even met or dated before. A detailed story of her experience with Luke can be found on the "Luke Halstead poyamourous paramedic" blog by googling. This was by far her worst experience.  Good fathers are so important in the daughters life and if I ever had kids I would make sure that my children are showered in love. All I wanted was safety, security and my best friend. Fathers are failing. I never knew how vulnerable I was until after Luke. I have undergone so much abuse and trauma... way more than any of these men will ever experience combined, so it's been hard on me to deal with and I have had to seek help for coping and recovering. It was like one thing piling after another. Just like Luke should stop using weed or sleeping aids to cover up his issues, he should seek real help for his sex addiction and abuse/anger issues. His friend died of ptsd in the army, and they were in the same battles, coping on your own can be reckless, trust me. Look at me trying to cope with all this trauma on my own. The 7 months I didn't date and stayed alone to seek help and recover was the best 7 months of my life.

And I will always agree with psychologists and others who believe posting and taking a stand is the brave and right thing to do against abusers. They even asked me if I posted the infection and I said yes and they said good for me. Everyone makes me feel that posting my stories is bad, but many professionals have said it's good of me and honorable.

Until my abusers send me formal letters of apology and promises to become better men, and stop luring vulnerable women, I'm not going to remove anything. Those sites were good sites marketed to "help a girl out."

I've learned so much about men. Adam aways wanted these quick short visits, and we always had sex, so no matter what he said about not wanting hook ups, it's what I was. There were so many red flags that had I not have been vulnerable, I would have picked up on. A real boyfriend spends the whole day or evening with you especially weekends, doing fun outings. Now, I will never post photos with a man online unless it's forever. There are many civil law suits in the works as well. Some have been launched and some will be launched in the future. From what I can see online, the way these men comment, its as if they are proud of using and dumping me, and all of the other women they've dated... this is exactly why I posted it. A good man with genuine intentions would never go through girls like these men do and until their parents teach them to man up and be a good man, these posts will stay up to expose them for who they really are... it is more than clear to me that something went wrong in the upbringing of these players and users who hunt women. Not every man is that way, some men are normal and understand that sex is a bond. 

These men were never my boyfriends, they were my predators and dozens of other girls hunters. They are delusional to the amount of girls who are suffering in silence and seeing psychologists after being used and discarded. There is no more need to explain anything. Adam and Luke also all agree that drugs like Cocaine are not harmful and okay, because everyone uses them. They are conformed. These men all know they never had genuine intent with any girl and their main goal was to deceive for sex and dump. They can write all over the internet that wasn't the case, but smart people will know that it was. I hope the men learn that when they meet girls who are neglected as children, its important to understand their needs in a relationship of love and safety. These men should have never gotten involved with me if they were just looking for sex, especially when I was 100% specific. I have all evidence and exhibits to prove each mans lies to minor detail. Please see below for my statement and the evidence on myself. The modern world of casual relationships is definitely damaging for women. Real, good men stand strong for women. All of these men all had photos with a half smile, which is known to be a sign of psychotic, superiority and evil, in regards to the opposite sex, so that's something to look into.

Love, Jade



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