"5 withdrawn charges (all associated with Chris Payne and forgery), 1 absolute discharge (Adam), and 2 judicial reviews in my favour (Passport). As soon as I started filing complaints, the Police would pile on more and more charges, all to be withdrawn again. According to veteran attorney; Danny Kayfetz, things became political, where Police had to protect their negligence and misconduct by attempting to bury me in frivolous charges, and legal fees, in hopes I would stop doing the right thing in seeking justice, creating change and exposing wrong doers. I have many enemies, but that's only because I am correct. The men I had dated were not real men. I realize that now in looking back. I was just so traumatized from my career halt, I wasn't very selective. I used to be passive and people would take advantage, when I started standing up to my abusers, they were angry. It became amusing to people that Toronto Police were using all resources on me, for sending 2-12 anonymous non threatening texts to some boyfriends trying to find out who emailing my work, since police would not investigate. The Police were illegally tapping my phone, Maureen Trueman even placed a charge before even accessing the text messages from my phone, which was also seized unlawfully without a warrant. 

As far as my action against the Attorney General of Canada goes. This is for the 3.98M for Passport Canada's charter of rights violation. I have informed them that 3.98M is already very reasonable considering my career issues as a result. You may review the amended claim below." - Jade Naraine


There are many great Detectives and Police; PC McGrath of 51 division who helped her get through Jan 24th, PC Lynch of 51 division who spent an hour with her showing compassion for the victimization the Police have done, DC Conner of 53 division, who always responded in a timely manner and was open to speaking to witnesses for the sex assault, and DC Ozretic of 52 division, who was always nice and polite and apologized on behalf of 52 division for Lauren Hassard's behaviour. A good detective or police officer is one who honours the code, to not discriminate or use excessive force, to be open to evidence, to listen, to be polite, friendly and protect and serve everyone.


"I wish I was the Princess so I could do charity work for life. I'm just so passionate about change for social justice for women, and abuse of power and corruption in the government/police entities. I try to juggle both singing and saving the world. 💗💗 


Often times Police make false arrests without doing any proper investigation, like handwriting sample for forgery, or look into your mitigating circumstances for why you texted someone, or look even fail to understand when someone else comes forward and says it was them who did something, not knowing it was a restriction, and just tell you to tell the judge when you say your innocent. It is always important to take action. You deserve monetary compensation and an apology. Also, never have a lawyer coerce you into signing a deal. Go to trial and prove your innocence!" - Jade Naraine

We have to create change and do something about Detectives like Constable Lauren Hassard, and Maureen Trueman, while raising awareness of the much needed extension of the Statute of limitations for human rights violations and raising awareness regarding the crisis in sex assault investigations, which are letting too many guilty men off. Jade launched two complaints and actions against Detective Maureen Trueman, who neglected her case for many months, causing her to be arrested falsely for forgery by her perpetrator, many months later, when he realized she had went to Police for sex assault. You can read more about the crown attorneys and the sex assault investigation in the Petition, as well as below in the "Maureen Trueman" section. Any current charges will be withdrawn or acquitted, as the victim is not credible and was simple pile on by the Police to seek revenge for all complaints and exposure. Crown Attorneys and Detectives must always act with integrity in that they cannot protect colleagues, as it allows for a blatant miscarriage of justice for society and fails in the area of Public trust. Police have to make an arrest for when there is enough evidence to support that a crime probably occurred. This is a much lower standard of proof. Many psychologists, lawyers, other police officers and witnesses, were convinced that Maureen Trueman failed to put through one of the most violent sexual assaults they had heard. You may read about the crown's below. Maureen Trueman has been targeting Jade ever since she filed the first complaint for when the division forgot her sex assault investigation for several months, when Detective Bruce Conner became ill. Maureen claimed that witnesses are only people who see a sexual assault happen, though media and other Detectives like Bruce Conner, found that very strange, because sexual assaults happen in private often. As a result, Jade received no protection from her perpetrator who was harassing her and following her and Police have done nothing but protect the perpetrator, which has really made her feel like she couldn't breath at all.  Maureen piled up false harassment charges, with no merit, just for asking the men to stop contacting her work, radio and television stations, and trying to get an admittance from the men which she actually got in writing. They began spreading horrible rumours about her mental health while burying her in charges, and blocking her from justice to discredit and protect herself, which will all be cleared away by Veteran lawyer; Danny Kayfetz. The situation has now become very political. The charges will not stick and all will result in non convictions; however, right now the Police are trying to protect their own misconduct, it's no longer about the men. For example, her producer did an update on her website (posting is not illegal), but the Police arrested her for that, despite a letter from the label saying they are in charge of her site. Her lawyer says it's simply politics now, police saving their asses, and nothing will stand. Jade is a fighter, with much integrity, who will continue to fight her law suits and complaints against Police, Government and all men, and will not let any frivolous charges interfere as she makes change. Detectives like; Maureen Trueman and Lauren Hassard need to be removed period. It has become ridiculous and to a point where Police have overwhelming evidence that her perpetrator raped her and has been harassing her annonymously, but they turn a blind eye and arrest her for sending no more than 8 texts. The USA would find Canadian harassment quite humorous. CBC is actually doing an exclusive story on the misconduct of Maureen Trueman and her sex assault investigation. "It's completely normal for women with abandonment issues to feel as much pain from being sexually assaulted as they do from loss. This can make breakups messy It is popular for women to stay in abusive relationships for long periods of time. Maybe this is why she offered Luke to be a sugar baby just to have the comfort when she was feeling the fear of loss. It was ultimately the strongest and bravest thing to do when she decided to let go. Most abandoned girls are unable to leave their abusers. Many of my clients are sexual assault victims who return to their boyfriends due to the abandonment and vulnerability they feel. It's called traumatic bonding, when a victim attaches themself to their abuser." - Dr. Murphy since the assault;  - perpetrator interfered with her career by contacting radio and television stations, and producers at her record label threatening to destroy their online profiles. - posted a website for her, with the intent to tarnish her reputation and ability to become a singer - caused a long term fear of intimate relationships with men. - caused psychological shock. When she went to her last gynecologist appt, the nurse had extreme difficulty inserting the swabs into her vagina, due to memories of the assault. She told Jade that she needed counselling to cope.  - She also felt suicidal and raped all over again when Maureen Trueman further arrested her for harassment for simply asking her perpetrator and another man, if it was him, to stop contacting her work, as singing was all she had left to keep her happy. The psychologists at the hospital were taken back by Maureen Trueman's actions.  Included in the upcoming news story are two crown attorneys; Sean Doyle and Christine Jenkins, in that those were the ones who blocked her prosecution from moving forward, they chose to stay the charges, due to previous harassment charges, which Raj Napal and reporters from major media believe are majorly irrelevant in this case, and only supports her being vulnerable and naive. Lawyer George Gray also states that Police had enough evidence to lay the charges, as Police have a much lower bar "reasonable possibility that a crime occurred" and further advised that Jade pursue legal action against the Police. As seen in a psychology report about her previous harassment charge, it states that she did not have any psychotic disorders and was just vulnerable to stress and loss, due to her childhood and some traumatic events that had occurred in 2014. This was the sole reason for why she sent Adam, her first boyfriend too many texts after the breakup. Anything later does not count. She was trying to find something out with those men and the texts were anonymously. The report means she will not send any boyfriends mass texts after a break up because her psychologist taught her to have a better self esteem and to never need a validation from man. No need to ask why they broke up hold head high and move on to better thing. Her psychologist Elaina Cohen, believes that had Jade not had her charter rights breached and been able to pursue her career, without barrier, that it would have only improved her overall functioning, self esteem and prevented any issues with men and breakups. Since Adam, Jade has done very well, especially this past year, dating lots of handsome men from Doctors to Private Equity managers, who took her on lovely, fancy dates all ended with no sex, no posts and on good terms, remaining friendly.  We are hopeful that within a year, her perpetrator Luke Halstead will finally be able to be prosecuted and she hopes that more women will stand up and fight for justice. There was overwhelming evidence from blood reported in vagina, to credible witnesses. 


The movie: pretty and the liars


5 withdrawn charges, 1 absolute discharge and 2 judicial reviews in my favour. As soon as I started filing complaints, the Police would pile on more and more charges, all to be withdrawn again. - Jade Naraine


As the first girl in Canadian History to have her Charter Protected mobility rights breached by the Federal Government; Pretty and the liars is the shocking true story of one young girl named Jade Naraine, who just wanted to be a singer, and the abuse she faced by her parents, men, lawyers, professionals, the Canadian Government and Toronto Police... people we were taught we could trust. For years, she suffered in silence. From bullying, to sexual harassment, to taking away her passport and breaching her constitutional rights so she could not become a singer, to rape, to blocking, to being taking advantage of, to targeting, to doctoring reports, to discrimination against a girl, to lawyers out to make a quick deal, and even lawyers wanting to get her in trouble, false arrests, a detective teaming up with her perpetrator to have her falsely arrested, a division that neglected her rape case, a detective preventing her from having her perpetrator charged, to a crown attorney who already decided he wasn't allowing Jade her justice because of fraudulent information he received from a detective.


Held hostage in Canada by the Canadian Government for years, Jade was denied her Constitutional charter protected mobility rights from 2014, until two Federal Court judges ruled that her Charter of Rights: Mobility Rights had been breached by the Canadian Government. Canada often rushes to the rescue of Human Rights in other countries, so how could they neglect one of their own? Pretty and the Liars is the Up and coming Hollywood movie based on a True story of Jade Naraine's life between 2014-2018, with a glimpse into her childhood.


A documentary is set to be released in April 2018, as a glimpse into the feature picture.


Pretty and the liars is a heartbreaking story about an incredibly strong girl. It's a movie about hope, kindness in strangers, abuse, trauma and strength. It showcases how one girl who faces so much, makes it through what others wouldn't.


Born to an ER nurse and American entrepreneur; the film will star the traditional, conservative singer herself and have music written by her, written and directed by Ashley Avis of Alchemy Pictures, known for Deserted, with Mischa Barton.


**Any likeness between the Wall street executive in the movie and anyone in Jades real life, is purely coincidental.**





"She was a soft spoken girl who always stood up for what was right, because change for the better was only made by those willing to put up a fight."

- Jade


Jade has always been a girl who believes in exposing the wrong doings of others, in a very truthful way. Whether it's men, who while their actions may not be criminal, do hurtful things to women, or lawyers, who do very poor work, in which she feels it's her responsibility to review it, so that more people don't waste their money. 


People have a major issue with this and cry harassment to Police, though the judges then rule that posting is not harassment and it is removed, but just the fact that one has to go through the process is an annoyance. We are all allowed to post truthful opinions and experiences and if people dispute the postings to be truthful, then they can pursue a civil case. 




What happened to Jade, could happen to your daughter. How could a nice girl, never in trouble in school or in the law, who never touched drugs or alcohol and never would, nominated as valedictorian, an English scholar, a rising pop star and honor student end up in this mess, subjected to abuse and misconduct by our own government, men and professionals? Vulnerability.


"I wasn't born to a happy family. For me, my dream of being a singer was everything, but a Detective and the Federal Government took that from me for years and left me suffering and even more vulnerable than I was, desperate to heal the pain with any man who could take my mind off of it."

- Jade Naraine


Many things have been posted about Jade on the internet, but she has thick skin, unlike the men, who cry to Police. Jade has postings that she was on seeking arrangement, but that doesn't bother her at all since she knows she never had any intimate relationships with any of the men. She only used the site to scout for potential investors and friends to help with her career. But, after her experience in being used and blocked by Adam for free, she realized that anything is better than that, so she doesn't care what people think. Firstly, unlike the rumors online; written by her vengeful ex boyfriend; Luke Halstead, Jade does not have any criminal record and she hasn't been charged 7 times, been to jail or even had a bail, thanks to Danny Kayfetz, an incredible lawyer, known for proving innocence. 








Jade wants to raise awareness about; taking in consideration, emotional, physical or mental abuse against women in the law. ie, not giving perpetrators so much power by using them as the longest references, no protecting men who emotionally, mentally or physically abuse women, not arresting young girls if exploited/sexually harassed for money, no excessive bullying by detectives for sensitive young girls, and no government preventing people from working and earning a living. 


Detective Lauren Hassard, breached Jade's constitutional rights and her own lawyer at the time, didn't even know or tell her. With all of the professionals that Jade has met this past 3 years, it is clear to those around her that the Police have become more of an aggravation then they have been there to protect society from serious criminals.


It is clear that the Government and Police can get away with their errors with no punishment, but citizens rights are breached and they are punished severely for very minor issues. After all, the Detective stated that it was taken as a bail condition, and she took it despite Jade not being a flight risk, she bullied Jade, the Passport program has failed to follow the judges orders, and still no punishment for them, only for Jade. It is time to take a stand. Police and Government are not there to bully, abuse power, make mistakes or inflict harm.


So citizens can't disrespect the law by mistake, but the Government can when told not to? They are still holding Jade hostage despite Justice Mactavish' ruling. 





In the USA, to be charged with Harassment, one needs to commit severe stalking and be a severe threat. Merely sending a dozen non-threatening texts would receive, a turn away by the Police, but in Canada, evidently, people can go with no evidence at all and manage to file with friends on the Police force. The Government and Police protect their colleagues,and therefore a lot of favours are done, which severely impacts our justice system. 


Something has to be done about this Canadian tragedy. This is why, Jade speaks out openly about her experiences. The fact that Police take no process in ensuring there is any merit, before passing along information, or even charging people is damaging people's reputations and lives.


Jade has been targeted, otherwise how could anything be rationally explained. Every day, society loses more trust in the Police and the Goverment, as many are in their position to inflict harm and damage on citizens lives through aggravated processes or false arrests. Often, people want to come to Canada to escape harmful governments, but Jade's story was shocking to everyone, that this abuse can go on in a first world Country that is Canada.





Lauren Hassard can not be sued due to the Statute of Limitations; however, all of her misconduct (unlawful seizure, bullying, breaching Jade's constitutional rights) will still be made public in the Passport Canada/Federal Government claim. Canada is helping in human rights efforts around the world, but they abandoned their own Canadian born citizen, holding her hostage so she was unable to pursue her career for years.

In 2014, her Passport was taken unlawfully at Detective Lauren Hassard's discretion, without authorization from a judge and years later, the Police force and Federal Government of Canada have done everything they can to team up to block Jade from reaching her dreams, filing police reports, and pursuing her career as a normal functioning member of society, causing barriers and therefore lowering her overall mental health and self esteem.

Below is the claim against the Federal Government for over 3M in damages; including, documented opportunities, Depression, low self esteem, emotional trauma, a 2M USD investment offer, which was later withdrawn, a $140,000 investment, and $150,000 offer, and more. Jade was lucky to have her producer; Mike Dmitrovic, who is like a father to her, as well as Rolf Reininghaus, a wonderful investor, and multi millionaire founder of Biovail pharmeceuticals who helped her with over $35,000 through her Depression. She doesn't know what she would do without them.

Jade's lawyer at the time Robb MacDonald told her to plead guilty and get off with a peace bond for one year and no record, instead of going through a long trial. Robb advised her that pleading guilty would not influence her life moving forward; however, it seemed to have in this case, since the Crown Attorneys are bringing it up. Jade was truly innocent and had the sexual harassment texts been read as well as the promise of outstanding payment been read in trial, it is very possible that Jade would have been acquitted, as it was later found that Christopher was dishonest to the Police and told the Police, he never owed her any money and the first payment he gave her was as an attempt to end the extortion. Jade had texts that proved something else. Jade had texts where Christopher stated; "I only have eyes for you" the day before bringing her the first $5,000. They met at Marche, for lunch where he handed her the money, and then he was still on good terms after that, promising further investment.  Christopher Payne was incredibly dishonest and tried to prevent a trial from happening, embarrassed his unwanted sexts would be read in the court of law. There are many mature and kind men like CEO of Biovail who wrote letters supporting Jade in this matter.





Jade Elizabeth Thelwell aka "Jade Naraine" 





The Attorney General of Canada (representing; Passport Integrity Branch Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada - CIC) 








A LEGAL PROCEEDING HAS BEEN COMMENCED AGAINST YOU by the plaintiff. The claim made against you is set out in the following pages.   

IF YOU WISH TO DEFEND THIS PROCEEDING, you or an Ontario lawyer acting for you must prepare a statement of defence in Form 18A prescribed by the Rules of Civil Procedure, serve it on the plaintiff’s lawyer or, where the plaintiff does not have a lawyer, serve it on the plaintiff, and file it, with proof of service in this court office, WITHIN TWENTY DAYS after this statement of claim is served on you, if you are served in Ontario.   

If you are served in another province or territory of Canada or in the United States of America, the period for serving and filing your statement of defence is forty days. If you are served outside Canada and the United States of America, the period is sixty days.   

Instead of serving and filing a statement of defence, you may serve and file a notice of intent to defend in Form 18B prescribed by the Rules of Civil Procedure. This will entitle you to ten more days within which to serve and file your statement of defence.   


IF YOU PAY THE PLAINTIFF’S CLAIM, and $____$10,000_________ for costs, within the time for serving and filing your statement of defence you may move to have this proceeding dismissed by the court. If you believe the amount claimed for costs is excessive, you may pay the plaintiff’s claim and $400 for costs and have the costs assessed by the court.   

TAKE NOTICE: THIS ACTION WILL AUTOMATICALLY BE DISMISSED if it has not been set down for trial or terminated by any means within five years after the action was commenced unless otherwise ordered by the court.  



1. The plaintiff claims:   $3,998,000 CND 


February, 21st, 2018                                                   Jade Elizabeth Thelwell aka "Jade Naraine" 



Constitutionally protected: Charter of Rights and Freedoms violation 


  1. On or around December 2014, Jade Elizabeth Thelwell aka Jade Naraine; hereby referred to as plaintiff was charged for Extortion and Criminal Harassment. 


  1. Prior to December 2014, plaintiff had never been in trouble or had any issues with the law. 


  1. The events that led to plaintiff's arrest began when she had a professional investor named Christopher Payne, a 50 year old CEO of Hawthorn Equity Partners, a private Equity firm based out of Toronto, Canada. 


  1. The investor had agreed to arrange an investment for plaintiff's music career. 


  1. In the meantime, the investor provided her with a $5,000 deposit to put towards a music video shoot in Los Angeles California with award winning film director; Ashley Avis of Alchemy Pictures. 


  1. The investor further agreed to provide a second $5,000 to put towards the balance at a later date. 


  1. Plaintiff had also put her own $3,000 towards the $8,000 deposit, saved from working as a cashier and receptionist. 


  1. The investor began sexually harassing plaintiff, with late night sexually explicit and disturbing text messages, and asking for phone sex. 


  1. Plaintiff was a virgin at this time and politely declined, at one point having to hang up the phone on the investor when he attempted to call for phone sex.  


  1. When the time came to provide the balance to the music video, the investor refused to provide it, and began to text comments like; "barf" "boohoo" and "we all have problems" during her attempt to explain how much filming her first music video meant to her and how hard she saved the $3,000. 


  1. Overly stressed and frustrated, plaintiff began sending many emails and text messages to the investor. The investor then had her arrested. In 2016; plaintiff successfully sued the Executive in court, without representation, where she was awarded double of what he owed her.  


  1. When contacted by the Police, plaintiff behaved very polite, she was scared, sad, traumatized and showed up at the station when asked, apologizing for her actions. 


  1. Plaintiff was so traumatized to be arrested that she asked if the arresting Detective; Constable Lauren Hassard did not have to place hand cuffs on her, to process the charges, which would to further traumatize her. 


  1. Plaintiff never imagined her life would take that turn. 


  1. Plaintiff was allegedly subjected to bullying, harsh treatment and misconduct by the arresting officer Detective Constable Lauren Hassard. 


  1. The arresting Detective allegedly told plaintiff that she had a past in the Entertainment industry and plaintiff believes this is why the Detective was hard on her.  


  1. The Detective maliciously took her Passport, to cause her further grief and stress to her rising career, without any authorization from a judge, since she wasn't held for a bail hearing. 


  1. Plaintiff alleges that the Detective said; "Thank you for telling me you need your Passport for your career, so I'm gonna need that."  


  1. Lawyers stated that a Passport is not to be seized unless a severe flight risk, someone who is known to Police to flee the Country to escape heavy jail sentences, never for young girls, with no criminal history, who are polite, friendly and done a mild offence.  


  1. According to lawyers; Detective Constable Lauren Hassard acted maliciously and in poor discretion in seizing a passport without authorization from a judge for a girl who: 


- Never had any trouble with the law 

- showed up at the Police station on time and when asked, and behaved polite 

- was a Canadian born citizen who could not reside in the USA for more than 6 months/ not a         flight risk 

- had retained a top reputable Canadian lawyer 

- had done a mild offense, which would later be withdrawn 

- not a public safety risk/personal dispute 

- was honest about her music video shoot. The unlawful seizure, breached her charter right: Legal Rights 8. Everyone has the right to be secure against unreasonable search or seizure. 


  1. Detective Lauren Hassard also said she would return the item "at her leisure" once the charges were withdrawn. She was not allowed to delay one minute in holding Jade's property, which was a clear abuse of power. The Passport was not her property to begin with, the Passport should have been sent to Passport Canada, immediately after any seizure.  


  1. Plaintiff asked her criminal lawyer; Robb MacDonald if she could have her Passport back, but due to her lawyer's negligence, an application was never brought in criminal court to have it returned. 


  1. Plaintiff's lawyer stated that the Detective was difficult to deal with and that she won't return it, because, in his opinion, she wanted to give plaintiff a hard time. Through subpoena email records between Passport Canada and Detective Hassard, it was seen that the Detective was poking fun and making light of plaintiff's suicidal state, form not being able to pursue her career, with the use of winking face emojees.  


  1. On or around June 2015, the charges were withdrawn and plaintiff's lawyer advised plaintiff to enter into a peace bond for one year, to avoid a trial. This meant she would admit to guilt in sending the all of the emails and texts, but that she would not have a criminal record or conviction. Being young, and naive, and in following her lawyers advise, this is what plaintiff did. 


  1. On the final court date; plaintiff was advised by her lawyer that "you can wipe your hands clean like this never happened." that "you can be on a plane tomorrow" and "you can go and ask the arresting officer for your Passport back, but cops can be difficult, so if she gives you a hard time, just reapply. You have no criminal record." 


  1. Plaintiff, members of her record label and family made several attempts to get the Passport back from the Police, even contacting the Sgt at 52 division; however, he could not make the decision to release it, or "step on the Detective Hassard's toes" at which point she and her family and label were told by her criminal lawyer to reapply. 


  1. On or around July 2015, plaintiff applied for a new Passport; but did not want to disclose that the Passport was seized, as that would reveal that she had been arrested. 


  1. Plaintiff recalled her lawyer advising her that she had no criminal record, and also recalled a lesson in school, where she was taught that if a person had been arrested but the charges were dropped, withdrawn or discharged, that a person did not need to reveal that arrest through his/her life moving forward on applications. Plaintiff did not make the distinction between job applications and other kinds of applications and this is where the mistake lied.  


  1. Plaintiff marked the "lost" section and explained that her Passport was lost/damaged. 


  1. At this time, Officer; Kaylan Ball, attempted to cover the misconduct of the Detective, by contacting Passport Canada to provide fraudulent information, that the Passport was taken as part of a bail condition, despite plaintiff never having had any bail hearing.  


  1. Once plaintiff realized she made the error, she apologized and tried to explain to Passport Canada, why she withheld the information. Plaintiff also explained the bullying and misconduct of the Detective and how much she needed the Passport for her career and had money and a time frame on the line.  


  1. Plaintiff explained that she was allowed to have a Passport, had no restrictions and was not attempting to obtain one illegally, or to escape the Country. 


  1. On or around September 11th, 2015, the Passport Program denied her a Passport for five years.  


  1. Immigration attorney; Seamus Murphy, attempted to reconsider the decision, but the Passport program refused to reconsider in a letter dated; November 30th, 2015.  


  1. At this time, plaintiff's song; "Cause I Can't Take Missing You" was charting 7 spots below Taylor Swift's "Wildest Dreams" in the USA. Plaintiff's team, label and investor, needed her to travel there for meet and greets, and to start a radio tour. Plaintiff's investor; Canadian retired Executive; Paul Bristow became angry that his $140,000 investment provided thus far, was being lost and wasted, and sorry for plaintiff that he tried to help her, but she could not pursue her career. Radio began to stop playing plaintiff's music. 


  1. On November 25th 2016, plaintiff received a decision from Federal Court judge; Justice Southcott, who ruled that the Passport program had erred in not reconsidering her application with the explanations, and further stated that the Passport program's discretion was fettered. Justice Southcott further awarded plaintiff costs, in the amount of $2,000 CND and ordered that a new decision maker take on the file, who can make an unfettered decision.  


  1. Within 60 days later, the new decision maker, ignored Justice Southcott's ruling and further decided that the full 5-year suspension would stand.  


  1. Attorney; Seamus Murphy, went back to Federal Court a second time.  


  1. On October 3rd, 2017, a decision was made by Justice Mactovish, which explicitly stated that plaintiff's Constitutionally protected: Charter of Rights: Mobility Rights were breached by the Federal Government.  

The Federal Court judge specifically said that the penalty chosen was unreasonable, that the Passport Program failed to address or account for Ms. Thelwells Charter-protected mobility rights, and that the gravity of her misconduct was nowhere near the order of magnitude of the misconduct of other individuals who received four- or five-year suspensions of passport services.  

That the passport program has failed to do any individualized assessment or paid any attention to Ms. Thelwells mental health or career and there have only been 4 cases in Canadian history where someone's passport was removed for 4 or 5 years and they were involved in terrorism, illegal entry, or heavy fraud resulting in long jail penalties, and the risk of national security and there was never any evidence that Ms. Thelwell was going to use her passport for anything other than pursuing her career. 

Dore requires decision makers to balance the severity of the interference with the individuals chartered protected mobility rights against the objective of the program in question. This type of individualized assessment was absent in this case, with the result that cannot be said the imposition of a 5 year refusal of Passport ineligibility reflects a proportionate restriction on Ms. Thelwell's charter protected mobility rights.  

Ms. Thelwell was young and is a Canadian citizenand there is no suggestion that she was not otherwise entitled to a Canadian passport. Nor is there any suggestion that she intended to use her Passport for any improper or unlawful purposes that might have undermined the integrity of the Canadian Passport system or implicated Canada's national security.  Without condoning Ms. Thewell's misconduct, the misconduct is nowhere near the order of magnitude of the misconduct of other individuals who received 4-5 year suspensions of Passport services.  

Ms. Thelwell also provided the Passport integrity branch with information regarding her mental health, and the shame that she evidently felt with respect to her criminal charges that she faced. She also provided substantial evidence with respect to the devastating impact that a suspension of Passport services would have on her musical career. There is, however, no indication in the reasons provided by the Passport Integrity branch that it engaged with any of this evidence in a meaningful way. Nor did it explain why it was necessary to refuse Ms. Thewlell a passport for five years in order to preserve the integrity of the Canadian Passport system. It simply noted that "courts have found five years to be a reasonable period in light of the facts on which those cases were decided. " - facts that, as I have already noted, were very different than the facts of this case.  

And goes on to talk more about one of the other four cases, in which Passport was refused for a criminal who planned to execute terrorism and was a safety threat to Canada, being given a long jail sentence in France and how Jade's case shows no casual link between her having a Passport and being a threat to the security of this country. Justice Mactovish concluded;  

"For these reasons, I am satisfied that the Passport Integrity Branch has failed to carry out the necessary analysis in balancing the severity of the interference with Ms. Thelwells charter protected mobility rights with the objectives of the Passport Program. Consequently, her application for Judicial review will be granted. In accordance with the agreement of all parties, Ms. Thelwell shall have her costs of $2,000.00. 

The obligations on the Passport integrity branch to consider the Charter - protected mobility rights of passport applicants in determining whether a period of passport ineligibility is appropriate are clearly set out in the jurisprudence, including my reasons in this case. It is thus unnecessary to direct the Passport Integrity Branch to comply with the law. " 

-Justice Mactavish


  1. On a letter dated; December 13, 2017; the Passport Program, decided that they would deduct 18 months from the suspension period, despite knowing that plaintiff was offered large financial investments and had urgent opportunities abroad. 


  1. It is clear that the Passport Program has not taken into consideration Justice Mactovish' ruling, as they have decided to continue to ignore Justice Mactavish' points in its reasons for continuing to impose a suspension, which continues to breach plaintiff's Charter Rights. 


  1. "That said, Doré requires decision-makers to balance the severity of the interference with the individual’s Charter-protected rights against the objectives of the program in question."  


  1.   The CIC gives no consideration at all to plaintiff's charter rights in their reasons. Instead; the CIC continues to ignore Justice Mactavish' ruling and disproportionately impair of her Constitutionally protected charter rights: mobility rights, while also failing to give reason as to how plaintiff not having a Passport maintains the integrity of the Passport program.  


  1. In withholding plaintiff's Passport, the CIC is also breaching her legal rights: Life, Liberty and Security. 7. Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of the person and the right not to be deprived thereof except in accordance with the principles of fundamental justice.  As plaintiff's ability to be a normal functioning member of society, without oppression relied heavily on her ability to travel.  


  1. In the CIC breaching plaintiff's charter of rights, the impact on her mental health has been major.  


  1. Plaintiff knew she wanted to be a singer since the age of 3, and her grandmother funded expensive voice lessons for her, at the Royal Conservatory of Music, and she began working 2 jobs to finance her recording at 18 years of age. 


  1. Prior to her Passport being seized; plaintiff was known by those around her as a happy, lively girl. 


  1. Once plaintiff found out that she would not get her Passport back for 5 years, and that her own Government would block her from her time sensitive goals, she struggled with PTSD and major Depression. These illnesses caused plaintiff to have outbursts of anger, crying spells, and suicidal ideation. 


  1. In not being able to travel for her career, plaintiff lost all of her investors, resulting in no income, or financial support. 


  1. Plaintiff had to apply for social assistance at one point. 


  1. Plaintiff lost her Lakeshore condominium, falling behind in rent payments. With limited family, her grandma has also been impacted financially.  


  1. Plaintiff, in only having 30 days to challenge the Passport Program's decision, knew she had to do something to save her career. Plaintiff had to look for men online who would help her with financial support for the legal fees. Twice, she was subjected to dangerous situations, both resulting in Police reports and embarrassment. Plaintiff was a traditional and wholesome girl and in filing these reports, and revealing that the men were much older and whom she met online, caused her more embarrassment and suicidal thoughts. Plaintiff felt worthless.  


  1. In not being able to pursue her career, and be a regular functioning person in society like normal girls her age, plaintiff's self-esteem dropped significantly. 


  1. As a result of a lower self-esteem; plaintiff looked to dating and relationships to find happiness to replace what was once her career dreams. This desperation and lower self-esteem, caused by the trauma, paired with her already lack of emotional support from both her parents, resulted in poor decisions in men. 


  1. Plaintiff ended up being used and abused by multiple men. In 2016, plaintiff met her first boyfriend who took advantage of her being naive and vulnerable, as well as desperate for a relationship, in which he used her multiple times for sex, promising her genuine intent, then blocking her abruptly after 2.5 months of dating.  


  1. She met two more men after that who both used her for sex, and then disappeared and or had disingenuous intent.  


  1. Finally, she was sexually assaulted by her final boyfriend; where he committed a sex assault and sex assault causing bodily harm, reported to the Toronto Police. 


  1. Plaintiff still suffers from sad mood due to the realization that she won't ever have a career as a successful Pop singer again, now that she has aged and continues to age, without a travel document. 


  1. Plaintiff was unable to successfully pursue her career in Canada, because according to music industry professionals; a singer needs financing. Plaintiff was unable to keep or secure financing, without the ability to pursue her career internationally, specifically in the United States of America.  


  1. In Canada, Pop radio is largely dedicated to mainstream American artists; whereas, internationally and around the world, Canadian artists have the opportunity to do very well.  


  1. In Canada, it is very difficult to make a living as a Pop Singer. 


  1. A record label like Universal music Canada will not sign an artist to a record deal unless he or she has previous publicity, a significant fan base, proven sales or radio charting. In order to get any of these things, a Canadian artist needs financing. Most investors did not want to finance plaintiff once they knew plaintiff could only stay in Canada for 5 years. 




Plaintiff was the first young woman in Canadian history to have her Charter Rights: Mobility Rights breached by the Canadian Federal Government, when many would argue, she should have never had her Passport seized to begin with, and it is clear that the CIC, has abandoned one of Canada's very own citizens and it has become more and more clear that the CIC has acted in bad faith and vindictiveness. The CIC waited until the final day, of the 60-day period to provide their decision, after the second judgment, which is clear that they had malicious intent to cause more grief. Plaintiff will be without a Passport for the most crucial time for career development. This targeting, has caused severe failure in our system, and caused severe shock to plaintiff who thought she lived in a free country, the best in the world. Plaintiff never imagined that her life would go this way, where she would be prevented to such extreme from pursuing her career, when she already had barriers, having a difficult childhood. Plaintiff was an artist of Voodoo Records, an independent label in Toronto, Ontario. Plaintiff's career was under the direction of successful music producer; Mike Dmitrovic, who witnessed many moments of PTSD, caused by the career trauma. Plaintiff is at a point where she is lost and unsure what to do with her life. In Canada, it takes at least; $300,000 CND to launch an artist's career. In the USA, it costs approximately $2,000,000 USD. It is impossible for plaintiff to find funding. Prior to 2015, plaintiff was attracting many. Plaintiff was known for her ability to write strong, catchy pop songs and industry and investors were blown away and could foresee a bright future, when they heard her demos. 

Plaintiff's mistake on her application was not deliberate or malicious. Plaintiff's false information was a mistake. Plaintiff has seen the conduct and mistakes of the Police, when they mistakenly provided false information to the CIC, that plaintiff's Passport was taken as a bail condition, the Passport program has also fettered its discretion once and continued to ignore the judge's rulings a second time. Nothing has been done about these parties' errors, and only plaintiff has suffered consequences from hers.  

Plaintiff has received overwhelming judgment from her Passport suspension. Many people have been turned off from being her friend, and people who read about it online have assumed she was a terrorist, criminal or did something very bad, as those are the only people they would rationally suspect would be suspended from using a Passport. People just don't believe that a girl who has no criminal record, is not a criminal, risk to the safety or security of Canada, not using the Passport illegally,  and was a truly nice person, would be in this situation and as a result when she has broken up with men, she has been scrutinized, potential friends and boyfriends who see her judgments also believe that she must be a heavy criminal, when she files Police reports, they are not taken seriously, causing her to have to spend money on lawyers and go above and beyond to fight for justice.  

The stigma surrounding her Passport issue, has destroyed her life and career, now having to make the story public, as all judgments are. Destroying a young woman's life and reputation, does not preserve the integrity of the Passport Program, but instead tarnishes the reputation of the Canadian Government, in that they would rather suppress a young woman from building a career, where she can contribute maybe millions of dollars to Canada, from earnings made around the world, and instead leaving her as a welfare case, struggling mentally to accept her life and fate as it is. Plaintiff wrote her own songs, giving her that much more edge and stake in her music. Artists; Pop Meghan Trainor, is known to do even better than artist's like Carley Rae Jepsen, financially for the reason of writing her own songs.  

Plaintiff had many goals, to be a role model as a singer, to inspire, to make music the world can hear. Plaintiff was made the face and role model of The voice kids Punta Cana, and had to send a video Thank you message, explaining that she was being held in hostage in Canada. Plaintiff was also offered a radio and television tour across the Caribbean, Punta Cana and South America. Plaintiff had all the tools to make it as a successful singer; from accessible recording time at no expense, investors and opportunities. Plaintiff will never understand why it was necessary to victimize her. Plaintiff invested in her career very young, working several jobs to finance music until her producer noticed he dedication. Her label has invested time and efforts into her career. 

The Passport program has stolen the most critical age period for plaintiff. Many judges, lawyers, and investors have advised her that now is when she should be focused on her career, as these are the most important years. Plaintiff's years have expired.  

After plaintiff explained to the CIC, all of the trauma and damages she has faced, the CIC, did not take any meaningful action. Plaintiff sent a copy of a 2M USD investment offer and letter stating that plaintiff would need to relocate to the USA immediately, but the CIC, still refused to provide a travel document. Plaintiff thought they would return her Passport and apologize. While no amount of money will turn back time, to the most crucial years in an artist's career, plaintiff wants justice, as many who are against abuse of power in the Police and Government have been supportive to her story.  

As in Justice Mactavish' ruling, the option for a limited validity Passport for urgent, or compelling and compassionate situations were not a remedy appropriate for Plaintiff. Plaintiff needs to travel frequently and may have very little notice. Normally, deaths, children needing to be with parents, funerals are all of what would fall under the umbrella of urgent and compelling circumstances, not career opportunities. The CIC has already shown no compassion for the situation that the plaintiff is in, in regards to her career. Plaintiff asked for a geographical restricted Passport, which would only allow for American travel, but the Passport program decided to deny a Passport in its entirety for the five years. In no way is it known that a limited validity Passport is for music. Anytime a person travels with a travel document instead of a Passport, raises many questions and concerns at borders across the world.  

Until the final decision, Plaintiff thought that her Passport was taken rightfully by the Detective and as a bail condition. Only recently did plaintiff realize that it was not taken as a bail, since she did not have any bail hearing but at the discretion of the Detective. This is why it is so important for people in positions of power and decision to ensure that they can truly be trusted to do the right things, as they are paid by Canadian citizens, and therefore; held to a higher standard. It is vital to ensure that the right and most capable people are in these positions, as so often Canadian citizens do not know their rights until much later, and can lose their right to justice, due to the Statute of Limitations. It is clear that the decision makers involved in her Passport and the Detective Constable Lauren Hassard are not capable of not violating, but respecting the rights of citizens. Plaintiff hopes that this will create change to ensure that the right decision makers are in these important positions, and asks for the following to help with her broken life: 


                                                                                                                         Plaintiff asks for the prompt payment of $3,998,000 CND to cover the following; 

1) Investment from Retired Executive Paul Bristow - $140,000 CND (This investment was wasted when she could not travel for her radio tours and meet and greets. All of the momentum that this money bought her was lost. Plaintiff would like to have the investment back to try to get momentum again.) 

2) Emotional and Mental Trauma Award for Major Depression and PTSD - $300,000 CND 

3) Withdrawn Investment offer American Executive Derick Davis - $2,000,000 USD ($2,650,000 CND)

(Mr. Davis was ready with contacts, money to invest, but because plaintiff was not ready to travel, he moved on to seek another talent. He was very eager to invest at the time when the single Princess was ready to be released. He thought her story matched the song perfectly and the timing was right, but as a result of her not being able to travel, he moved on and Jade released Princess on her own, unsuccessfully, due to no budget.) 

4) Punitive Damages - $100,000 CND 

5) Potential Income/ lost opportunities and back rent payments July 2015- July 2017 - $558,000 CND (potential income range for a Pop singer in the USA, after 2 years and a $140,000 investment range is $14,000 - $60,000 CND per year + and potential income range in first 2 years after spending a $2,000,000M USD investment is $200,000 - $800,000 USD per year ($265,000 - $1,060,000 CND.)  

$14,000 minimum plus $265,000 minumum is $558,000 CND potential income for 2 years.

Potential income will continue to accumulate for every month without a passport until claim is concluded. Included in this claim is potential income for first two years without a passport since July 2015, at a rate of $23,000 CND per month. 

Pop singers make on average $400,000 low end (Pixie Lott) to $50,000,000 high end. (Taylor Swift) All future income is lost. 

6) Income to restart her life and career, due missing out on opportunities and time of development, as no investor or label would be attracted at this point. - $300,000 CND 




luke halstead


Luke, who defames Jade online was Jade's ex boyfriend who Jade thought may have antisocial disorder; such as unsafe risky sex, not caring about himself or others risks, ignoring court orders, public mischief, no ideas about disease, incapacity to love, many police issues and no money to name a few. Luke Halstead ad a past with the law, drugs and assault, where he received a conditional discharge (3 year probation) for assault and drug distribution charges. He wanted to steal sleeping aids from Paramedic services when his boss is not looking. 


Luke is facing multiple law suits and criminal proceedings. Luke ignored his Public mischief law suit and will have his wages garnished. To be precise:


"Luke lines up with sociopath so flawlessly  in my opinion, that its scary. His stories never lined up. He said he had been loyal for 6 years to his wife so he is fully capable of monogamy but then another time, he said he met his wife on a fetish site and they were polyamorous... Financial issues at 34, risky sex and not understanding intimacy, self gratification, manipulating for personal gain, artificial charm and intelligence, incapacity for love or meaningful interpersonal relationships,  allowing his wife and women to spread their legs for anyone, short marriage, no idea of love and marriage, rage, anger, aggression, disorganization, poor hygiene (he had that odor on his penis that one time and another time, his breath was horrible, banana peels, large dogs and chips all on his car floor, pay stubs on the ground, no remorse, no shame, no morals... I also read that they tend to call all of their past girlfriends or boyfriends crazy. On the first date, he told me all his past girlfriends were crazy and then he called me crazy too... I should have known, but I didn't know what a sociopath was at the time... but I have faith. Also, if you kiss him, know that your kissing someone who has been god knows where. He was on dating sites with women ready and willing to do dirty things but it wasn't enough for him. He had to try to suck other normal girls in. Know that he thinks drugs are all okay, and his girlfriends and him fit the died hair Queen st, drug user profile, so if you are against drugs, then he would be very scarring. It's saddening that people think drugs are okay. During my whole Depression, even with psychologist recommendation, I refused to take any anti depressants, or drugs of any kind and just try to heal on my own. If you love yourself, then you don't want to harm yourself with disgusting things. No morals."


Jade always held herself to a higher standard, a higher calibre, so it was unfortunate she fell into Luke's way, being so immoral, but she says it is because she didn't have a good upbringing or father to teach her about good men. Jade hopes that this will serve as an example of the importance of the role of a good father is in the development of a healthy young woman. She knew she had to come out for girls who did not want to be one of his good little girls, or raped.  "Never let Luke convince you that this life is the norm. He is only using your insecurities, abandonment or emotional issues to convince you he's all you'll ever get by suppressing your self esteem. Girls who really like rape, anal sex and casual sex are far and few between and not healthy, according to Jade's psychologist and he knows that. A good man will also NEVER ask you to have sex with other men or women. A good man who loves and respects you would never ask you to do such dirty things. What man would want other men having sex with his wife or girlfriend. What girl would want to have sex with multiple men... He's just looking for the ones he can lure in. And don't let him make you think you are crazy, because you're not. No girl is If a man calls you crazy, it means: "I messed around with her emotions, ruined her mental health, gave her reasons to be jealous, used her body, and now that she is justifiably upset, I demonize her, so she will lower her self esteem and come back to me."


Drugs are also very bad, but he would talk about drugs like they were all okay. Even the most dangerous ones. It was disturbing. It was unfortunate that Luke did not know this and that he was a father. Jade never knew Luke supported drugs when they were dating because he lined up with her views on everything, until after she let her guard down. Jade, passionately against drugs, never as much touched a cigarette or marijuana and always felt that drugs were for people with low self esteem who don't love themselves, otherwise, why would they want to harm their body? Luke Halstead also had ADHD, so the drugs used for that can increase sex drive for men. This may be why no self control was there. Just because a psychologist says it's okay, doesn't make it okay.



 luke halstead public mischief

The police are not in the business to support little revenge issues with boyfriends and girlfriends. They are in the business to protect society from severe criminals. Luke had engaged in Public mischief with his friends at a division to assist him in filing fraudulent reports, to divert attention off of him for Sex Assault. 


Jade has no criminal record or convictions and never will. When Jade ended the relationship with Luke and went to file for Sex Assault; Luke expressed in a series of text messages and phone calls, having close friends "ex army buddies" at the 41 division who wouldn't need evidence to make things bad for her. Luke gave multiple fraudulent stories to his friends at the division in hopes that something would stick.


Detective Erica Wester engaged in facilitating a malicious arrest against Jade, when Luke denied signing a character letter for her during their relationship, but the charge was withdrawn. The crown attorney said that the Detective wasted police resources in writing up 200 pages of what she thought was evidence... (Luke's word) for a little character letter in which, he too felt it was a revenge tactic, due to it looking like someone was out to get her, based on the conduct of the individuals involved, as well as stating the charge to be unimportant and not of any monetary value. 


Jade's veteran lawyer; Danny Kayfetz says; Jade is both innocent in Canadian law and in fact. (See Below) Now, there is both an ongoing civil case for both Luke Halstead and Erica Wester, as her lawyer Danny Kayfetz did warn her that she would be held liable for processing this arrest without proper evidence, like handwriting samples, but she refused thinking it would be a success. Then the senior crown decided to drop it right away. 


It was more than clear that based on the Detective's lewd behaviour with other male officers at the station, she was a part of Luke's crowd. Luke was a known fraud and deceiver, who would photo shop documents, use fraudulent phone numbers and emails to contact Jade and people who knew Jade, like other producers or agents, to extort money. He would pretend to write as other girls, to convince girls that polyamoury was a good thing and more. It just goes to show that no matter how much people try, the truth comes out and they can't ruin an honest persons life. 


It was always shocking to Jade that, all of these detectives would risk law suits for her.


Luke tried so hard to say he was hospitalized and on modified duties at work, but he had no evidence to create pity in his law suit. He also attempted to give a false statement, which Jade had every bit of evidence to prove that he was slandering and providing knowingly false info to affect a court outcome. He waited 3 months to respond to his law suit, and only because he emailed Jade fraudulently and Jade said his wages would be garnished. The judge will ignore his one page defence and continue in default. You never really knew who and what you were kissing, or where he had been that day. Luke was a father but would teach his son to lie and swear in front of him. When a Private investigator, attempted to serve him for Public mischief, he said "he's not coming to the fucking door." and told his son to say he was sleeping. (See Below for Proof of innocence of Jade)



private prosecution for sex assault and sex assault causing bodily harm

"In 2017, an unfortunate thing happened to me, which changed my life. I was sexually assaulted by my boyfriend at the time; Luke Halstead. I just wanted to come out with it, rather than hide anything from my fans. Ever since he perpetrated me, he has harassed me and members of my label, threatening them, and began defaming me by posting what I hate most; drugs, promiscuity and bad skin. I knew I had to let my fans know that none of it wasn't true and share what happened with me, so that you will protect yourself more than I did. To any abandoned, hurt or fragile girls. Please don't let Luke convince you that you can feel safe with him or anyone, because you can't and he will hurt you in more than one way. I hope that women will see my warning and that they will protect themselves emotionally, mentally and physically from Luke Halstead. Luke Halstead used my abandonment issues, that I didn't know I had and need for safety to lure me into a violent situation, where I was bed ridden and had to seek medical attention. He looks for vulnerable girls, trusting and abandoned girls, where he promises you can feel 100% safe and exclusive, but not only is he not that for you, so know your having unprotected sex with a man who has unprotected sex with other girls too, your just one of the rest and who will send your photos in emails to laugh at with friends, and the worst is that he gets you to trust him so much that he harms your body to the point where you won't be able to have sex again.  My hope is that you will protect yourself more than I knew how to at the time, so you won't be hurt. Also, please love yourself and don't ever let a man convince you that Polyamoury is all you deserve. You deserve someone who will only love you! " - Jade


"I want girls to be smarter than I was in not believing what men say when they say you can feel safe. I want you to understand that it isn't true and to never be vulnerable enough to let any man lure them into anything unhealthy, mentally or physically or try to convince them that most girls like something, like risky and painful sex or polyamory. He wanted me to have sex with other women or men with him. A good man will never ask you to do such dirty things." - Jade


We had to pursue private prosecution because the Detective in charge became extremely ill. The Private prosecution has been moving slowly due to some misconduct where crowns were given false information from the perpetrators friends on the Police force. A Judicial review has been launched against the Detective in charge, Maureen Trueman, in which once resolved, the charges may proceed. This will take time and be expected to be complete in one year. 


After contacting top criminal lawyers, they told Jade that every day people were charged with less evidence than she had. The judge assured Jade that his close ties would not immune him from the law and seeking justice, so we wondered what was wrong until we discovered the Detective was ill. Jade will never allow Luke to blame her for his poor decision to rape her. 


Luke Halstead was known to lure abandoned girls, which he knew a lot about, with their need for safety. Luke would promise the girls that they could feel 100% safe and exclusive, so that he could lure them into risky sexual lifestyles that would in turn, affect their mental and physical health. Jade received a forwarded email from his email account with photos of 12 half naked women, stating "so many good little girls. Sometime's my cock needs a break." Jade was sick because Luke had called her a good little girl when he had raped her. 


"He had all those girls, who he said liked violent sex, so why would he have to rape me?" I pray to God that no other girl goes through what I went through. Sex was supposed to be something enjoyable that you share with someone you love or are starting to love, not something gotten through deceit and self gratification, but Luke hurt me. I will never ever be one of his "good little girls."- Jade


Private prosecution for Luke's sex assault and sex assault with bodily harm is moving forward and the next hearing date is Jan 25 2017. (See below)  


Jade was lured into not only a violent sexual lifestyle and subjected to painful intercourse in the form of a rape fantasy, but Luke also left long term mental scarring and the inability to have sex ever since, as he tried to lure her into a life she never new of, filled with underground and alternative thinking; drugs, sex clubs, and a strange polyamorous cult.


To make the matters worse, he stole intimacy of sex without protection from a girl who would only want to share that special closeness with an exclusive boyfriend who loves her, not one who would pass along fishy odors from other women, which is enough to scar any girl for life.


How did he get her? he told her she could feel 100% safe with him, that he is with no other girls and they are exclusive, the words any girl with abandonment would want to hear. Luke hated Jade so much that he did all of this to her while already having women before Jade who he was in love with and who knew about Jade before he met her, putting her at risk for std's.


No girl deserved that kind of victimization. She wants the court to punish Luke for hurting women. Jade was very vulnerable, suffering from abandonment, which means she can easily fall into abusive relationships. Luke also knew she had that issue. She's concerned about other vulnerable girls going through this. She had a lot of evidence from professionals; psychologists, doctors, witnesses (producer, investor) and her diary. Luke was protected by the Police, as he told Jade that he had friends on the force, so it would never go through and threatened to have them make trouble for her. Luke has threatened her on an ongoing basis. An apology from the Police for helping her perpetrator has been asked for and she pursued Private prosecution. 


Luke didn't seem to have any idea about adult relationships built on monogamy, trust, respect and traditional, respectful moral sex, coming from a mother who had had him through an affair. You can read more about the sex assault on the "Luke Halstead Polyamorous paramedic" blog. As difficult as it is for Jade to share what happened, she knows it will come out and that she has to prevent it from happening again. She hopes women will not be insecure or think he's the best they will get. Luke was known to look for very unattractive girls, overweight or very mentally ill, not normal girls. This was so that they would obey him. It is hopeful that mothers and fathers raise their daughters to have good self esteem or they too may end up with a man like Luke, and worse, staying with him.


Her producer, who is more or less her father, tried to teach her that men are just hunters who just looking for naive and silly girls, and she believes it now, has learned her hard lesson and will always ask for advice on men moving forward.


Luke was living a lifestyle where he forced abandoned girls into violent sex against their will, claiming girls liked to be beaten during sex, with paddles and other instruments, anal sex and other deviant activities. Despite her abandonment, which makes it more difficult than most girls to end relationships after sex, she found the strength to leave, when many women stay in abusive relationships. Abandonment makes it more difficult for a girl to leave a relationship after sex, due to an emotional bond.


For someone with so much trauma, and who copes on her own, this was very damaging. It was like Luke turned into a different person, like he was enjoying hurting Jade, someone who didn't want this. Jade had nightmares for months and said she still feels bad seeing girls on their phones, worried they would meet Luke and their life would be ruined. Luke claimed girls loved being beaten during sex, anal sex and that he had broken women's bones during it. It was very unfortunate that someone she thought she trusted would subject her to abuse.


Although, she plans to wait until marriage for sex, Jade has a difficult time feeling like she will ever have sex again, due to the negativity associated with it now. It wasn't just physical pain, it was mental pain as well that may last a lifetime. She looked at both men and women differently, not knowing who they really are, if they like deviate lifestyles, which is disturbing. Luke had a history of heavier prosecutions; drugs and assault. No one knew why Jade wanted to be with Luke, because she was such a traditional girl, who had only been with a few men, but Jade thought he had changed.


"It is not right for these men to hunt and target vulnerable girls with abandonment, who may be too trusting, to harm them mentally and physically with toxic abuse. I have faith." - Jade.


Luke came from a mother who was a secretary and had him with a much older senior. She destroyed a family and the man never left anything or him in the will, as his kids and real family hated Luke and his mother for what she had done, so each time Luke sends extortion messages or threats to Jade and calls her a bad person for being born to a mother who uses drugs and a father who abandoned her, she knows she is better than her parents for never touching drugs, but Luke can't say the same for following in his mothers foot steps with no morals. It was this reason, he may have hated women. No man had ever called Jade names before. Luke didn't know how to treat women. Jade told Luke, she never was and never will be one of his good little girls and that she would not accommodate him in any way regarding threats.


He was not credible to give relationship advice, with a short marriage and no love, allowing his wife to have sex with anyone.


Luke then sent threats to other professionals Jade works with who has nothing to do with him, threatening to destroy their online profiles. Jade received so many emails from his wife, and women of the strange polyamorous cult/community. She was meant to be lured in.


Jade was embarrassed and said that had she known, she would not have engaged in any form of relationship with him whatsoever. 


The calibre of his women were women who had severe mental illness or were highly insecure or unattractive and it was a shame to everyone who knew Jade that her abandonment got the best of her. 


His wife was spreading her legs for everyone, he even said he would marry an escort, yet he made fun of Jade who only had a few boyfriends, she thought she could trust. Jade was meant to be lured into the violent lifestyle, as women claimed to have known about her before Luke met her. Jade developed chronic heart palpatations and anxiety after this, with nightmares and flashbacks of Luke trying to hurt her with his guns. With the scars he left every woman he met, it was important to seek justice, because nothing will rid that pain. She never agreed to sharing bacteria or being bed ridden. She wanted a good loving boyfriend. 


Luke is facing: 

1) Public mischief law suit, You can lose your EMS license for lying to a court officer. He deliberately told lies and it can be proven very well with witnesses, psychology report validity scales and more. Luke seemed bothered by Jade's innocent mistake in not disclosing her withdrawn charge on her Passport application; however, he tried to conceal his own charges and probationary periods from courts, when he said he had never been charged in his life (after giving 2 detailed stories of 2 previous charges, he also wrote that he had been demoted at work and hospitalized because of Jade but could not produce evidence.) He also couldn't answer the door for his public mischief claim. His mom has to do everything for him because he can't stand it when girls are in control. 

2) Defamation Law suit.

3) Criminal Prosecution for Sex Assault and Sex Assault with Bodily Harm.

4) Superior court claim for sex assault.

I met the accused; Luke Halstead, on or about the beginning of January 2017
through an online dating site called ‘Bumble’. After a period of chatting, we decided
to meet around mid-January 2017. Luke said he was a single, 34 year old
Paramedic, who was divorced and looking for a life partner. I found I was attracted to
him as I was a Country Artist eager to learn the ins and outs of Country living and he
had agreed to take me hunting, to his home in Petawawa and we would sing and
play guitar together. We both enjoyed outdoor activities. On the fourth date we
began to engage in sexual intimacy with each other. The love making was normal
without any issues. Luke then told me he was separated from his wife now but that
they did continue to live in the same house on weekends, but assured me that they
did not have any sexual relationship, that she would be moving out soon, that they
would be divorcing and it would not interfere in our relationship. I wanted a
committed and permanent monogamous relationship with him and expressed my
traditional morals and values to Luke. Through all that he said to me, I believed he
wanted that kind of relationship as well.
On the day of the incident, March 2, 2017 at 9.00 p.m, Luke picked me up at my
home, and we went to his mother’s house. He started cooking when we arrived at
his apartment. He was making a Venison stew. While the food was simmering, we
were on the couch. Luke had put on a movie. Five minutes into the movie, we
kissed, engaged in heavy petting, had oral sex and normal missionary style love
making. I noticed an unusual fishy odor on Luke’s penis, but was unaware of what it
may be as he had never had it before.
At some point during our intimacy, he told me to turn over so that I was in a
crouching position. Luke then penetrated my vagina from behind. He had a large
penis and was thrusting me very hard. He was very rough, so much so that I was in
pain. I told him, “Can we please take a break. It’s hurting.” He said, “What?” I
repeated; “Can we please take a break. It’s hurting.” Luke then he asked “a break?”
in a questioning tone. He ignored my plea to stop and continued thrusting in my
vagina harder. I started to cry, eyes watering, through the extreme pain in my vagina
and tears began flowing from my eyes. He could see my face and the agony I was
in, but he continued even though I said “Ow, Luke please stop.” I could hear his
mother’s footsteps on the floor above his apartment and I believe he was scared his
mother would hear my cries so he put his right hand on my mouth and said,” Shh,”
then said, “good girl.”
By this time, I was very distressed, scared, and sad that he would want to hurt me
and continue hurting me despite my protest for him to stop. When I made further
noises of pain, he pushed his hand harder against my mouth to stifle the noise I was
making. He then put his other hand round my neck and squeezed hard for some
seconds. Luke is 6’4” tall and over 180 pounds. He is strong and I knew I could not
stop him so I kept quiet—waiting for the nightmare to end.
Finally, he forcefully pulled me up, took my head and shoved his penis into my
mouth and ejaculated. I nearly choked on the semen in my mouth. I coughed it out.
He then walked away.
My vagina was swollen and sore. I could not put my underpants on because my
vagina was so swollen, sore and in pain. He wanted to know what was wrong with
me, and I told him that my vagina is swollen because he did not stop when I said I
was hurting.
I went to the washroom and put hot water on my vagina . I sat on the bed and poked
at it in disbelief. I looked in the mirror at it. I was in shock about what he had done to
me. In bed he told me he’d broken a girl’s bones through beating her with a paddle
during violent sex and that girls like pain during sex and anal sex. He said he’d been
into kink for a long time and that the girls like the pain. He suggested that I should
engage in sex with him and other men or women and that he met his wife on a
dating site for kinky people who enjoy sex clubs, polyamoury and swinging. I was
shocked by what he was telling me as I thought he believed in monogamy and
normal sex, not the violent sex that he forced on me. I always thought that sex was
to be something loving and enjoyable between two people who love and care for
each other, not a painful thing gotten through deceit and self gratification.
Due to my childhood experiences, being abandoned by my father and being looked
after by a mother who was a drug addict, until I could move to my grandmothers at
18, I have had issues walking away from relationships and as a result don’t leave
relationships as quickly as I should, as I attach an emotional bond to intimacy, which
can leave me vulnerable. It’s painful for me to engage in sexual activity with men
and then never see them again, so I try to hold on, and go back and fourth in my
head before being able to let go, and although I should have called the police
immediately after what Luke did to me, I tried to block the incident from my mind. I
was also confused and worried about my reputation, so wanted to tell my producer
first. I was in pain all night and could not sleep. At 6.30 a.m., Luke dropped me off at
That same day, I told my music producer, Mike Dimitrovic about the sexual assault
Luke perpetrated on me. I told him that it hurt to pee, there was blood and my vagina
was swollen to the size of a small water balloon. He advised me to call the police. I
advised a potential investor, a stranger, I had just met for the first time, the following
day, Martin Lask of the same, who urged me to get some rest that night and then go
to the hospital following day. I told him what happened. He also witnessed my
cancellation of Country music festival performances where I was booked to perform,
which he had funded.
I did attend the hospital, after immense pain had subsided, but odor worstened. The
nurse did a vaginal swab. I told her that I had a pink discharge and there was a fishy
odour in my vagina. The nurse said that I had a bacterial infection and that the pinky
could have been some blood. She prescribed some medicines to reduce my
symptoms. I am in the process of obtaining the hospital records. My vagina was
sore and in pain for days.
When I told my grandmother I wanted to go to the Police, she said she was
concerned about my reputation in Country music and said she did not advise that I
go. I tried to let it go but after a few days, I asked my grandmother if she would come
with me to the station because the feelings worsened. She agreed. We were worried
as due to Luke’s lifestyle, we felt that he was a high risk predator to the safety of
young, vulnerable and naive women. I attended the police station—Division 53. I
spoke to Detective Inspector Bruce Connor and told him everything that happened
as set out in this statement. Prior to this date, Luke told me he had “ex army
buddies” on the Police force who would put in a good word for him, so that he will
never be charged. He also began to engage in Public mischief, which was later
discovered. I never heard back from Bruce Connor in regards to my investigation,
but after waiting 6 months, I realized that the police would not charge Luke Halstead.
I had inquired many times, as well as had my witness rejected by his partner, so
decided to close the case, fearing that it was not going anywhere due to his close
ties on the Police force. I was upset that the Police would not take any further action
after Luke’s violent sexual assault on me that caused me injury. I then decided to
continue my case, believing that I should be able to seek justice, regardless of his
close ties.
As a result of the trauma I went through, I can no longer engage in any sexual or
intimate relationships with men. I am afraid. I cannot focus on my vocation as a
country singer and have disposed of all of my Country music, and videos. I try to
avoid rural areas, and feel like a black cloud is over me. I now associate Country
music with deviance and abuse. I have lost interest in my work, I cry on a daily basis
and have lost interest in the activities I liked to enjoy like; swimming, rollerblading
and song writing. I often try to avoid being outside in the sunlight, because I feel
embarrassed. I have flashbacks and at one point, I wanted to end my life to stop
thinking about it. Since last month, I have had recurring nightmares, approx, 3 times
weekly, some were of the attack, and some were being chased by Luke and his
other girls trying to kill me and members of my family with his gun. Nightmares would
end in night sweats or heavy heart racing. One morning, I had to rush to the hospital
after waking up with dizziness and heart racing. The doctor told me that nothing
appeared to be wrong with my heart and said it could have been caused by the
trauma and nightmare. I took pride in being a loving and kind girl, but now I feel like I
won’t ever be able to be a good girlfriend or wife for anyone, because Luke is always
there in my mind, reminding me constantly that I can’t trust or be happy with anyone.
I want to be alone where I’m safe. I feel afraid to have sex and have lost any interest.
I end relationships with men when I feel it moving to a romantic area. I feel like I am
not the happy, affectionate girl I was before I met Luke.
The day after I spoke to Mike, I was in discussions with a potential investor in my
singing business, and I had to tell him I could not commit to any business proposal
because of what Luke did to me. I told him what happened.
A Clinical Sex Assault psychologist is in the process of examining and assessing my
psychological condition and the necessary treatment. My producer, my grandmother
and other close friends have told me that I need counseling in order to put this
traumatic experience behind me, and cope with my life and repair my career as
everything is in a mess since Luke did this to me and they have been supportive in
helping me to access this care.



So many rumors going around online caused by ex boyfriend Luke Halstead, but Jade knows her fans know it's not true and that her fans do too. Luke for example posed as a John and wrote that Jade met him and exchanged sex for youtube comments, and that she uses cocaine, and that he paid her trip to Regina. Below; you can see that Jade paid her own trip to Regina, so, that discredits Luke. There was nothing bad he could say about her, so he started posting fraudulent and absurd statements. 


relationship trauma


 "May our self esteems be higher than our heels and may our brains be bigger than our booties." she says, in regards to the degradation girls are facing nowadays. 

Real love does lasts forever. People who do not know what real love is, their superficial love will not. Look at Luke Halstead, her ex boyfriend would always tell her that love doesn't last forever and monogamy doesn't exist, but he didn't know what love was, meeting his wife on fetish sites, and allowing her to have sex with other men, says Jade.

"The world and media has gotten so bad these days that people actually think your odd if you believe in everlasting love, like the way it's supposed to be. Sometime's it's funny to think about how nuts people have gotten, where girls settle for polyamoury, because they are too insecure to know that they deserve a man who will love them and only them. I hope I can be a good role model for tradition. No matter how beautiful you are, men may take advantage of you, just look at Marilyn Monroe. A good man will never ask you to do dirty things like have sex with other men or women, perform immoral acts like anal sex, use you, kill your joy, happiness, soul, mental, physical, or emotional health. Do not ever let any man convince you something doesn't exist, or that you are crazy, or anything that you don't agree with. Only you will suffer in the end for changing your morals and beliefs. Be confident, secure and sure of yourself" - Jade Naraine 

When she started dating in 2016, men could see that she was vulnerable, so they would promise the world and lie to get her and unfortunately, the pain ran deep. Now she knows how to protect herself and will wait until she is married. 


new relationships

Jade has no interest in sex or dating, she is doing well by herself and excited for her career. She sometimes, spends time with men as friends, but she is not comfortable being intimate. She also prefers to date and befriend men with something to offer, men who are established. It's a lot better than dating the men she dated before, who had nothing to offer. She doesn't want to be used or hurt again. She definitely knows that she won't have sex until she's married and she says and if that, if she even wants to get married, if a man can convince her, since she's very picky in that she only wants a good man, she never wants to be in a situation with someone like Luke or any of the men she has met prior, so her sensors for warning signs have heightened significantly. 


why was she so SUSCEPTIBLE?

Everywhere Jade went and everyone she met, they would say just how pretty she was, how nice she was, she was eventually showered with investments and men would flock to her for dating, but underneath that pretty girl was a broken soul, but with a heart of gold... who wanted everlasting love but never knew how to get it, she took people for face value, no one taught her not to be too trusting... so she was targeted by men who would lie and deceive for sexual gain or by bullies, who could prey on her. Men could see she had abandonment issues and was vulnerable from the trauma in 2014, which would make it easy to take advantage, and they did. Police and Government, and professionals saw her as someone they found amusing to take advantage of. There she became victimized like thousands of other girls from broken families. 

Jade was a sweet girl who couldn't wait to get away from her Parent's drug habits and abuse, to live a clean life. She came from a middle class home; mother an ER nurse, father an Entrepreneur, but her father abandoned her at a young age and both her parents did not provide her with the emotional support a young girl needs to grow up healthy. She suffered severe abandonment issues as a result was vulnerable and would get more traumatized from stress and loss than most girls. 

When she got into her new life; she hit a downward spiral. Jade didn't have a father figure to teach her how to protect herself, she never knew of love, that people lie and deceive, or how to recognize a genuine man or how to be respected by them. One day she met an investor named Chris Payne. Chris worked for a venture capital firm in Toronto... that's what started it all. Then things worsened, she was faced with Police and Government abuse of power. When her career was taken from her for 5 years, she lost her self esteem and her overall mental health was very poor as she began looking for distractions, like men to remove the pain. She now had PTSD and Depression in addition to the abandonment, caused by all of the trauma. Jade then got the help she needed to repair the broken little girl and learn how to be the confident girl who won't ever be taken advantage of again. 



Lisa a white criminal defense

Lisa was a very inexperienced lawyer who did not how much losing your career and life and dealing with Police Bullying can traumatize a young girl. Everything you've worked for gone to waste for years. She didn't see that having barriers, and rights breached, would in turn lower a persons overall functioning, mental health and self esteem. She was not a psychologist and lacked major common sense. We felt that was very poor of a lawyer from the law society. She would plug her ears when Jade spoke, never believe her, wouldn't believe officers do lie and do malicious things, fail to protect and just say that the best you would get was a probation. As soon as Danny Kayfetz, who specializes in proving innocence was Jades advocate and life saver. A veteran lawyer, with much integrity. One he was hired, everything was withdrawn. Danny explained his disapointment in lawyers like Lisa White. Lisa did no work. She should not be taking client's money.

Lisa allowed Jade's dignity to be destroyed by the next individual... Lisa could have left her with a probation, which would affect american travel, bruising her career more. What a disaster of a lawyer... she never cared at all. 

It is a lawyers job to defend, not prosecute. Danny said, if he had of been there from the start, he would have had everything withdrawn right away. Lisa would talk about what a good lawyer she was, but she was nowhere near, lacking life knowledge, experience and skill. A law society investigation and law suit is in the works for Lisa. Hopefully, more people won't waste their money with Lisa.  Danny Kayfetz and Daniel Kirby are incredible lawyers who know that they are doing, are familiar with the politics and police misconduct. 


jahmal cameron

As per the upcoming exclusive news story; Jahmal Cameron breached multiple codes of conduct when he degraded, and harmed Jade's dignity in court by using her perpetrator as a character reference. A probation officer is always supposed to act truthfully, honestly and in a way which does not degrade, humiliate or interfere with the dignity of people in their care.A probation officer must also always be willing to investigate and be open to evidence.

The probation officer refused to listen to the girl when she advised that one of her references was her perpetrator, previously reported to the police. In court she was humiliated when he allowed her perpetrator to slander her in court. The probation officer then doctored her other references statements, one being one of Canada's power book top earners, who was one of her investors, who said she was always polite, friendly, normal, and very kind and compassionate. The probation officer wrote that she harassed him too. The millionaire had to have a notarized letter prepared which explained his anger in being deliberately misquoted.

The girl was in tears on her sentencing day, where no one would believe that a probation officer would do something like this. She hired a new lawyer, who believed her and has since filed a human rights tribunal for discrimination against women, where she asks that the probation officer is placed on modified duties of or not be in charge of writing the reports and that he makes a $200,000 donation to a charity which supports women after trauma and abuse. 

The girl has since hired a new lawyer, where she learned that she should have never plead guilty to her charge. The report was no longer used in court and charges dropped when lawyer proved what a kind, nice character she was." 

Luckily, Jahmal and his report went nowhere for Jade, since with enough fight, and Veteran lawyer; Danny Kayfetz, she was able to get the charge dismissed and prove her kind heart to the judges. A Human Rights Discrimination against women law suit is going on in the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, as of December 2017. The case is going on against the Ministry of Correctional services for Jahmal Cameron, employee... and Jade says she want's the winnings to go to a charity that supports women after violence. 

To point out; there are always ethical/moral rules that an officer of the court must follow and no discrimination should be done against a girl. If you read to the code of ethics of court of the officer/public servant, must have, it's to investigate, balance conflicts of interest, act with dignity and equality and they can lose their job if they discriminate under the Human Rights Discrimination code.

Jade's lawyer thought it was important to say that Jade doesn't have any opposition to Jahmal's support of orgies, sex clubs, rape fantasies, or risky sexual lifestyles. What Jade's issue is, refers to his supporting those things when acting as a government employee. The vast majority of people don't like that, so he needs to ethically allow her to have her perpetrator removed from the report or allow her to mention in the report the reasons why they broke up. Again, this does gear towards the ministry for not informing Jahmal of this. Rape and sexual violence should never be supported by the Government. We should never give them that much power, or they will repeat it again.

Jahmal was not ethical and there is a code of ethics that probation officers have to follow. They also cannot discriminate against women and they must investigate, not refuse evidence. Especially when peoples cases rely on their work. Jahmal was hired to write a report but was incapable of the simple task. Jahmal was a government hired professional who doctored the statements of a well known millionaire who, who can be found on the canadian top earning CEOS; founder of a well known pharmaceutical company, and who is a best friend of Jade, who helped her through her depression, giving her over $30,000 and always texting her how she is a normal, kind and compassionate, person and very talented and very cute and deserves her career more than anyone and Jahmal wrote that she harassed him too. This same man even paid $10,000 for her legal fees to correct the damage that Jahmal had done. Jahmal also used her perpetrator, which completely destroyed her dignity, allowing him to slander her, despite her offering evidence of the assault beforehand. It was all done deliberately to make Jade's day in court more difficult. Imagine the loss of dignity. 

He was a "cocky" officer, who refused to apologize and kept telling her references and her that it was up to him to decide what would go into the report, over and over. 

He also allowed her perpetrator to degrade her suffering of Depression and PTSD. Those around her could see that this was not made up and they tried to do everything they could to help her. Jade had 8 witnesses to her traumatic state as well as a psychology report proving that there was a validity scale, which makes it impossible to fake or increase symptoms. It is all in Luke's law suit. Jahmal would have made things easier on himself, Erica, Luke, Jade and not exhausted the court process by simply removing her perpetrator and writing a truthful report. Psychologists were concerned with how this probation officer would use the ex boyfriends statement to have any factual basis.

She felt that many girls could have their dignity stripped from them if that specific employee is not retrained. Many women could received criminal records where unneccesary or go back into abusive relationships, or even all into self harm, substance abuse or suicide. Jahmal was telling women that they deserved to be abused. Many young girls can't even afford lawyers and must rely on legal aid. 

Plaintiff believes without a doubt that Jahmal Cameron did not like her and deliberately wanted to inflict harm on her because she was a girl. For whatever reason, he didn't believe she was assaulted, or he felt that it didn’t matter, or that she deserved it. He felt to change other references statements and give an overall very inaccurate report, meaning that he should not be in the position that he is in. As a Government employee, one is held to a higher standard and tax paying citizens do want to know that they are paying for the right, ethical and capable people to be in the positions.After the court date, Jade called Jahmal to ask why he would alter her references statements, where he responded; "firstly, what happened at the last court date?" Eager to know the results of his damage.

The case is currently in the Human Rights of Ontario Tribunal and Plaintiff asks for;

• $45,000 - Punitive damages.

• $200,000 - made as a donation to a charity that supports women after trauma.

• Letter of apology and promise that Jahmal Cameron will never use a girl's alleged perpetrator as a character reference again, will always be open to evidence and investigating, and will not discriminate, causing the girl to feel victimized in court, and causing a loss of dignity.

• More training, or a modified position at the Probation Department, where he is not in charge of writing the reports.


detective erica wester

They say that there is a special place for hell for women who don't help other women. Erica was friends with Luke Halstead's friends at the 41 division, and acorrding to sources, a very confused officer. She would not allow Jade to make reports and had Jade falsley arrested for forgery on purpose to help out Luke and his friends and Jahmal. Right after he was served, he told Erica he wanted Jade arrested. Erica risked a law suit and her own reputation to assist Jahmal and Luke. The charge was later withdrawn by the crown who said it was a malicious arrest and that he could tell someone was after Jade. No character analysis was ever done, and the conduct of the individuals were very poor, and the charge was unimportant, having no monetary value. 

It just goes to show you that even when people try to do bad things, it always gets exposed. Erica is stuck with a law suit for helping out some friends. It was clear she was friends with his friends, simply because of the way she acted, very outwardly sexual with other officers at the station. She seemed like the kind of girl Luke would go for. It's difficult to see Police not act professional while on the job.

When people found out that Erica had written up 200 pages of what she thought was evidence, they found it moronic.  With everything Jahmal and Luke done to her, Jade was shocked that a female officer would facilitate the ex boyfriends Public mischief. Her lawyer Danny Kayfetz and Jade, even tried to tell her  prior to the arrest that she would be liable if she charged Jade, but the Detective refused and thought it would be a success, then the senior crown agreed to drop it right away. It was always shocking to Jade that all of these detectives would risk law suits for her. 


bad men/the string

Jade then started dating for the first time in her life. For her, it was a way to distract herself from the pain of her career; however, her low self esteem, led her to some very bad men. 


adam wylychenko

Adam was a Toronto based investment banker living up the bachelor lifestyle, not caring what girl he hurts, admitting in writing, to sleeping with ten women in a 2 year period. Everyone she told, felt so bad for her. Jade could not speak about what happened to her without breaking down into tears up to a year later. There was no worse feeling than being treated like trash. 

Jade expressed that she had gone through trauma and that sex was special to her. Adam agreed that he did not want hook ups with her and agreed with her that they will be in a relationship. After sex a few times, he just blocked her and she felt so hurt and discarded. Lots of quick meets. never any proper dates, just promises to have more free time soon.

A good man would never block a girl post intimacy a few times. He was raised better than that. Adam then lied and said that Jade ruined his career and cost him money, being sent home from work, when he was really promoted. Adam wanted to give her a double dose, by going further in harming her than just using and blocking. 

"Adam was the 1st boyfriend Jade I had. We met on line and I insisted if we were to proceed it had to be serious committed relationship.

After saying that I was everything he wanted in a girl; beautiful, soft spoken, talented and thin and telling me he was happy with me, I was blocked, abruptly. This hurt me. We were intimate by this point, numerous times and I had every right to confront him. Adam did not care about my feelings or emotions and brushed me off like having sex with him shouldn't have mattered at all. Men always try to downplay the relationship, in terms of amount of time spent together. Adam always wanted to convince me that most girls were okay with casual sex, but I knew this wasn't true and that I was perfectly normal to expect respect, safety and security after making it clear to Adam that was what I wanted in order to move to a sexual area. I proceeded asking questions and he agreed to meet me and give me the closure

We never met cause he lied. Adam also could not be seen in public with me... he would ask for tables in the back and he would say he can't go out because he would get sun burnt. 

So I have a message for those who believe Adam was victimized; Imagine yourself or your sister or mother being in a relationship with Adam, have sex, being entered multiple times, performed oral, risking STDs as Adam had multiple sex partners, then blocked. Then expect of yourself, your sister or mother to go on like nothing ever happened. Expect to be very happy despite of what had happened. This is what you who believe Adam was victimized are suggesting I should be like." - Jade Naraine 

A good man will end the relationship in person and nicely talk about why it won't work and will always be her friend to make the transition easier. But he will have been faithful and loyal the whole time they were together. Adam made it seem like most girls are okay with casual sex, but she knew he was lying since a few days later he said he knew she would react that way, since he's been through it all before many times...

Jade was also new to online dating and was very sheltered, having no parental guidance or any father to protect her or prepare her for dating and men. Her psychologists have said that many stunning, really nice girls are being ghosted, blocked or used by men they are meeting online. Jade says when she met Adam, she was using the site for real dating, she didn't understand that it was a hook up site or that girls dealt with so much abuse. That was what fuelled Jade most to post the warnings. When her psychologist told her many girls are going through this, she felt that what gives a man the right to use a beautiful girls body and dump it like trash. just because the didn't have a good father or didn't know much about dating and is naive, hurting women's emotions, mind and confidence is excusable? Jade's psychologist said that those girls are being ghosted after sex the first or second time and knowing them for a week or two, and that Adam blocking Jade after 2.5 months was very disrespectful. Many girls develop emotions after just knowing a man for one month. 

Jade began asking friends if they thought any of the men who hurt her will ever apologize, not that she cares, but the thought came to her one day that maybe the men will one day show remorse and understand how bad she felt, and he said maybe when they are a lot older and mature, but most likely not, because some men are cocky, poorly raised and lack basic remorse sensors. They would realize the damage and pain they put girls through when they break promises, lie, use, take advantage of.

Who knows though, perhaps one day the men will become better ones and become honorable. 



Jade then met another man, who more or less, was dishonest, an executive at salesforce. After taking her to lavish restaurants and spending thousands on dates, bringing balloons for her to do photo shoots, and telling her she was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen and how he could not believe she was with him, he was so puzzled by it because she was so pretty... he demanded she remove their photos together, after already giving permission after one date at the Christmas market together, explaining that it has to be that way for now for at least six months, co workers are laughing at the photos and printing them off, a coworker had to be fired for printing off the photos and putting them on everyone's desks at work...they had done this before according to Michael... and he cannot explain why. But wait... she entered the relationship with heavy persistence by Mike, when Jade wasn't even interested in a  second date, delaying it... until she decided to go and got to know Mike more and started to develop feelings, and her only wish was that they could take photos together.

Prior to this, he had said he wanted to bring Jade to meet his friends at work, so they can see that she was real, so Jade was confused. Jade assumes people laugh because he's known to go through women, as he claimed to be used for cc's and money in the past and cheated on on the wedding day. He took it all out on her. Why else would it be so funny to be in photos with your beautiful girlfriend? It was so absurd to people she spoke to, why a coworker would print off the photos and take effort to put them on everyone's desks and why that would affect him so much. No other man could understand why, unless he was playing the field. It was very immature and not the behavior of a real man. A real man would be proud to have such a beautiful girlfriend.

After further investigation, he was hiding his Instagram, changing usernames a few times each day and was being dishonest, so Jade knew this was not what she wanted, still hurt that she was used again. He was following porn stars and escorts on social media and had a stripper as a friend. Jade wanted a real man who could build a relationship on trust. He always complained about being used by women and it was shocking that he did not want a pure girl. "I think a lot of us date the same type until we learn. I think he went back to the same types who use him for money. I remember I bought him a nice gift for his promotion, his favourite candy and treats and clothing line. It was all a joke." She never cared about his Porsche.


 luke halstead

Jade then met one more man who lured her into Polyamoury, sex clubs, drugs and disease/ A life she never knew of or wanted. 

At the end of the relationship, she was assaulted by him, where he claimed other women loved being beaten during sex, admitting to breaking their bones during sex while beating them with paddles. Luke was a sadist it would seem. All of his alternative looking "queen st" women and partners came out and told Jade that they were his life partner and meeting his friends and family. That they were in love. They all had photos with Luke. Luke denied it all, even though the girls had photos with him. He claimed it was him at first who wrote it, to convince her the underground community of orgies sex clubs, violent and risky sex, drugs, and swingers was a good thing, then changed it to it was a friend, until the photos showed up and he got angry and denied it and called Jade crazy.

He was a chronic liar. His wife had met him on a swinger website, they all knew about Jade before he met Jade. He was passing along infections, which he had fishy odors on his penis which was from having sex with other girls the same day who had bacterial infections. Then it was Jade who was crazy. Pretty little Jade who never wanted this life.

Luke then texted Jade that he had good friends on the police force who can make things bad for her, so he denied signing a reference letter, he offered her for something she needed for a law suit, so she was falsely was arrested for forgery. The charge was withdrawn and a law suit was opened against Luke for slander, lying to a court officer, and public mischief. Luke is also being privately prosecuted for sex assault. EMS was notified to ensure that Luke Halstead is never able to testify in the court of law. This was serious. Lying to the court is something a paramedic cannot do, but he chose to have his friends process fraudulent reports, deny signing things and slander Jade.

Jade's psychologist said that Polyamoury is mental illness. Jade was sent a dirty email from his wife, from Luke's email account to a friend, with 12 lewd women Luke was having sex with, stating something very vulgar about them. "so many good little girls, sometimes my cock needs a break." It was clear that all these poor girls were very insecure or abandoned, why they would be sending their beautiful bodies for a man to laugh at and use.

"Luke covered my mouth during sex, told me to be a good girl and after sex, my vagina was swollen. He attempted to stifle my cries of pain from his mother who lived upstairs. The reason we are undergoing private prosecution is due to his close ties on the Police force. He had two past convictions for drug distribution and assault. I should have never overlooked such severe offenses. Luke was so abusive, emotionally and mentally, calling me horrible names. saying I am not trustworthy, Luke even wrote to me as other women in hopes of getting me to agree with the poly community."

Luke was often broke and said he had only $70 for the week or could not get anything at tims, collecting change for gas, so Jade took him to a nice restaurant to eat, and bought him tea. Again used...  eventually it came out that he is still in the lifestyle of sex clubs, stealing sleeping aids from his work, drugs and never agreed monogamy was better and that he wouldn't get into a monogamous relationship if he didn't, as he claimed at the start. He then said Polyamoury was better, right after sex, when Jade was most vulnerable. 

It still angers her how disrespectful it was. Can you imagine having sex with your boyfriend who just had sex with another girl with a bacterial infection and then subjecting you to horrendous physical pain? Maybe his crowd is okay sharing bacteria, but she NEVER agreed to that. Let’s remember that before sex, he was “divorced” and “fully capable of monogamy” was kind, gentle, agreed to teach her about the country lifestyle, since she was a country artist. – it would be impossible for any polyamorous to live live without deceiving for personal gain. The seriousness of this is that he could have accidentally given her aids or permanently destroyed her body as he did her mind.

"He is not tested every time he meets a new partner and in his community, everyone has sex with multiple people and strangers. No idea of why we need morals to function and that's why I hope his son stays with the mother. It has become more than clear that he has distorted views on love and marriage and he claims every time he likes a girl she ends up being crazy, but she has a feeling the girls are normal, but after luring into his lifestyle, he views the resulting anger as crazy. He claimed Jade had no idea of normal relationship and adult behaviour but he talked like it was okay that men were meeting his wife on sites like fetlife, what kind of man would want other men releasing sperm into his wife. That alone discredits Luke as a normal sane person." 

It was disrespectful and immature of him to start a new relationship with a girl like me and expect her to be inherently okay with these polyamorous terms and living arrangements. Luke was unable to differentiate between love and sex addiction. Luke was really the lowest she went, him and his women fit the Queen st borderline homeless look, with the died blue hair etc. In seeing his girls, it was a wake up call in itself. 

Luke had heavy control on young women as when they would contact Jade, and she would inform Luke, within minutes, Facebook accounts and Instagram's were deleted without trace. He promised to "bring a universe of shit onto Jade, it would make her head spin" in a text message. And, "have people performing in the same Country music festivals, who would make things bad for her." She quit Country music, with the nightmares she had of Luke's assault and abuse. 

Polyamorous nonsense, he tried to lure her into, but really just a cover up,but really sex addiction, with a sickness who wanted to have sex with many people at the same time. One who was born out of Polyamoury and wanted to have two wives one day.

At the end of the relationship he told Jade that she had betrayed his trust, and brought his friends and family into things, this is how sick and brainwashing he was, what little mental capacity he had to acknowledge that he had betrayed hers all along, and brought her into their life where his friends and family all knew who she was. She began receiving so many hateful messages from women, and people he knew from the poly community. Luke thrived on making girls feel like they are betraying his trust. He loved to brainwash to be the dominant.

The amount of embarrassment that a singer like her had because he told everyone about her before they even met. Jade felt so victimized. Can you imagine the feeling of dating someone and his girlfriends comes out at the end and says “I knew all about you, Luke told me he was going to meet you.” or his friend saying “Luke was only going to use you for sex.

Jade felt so disrespected. Not something you imagine your boyfriend doing. 

"He always plays the victim, but he told me we were monogamous. he told me I was 100% safe and exclusive, before sex, but he already had life partners. I never knew this, but he did and he knew I attached a bond to sex and would be hurt, specifically bare sex, which is closeness that a girl would only want to share with her boyfriend who loves you. that’s why he’s the predator and liar and I’m the victim and nice, loving, honest girl. Why would he go around stealing the intimacy of sex from girls, destroying their mental and physical health. There were all these dirty girls waiting, ready and waiting. Luke said girls liked violent sex. Why me?" - Jade

"He is truly not well and all the girls who contacted me asking me if I wanted to talk. They are so gross, why would I want to talk to any of those weirdos. I always cringe when I see men with two girls. They need help and they should stop trying to make their mental illness to seem normal to us all." - Jade

Good men know that its ridiculous and disgusting and would never work, and isn't fair to anyone, sex clubs are dirty, or drugs. That was what she wanted. A good conservative, traditional man, who wasn't conformed to the new "Everything is okay, don't judge mentality. 

It was victimization. There are so many stupid girls out there who give their bodies to men like Luke but hopefully they see his posts. Luke was a deadbeat and Jade's producer often asked her why she wanted to be with one, when she was so beautiful. "Jadey, why do you want to be with a deadbeat, hunting silly girls online" Luke also collected photos. Every woman he met, he would ask to pose with his gun so he can show friends.


detective maureen trueman (chronic misconduct and pile up) - very political 

"I desperately need your help.

Unlike other crimes, women who are victims of sexual assault and rape, don't just suffer for the moment. Women who are victims of sexual assault suffer for the rest of their life. The impact of the events will follow them in their daily thoughts, life, and relationships. Sex crimes are the worst kinds of crimes and unfortunately the one where most of the men who commit them are never prosecuted, so the victims never get to see a day in court. Crown attorneys and Detectives, decide that he girl is lying, deserved it, or that no one will believe her, before her perpetrator is even charged for his crimes he committed on her. They try to find every way that the woman is not credible and will ignore all of the ways the perpetrator is not. The perpetrator can evade law suits, commit public mischief, it can be obvious that the man has violent sexual habits but still they will decide that the jury will not consider the girl credible but fail to see her honesty.

There are many women, who as a result of sexual assault often fall into drug use, self-harm, or they are ashamed of sex, as the law turns a blind eye and rushes to brush them off. They change their careers to start over. All of this disturbance is caused and the perpetrator gets to go on living his life, encouraged to do it all over again. Why not? no consequences, no punishment. Men don't understand the mental and emotional pain the woman must endure for her life and women don't understand it, they have been through it too. Once a woman is raped by her husband or boyfriend, and hides it for many days, weeks or years, to seem normal among her friends who seem to have good husbands and boyfriends, then she will truly know the feeling. Women are told they should sue civilly, instead of prosecute criminally, because it's easier, but women don't want their perpetrators money. Women don't want monthly support payments for their ruined life. They want the sex assault to follow their perpetrator around for life just like it follows her woman for life. Some of the most violent sex assaults where the woman is heavily injured and nothing is being done. Something needs to change and we need your help. All victims with a reasonable amount of evidence and or witnesses need to be able to report their sex assault to police or to a prosecutor and know that they will get their chance at justice. It isn't fair for crown attorneys or Police to decide on your fate. The police most importantly need to put more cases through, and if they don't, when there are reasonable grounds, they can be liable for a negligent investigation. So those who have filed, and their cases have been "unfounded" should file a formal complaint. Often times, Police and crown attorneys are wrong. They arrest people falsely believing they have enough evidence, or they prosecute someone and the person is acquitted at trial. Most of the time, they use inflated and overblown allegations, to make them seem somewhat serious, when in reality, they are jokes. The only way for a woman to get justice is at a trial in front of an unbiased judge and jury. And believe me, a judge is by far the most amazing human beings and the only hope to justice for a sex assault victim. Many Detectives and Crown attorneys, refrain from prosecuting, because let's face it, they make exactly the same salary, working more or less. The only way we can create change is by coming together and proving that change must be done through complaints, Judicial reviews and the media.

As a social justice for women activist, I have launched two formal complaint against Detective Maureen Trueman who neglected my case for many months despite that other Police officers, psychologists and lawyers said she had a reasonable probability that the crime took place, and a very strong and compelling testimony in which the Police should have laid charges.

A potential review for the crown attorneys; Sean Doyle and Christine Jenkins who blatantly who's decision not to prosecute were heavily influenced by Detective Maureen Trueman, who neglected and refused to interview the witness, apologized to me in writing for being ignorant, her own words, led to a miscarriage of justice for myself, a victim, leading to a breach of public trust.

The perpetrator was a paramedic, who in writing, affirmed close friends with police at 41 division, who would without evidence, process fraudulent reports, resulting in my arrest, only to all be dropped months later, due to not enough evidence. He also said they would do everything they can to protect their "buddy," and as a result the original police report was neglected for 7 months and swept under the rug.

When I contacted the Police station, on the 9th month, to find out the status of my investigation, the sgt. advised that me, the investigation was still open, but that the Police seemed to have forgotten about just mine, as he saw that all of the original Detective, Bruce Conners cases were reassigned, due to him being ill for several months. Isn't that convenient... His partner should have taken over; Maureen Trueman.

Most people don't know that victims have the right to start a Private prosecution. The private prosecution route was meant for people who have experienced negligence and or malice from the Police, so that they could present their own evidence and seek justice independently, but crowns are still working with the police and therefore it is vital that Police changes are executed.

Crown attorneys are always supposed to think separate from the Police, but Maureen Trueman, interfered with the prosecution and said a bunch of bad and untrue statements to the Crown, which were proven to be false. When Police, like Detective Maureen Trueman or crowns are concerned with sexual assault credibility, what they fail to see is that true unfounded cases, which arise from malicious or mistaken reports, are rare. Between 2 per cent and 8 per cent of complaints are false reports, according to research from North America, the United Kingdom and Australia. The Globe's findings suggest that police in Canada are closing a disproportionate number of rape cases as unfounded, a phenomenon that distorts the country's crime statistics. It is so easy to blame the girl for why she was sexually assaulted or to give the perpetrator the benefit of the doubt; however, this is very damaging to society. The victim should never be blamed, especially in cases where there was no drug or alcohol use, and she was in a safe indoor place with someone she thought she could trust. It is not fair to say that the girl "asked for it." Fewer than one in 10 victims report their assault to police. This is why it is very important to process the cases ones who do come forward. Even if the perpetrators other victims do not come forward, once he is caught, he will be less likely to repeat the behavior again, which will positively help society. I have received public scrutiny for being sexually assaulted. People have said I am tainted and unusual. My own grandmother and friends tried to encourage me not to go to the Police to avoid more embarrassment, but I came forward for the right reasons, only to find out my case was neglected. It seems like they were right, unfortunately...
Why did I start this Petition?

I hope to fight to make the system better for all victims of sexual crimes. The crowns are failing, but most importantly the police are failing so many women. I allege that I was sexually assaulted by my boyfriend at the time; Luke Halstead but he has still not been brought to justice and therefore, they have failed. My Detective and the Crown have decided that I am not credible, based soley on my sending previous boyfriends too many non-threatening text messages, post breakup asking why they would be so mean, which I am sure many girls and guys have done before. They have failed to see that I am honest and that any issues I had with previous boyfriends and texts, was only in support of my being very abandoned and very vulnerable. My perpetrator targeted abandoned girls and I knew he would do it again, because he never stopped looking. While I have gotten help, so that I will never be in a vulnerable situation again, it's too late. The damage my perpetrator has done is there and will be there for many more abandoned girls, he targets, as in many ways, the law has indirectly given him great power and told him that his actions he did to me, were okay. On Jan 24th, I was surrounded by paramedics, and some great members of the Toronto police and psychologists who told me that my testimony was one of the most saddening and compelling they had ever witnessed and that there are people less credible than me who have had their sex assault cases taken seriously. On an ongoing basis, I have received threatening emails from my perpetrator, harassing YouTube comments, emails to my place of work, costing me opportunities; such as radio play and television appearances... all of this because Police would do nothing about it. Despite my sending all of the emails and messages to Detective Maureen Trueman, she still moved more on the perpetrators side and refused to investigate, even unethically becoming the Detective in charge of my perpetrators fraudulent complaint against me, to get back at me for filing a complaint against her. This was beyond devastating. I felt raped and then degraded all over again and I think if more people know this, that action will be taken against her.

There have been bad days where I have felt like dying, and I can't sing for too long, without feeling pain but I have always been strong. I think it's better to fight for justice and raise awareness instead... so for all women who go through this, it's not worth it to give up, because the law will move on without you and continue to deny sex victims any justice. I wrote a song called; Princess for women who are dealing with abuse. I hope it will help them to keep going and not people tear you down. You never deserved what he did to you... no matter what the Police, crowns, he or anyone says or does. My heart bleeds for women who commit suicide or turn to drugs or alcohol after being sexually assaulted. Please don't do any of those things. I myself, have found it unbearable to focus on my career. I had to leave my career as a country artist behind, after devoting all of my time, passion and money into building it. I know it's hard to cope, but you have to be strong. I blame the system and I will help make change. By signing this and leaving your comments, you will be making change, as this petition will be shown to a judges as part of pressuring the Police and to take action in my case and in many more complaints in the future, and remember, often seen driving by "To serve and Protect" actually means, "To harass and collect." - Jade Naraine

"Sending a previous boyfriend many texts after a break up, is not a defining factor in whether or not a girl is credible for a sex assault. The perceived credibility from the crown and Police is wrong and irrelevant." - Lawyer Raj Napal

As employees held to a higher standard and paid via public tax dollars, we need them out of positions they are incapable of. We just need overall change for women and sexual assault in the Canadian legal system."
*Please help Crown Attorney's do better work, if they are not willing to prosecute some of society's most dangerous predators, why should we be paying them to be in the positions they are in? Especially Deputy Crown Attorney's.

Formal Complaint against Detective Maureen Trueman and 53 division was filed when she failed to investigate Jade's perpetrator, though lawyers advised that she had enough evidence.

For: Poorly conducted sexual assault investigation with various code of conduct breaches.

Victim: Jade Elizabeth Thelwell "Jade Naraine"

Perpetrator: Luke Halstead

Please note that prior to Bruce Connor becoming ill, there was no issue with the investigation. Bruce Conner seemed to be engaged in the investigation, polite and responded to emails and phone calls in a timely manner.

On March, 2nd, a sexual assault and sexual assault causing bodily harm was inflicted on Jade Elizabeth Thelwell by Luke Halstead. (Exhibit A)

The evidence that we had in addition to grandmother's statement. (Exhibit B)

Please see Martin Lask witness statement. (Exhibit C)

Please see Mike Dmitrovic statement. (Exhibit D, D2)

Please see medical record reporting pinky colour from vaginal bleeding caused by tearing. (Exhibit E)

Please see psychology report diagnosing PTSD and Depression due to sexual assault. (Exhibit F)

Please see statement of Jade Elizabeth Thelwell, outlining sexual assault. (Exhibit G, G2, G3, G4, G5)

Please see victims statement of Jade Elizabeth Thelwell, outlining back story of the relationship. (Exhibit H)

Please see medical record for heart racing, dizziness after a nightmare replaying the sexual assault. (Exhibit I, I2)

Detective Maureen Trueman did not treat Jade equally, but instead acted in discrimination with respect to Police services due to Jade's ethnicity of partial African American ancestry and disability of; PTSD, Depression and abandonment illnesses, where the Detective Insulted Jade, insinuating that her sexual assault did not happen, due to Jade's irrational behavior, refusing her witness or further investigation as a result. Police services have been known to discriminate against people of African American ancestry and many cases have been founded in the media. Jade was recently approached by the Globe and mail regarding talking about her experience with reporting her sex assault to the Police and is considering talking about it, to raise awareness about how sexual assaults are handled, especially for girls who are mentally disabled and don't react "rationally" according to the detectives. Plaintiff knows she was sexually assaulted and it is natural that her pain would fuel activist recourse.

Section 10 of the Code defines “disability” as:

any degree of physical disability, infirmity, malformation or disfigurement that is caused by bodily injury, birth defect or illness and, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, includes diabetes mellitus, epilepsy, a brain injury, any degree of paralysis, amputation, lack of physical co-ordination, blindness or visual impediment, deafness or hearing impediment, muteness or speech impediment, or physical reliance on a guide dog or other animal or on a wheelchair or other remedial appliance or device,

a condition of mental impairment or a developmental disability,

a learning disability, or a dysfunction in one or more of the processes involved in understanding or using symbols or spoken language,

a mental disorder, or

an injury or disability for which benefits were claimed or received under the insurance plan established under the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act, 1997.

A disability may be the result of combinations of impairments and environmental barriers, such as attitudinal barriers, inaccessible information, an inaccessible built environment or other barriers that affect people’s full participation in society.

Jade's psychologist diagnosed her as having Abandonment, PTSD, and Major Depression. While these illnesses to not interfere her general ability to function and communicate with people in an intelligent manner, in day to day life they do have cause some impairment at more difficult times. Two of Jade's psychologist further explained in detailed reports that these illnesses can cause severe mental impairment in every area of one's life; ie, in terms of processing emotions, reacting appropriately, logically, and rationally. Jade's psychologist also confirms that Jade's behavior after the sexual assault lined up exactly with how one with the disabilities would be expected to behave after a sexual assault. Jade said that she felt very hurt when she was brushed off the phone by Detective Maureen Trueman, witness refused, and called irrational. Jade immediately sent an email to Bruce Conner wanting to close her case because Maureen made her feel "really bad" leaving Jade to believe Luke's friends at 41 division had also influenced Maureen; however, a couple of weeks later Jade reopened her case by sending an email to Bruce Conner. Detective Maureen should have been interested in a professional opinion of a doctor.

Note: Maureen Trueman did apologize for being ignorant, in an email to Jade; however, took no action to rectify the situation. Please see email of apology. (Exhibit J)

There is no doubt that Maureen could not clearly understand Jade, as Maureen was very quick and rushed on the phone, in which Jade felt pressured to speak very quickly.

Jade stated that she did not know how she should behaving, but that the sexual assault did indeed happen. Jade said she did not know how she should have behaved or why the Police would not believe her. Jade believes that she acted in the most rational way she could in line with her disabilities and that if she did not go to the police right away, it is not her fault that she has the abandonment disability. Jade states that she did not properly process the pain of the assault, but felt frozen. Jade states that over time, as days, weeks and months went by, the pain grew stronger along the realization that she was violated.

Further, Detective Maureen Trueman did not take into account the disabilities and impairments or show any interest in learning about, or investigating more into the post sexual assault behavior. Detective Maureen Trueman could have asked to speak to Jade's psychologist regarding the conditions and whether or not Jade's post sexual assault behavior was linear with the disabilities.

Further, a victim's disability should never interfere with her right to justice, a fair investigation and access to police and protective services and in no way, should a victim's sexual assault be prematurely "unfounded" or forgotten/neglected based on the disabilities. Due to Detective Maureen Trueman rejecting Jade's witness, the case could have never been closed as not having enough evidence. The case could have only been closed as "unfounded" which, due to the lifestyle of the Perpetrator, would leave a major safety risk to the well-being of many more women in the future.

The Rape culture is increasing and as more and more sexual assaults go unfounded, the more that men believe they can freely engage in unwanted sexual contact with women, giving perpetrators extreme power and lessening the self-worth of the victims.

There is no one correct way for a victim of sexual violence to behave. Some women, like to dress very provacative and engage in risky sex after assaults, some turn to drugs and alcohol, some repress the emotions for many years and live healthy lives as married women without the husband ever knowing, some women like to keep very covered up in choice of clothing and stay away from sex or men because they feel very afraid or bad and want to prevent any unwanted sexual attention from men. Some girls refrain from speaking about it for many years, some go to police right away. Some women have underlying emotional issues and some don't. Some women feel pain over time after repressing their emotion, some girls feel pain right away. Some girls cling on and stay in abusive relationships, some don't.

Jade could argue with a girl who dresses provocative after an assault that, how can she behave like that after what he did to her, where as a girl who dresses provocative could argue that how can Jade let her perpetrator have so much control over her, she should take back her sexuality.

There is no proper and one way for a victim to behave. Many women are very embarrassed and hope that the Police will offer them the justice they desire against their violators.Any poor behavior or ridicule should not be allowed and Detective's should understand these things when assessing victims. It takes courage for sex victims to come forward. The way Detective's treat victims as a detective is very important in obtaining public trust. Neglecting a case or interfering with it is never the answer.

2) a) 53 division acted in a disorderly manner when they mistakenly neglected and forgot to reassign Jade's sexual assault and sexual assault causing bodily harm, for approx. 6 months when Detective in charge; Bruce Connor became ill. The Detective scheduling office forgot to reassign the case. As advised by Sargeant Gray, during a phone call that took place on Dec 9th 2017; all of Bruce Conner's cases should have been reassigned. After long pause and looking into the case, Sargeant Gray revealed that only hers seemed to be mistakenly neglected. He further stated that the case was still open and that Bruce Conner left a note "further investigation required." Lastly, he urged Jade to call back on Monday to speak to the scheduling office. The negligent entering of Bruce's illness led to Jade's case being abandoned for many months, with Plaintiff sending many emails to Bruce Conner, believing he was still the detective in charge of the case.

b) Maureen was cc'd on all of the emails; however, at no time, did Maureen advise Jade that she should call to have the case reassigned, carelessly leaving Jade foolishly sending unread emails to Bruce Conner.

3) Detective Maureen Trueman did not make necessary entry to the record in entering a new "witness statement" despite that the case said; "further investigation required." Bruce Conner had concluded before becoming ill, that he still wanted to do more investigation, before deciding that the case was "unfounded." Maureen should not have
dismissed Jade's witness right away. Maureen Trueman did not know what additional evidence Bruce Conner required to complete his investigation.

4) a) Detective Maureen Trueman willfully or negligently made inaccurate statements when she advised that; Bruce Conner was the Detective in charge and not her. Bruce Conner was ill and Maureen Trueman knew that she was his partner and that the case would be in her hands until he recovers. What kind of system is it when there is no one at the division in charge of your case for months. Please see email where Maureen Trueman states to Voodoo Records intern, that she is not the officer in charge of the case.
(Exhibit K)

b) Detective Maureen Trueman made an inaccurate statement when she told Jade and Jade's grandmother that Martin Lask was not a witness. Prior to Detective Maureen Trueman making this statement, Jade was advised by Detective Bruce Conner that sexual assaults occur in private often and that people who she told first would be considered
witnesses, and further interviewed Jade's producer and grandmother. Jade was also told the same by many criminal lawyers, who said she had enough evidence to have her perpetrator charged. Please see email confirmations from two top lawyers, who state that based on the evidence Jade had, the prosecution should have went through. (Exhibit L,

This raised concerns for Jade as to the way Detective Maureen investigates her sexual assaults. According to the Globe and Mail, approximately 80% of sexual assaults go unreported to the Police out of fear of scrutiny and other reasons, and out of the 20% that are reported only 4 out of 10 are become convictions. Maureen Trueman's inadequate
investigations may be the reason why so many perpetrators get off and why many people don't go to the Police to report sexual assaults. Detective Daniel Sabadics, staff sergeant, who Jade send an email outlining her concerns and a follow up email a week later, failed to explain this issue to the Jade. Normally and according to staff sergeant at 52 division, a detective should always be willing to answer questions regarding a case, as well as provide an in person meeting to discuss the results of an investigation. After almost a year has gone by, it has become clear that the Toronto Police will not charge Jade's perpetrator. Jade and her friends and family desire answers and closure. Jade is being treated like a second class citizen due to her the discriminatory reasons as outlined above.

When Maureen Trueman is concerned with Jade's sexual assault credibility, what she fails to see is that true unfounded cases, which arise from malicious or mistaken reports, are rare. Between 2 per cent and 8 per cent of complaints are false reports, according to research from North America, the United Kingdom and Australia. The Globe’s findings suggest that police in Canada are closing a disproportionate number of rape cases as unfounded, a phenomenon that distorts the country’s crime statistics. It is so easy to blame the girl for why she was sexually assaulted or to give the perpetrator the benefit of the doubt; however, this is very damaging to society. The victim should never be blamed, especially in cases where there was no drug or alcohol use, and she was in a safe indoor place with someone she thought she could trust. It is not fair to say that the girl "asked
for it."

Fewer than one in 10 victims report their assault to police. This is why it is very important to process the cases ones who do come forward. Even if the perpetrators other victims do not come forward, once he is caught, he will be less likely to repeat the behavior again, which will positively help society. Jade has received public scrutiny for being sexually assaulted. People have said she is tainted and unusual. Jade's own grandmother and friends tried to encourage her not to go to the Police to avoid more embarrassment, but Jade came forward for the right reasons, only to find out her case was neglected.

c) Maureen Trueman also made a false statement when she said she was not influenced by Jade's perpetrator's friends at the 41 division, who engaged in a malicious arrest against Jade where plaintiff was arrested for forgery without proper investigation and signature analysis, leading the crown attorney to agree to withdraw the charge, stating that it looked like a malicious arrest; however, it was later found that this was false when Detective Trueman had attempted to inquire about the legitimacy of a witness statement, where she got into an argument with one of Jade's witnesses over the phone. The information that Jade was "guilty of forgery" was also passed along to the crown attorney in charge of the Private prosecution against her perpetrator. Maureen Trueman also attempted to have the prosecution stopped, so she could justify her lack of investigation. The forgery charge was a malicious arrest, as Luke Halstead was known to have very close friends at the division, and no hand writing sample was ever done. The crown attorney agreed to withdraw the charge. Please see confirmation email from lawyer; Danny Kayfetz as well as text message confirmation, advising so. (Exhibit M1, M2)

Please also see DNA for a back story of Jade's experience with Police. (Exhibit N) Jade speaks out about it on cp24. You may see the interview on her website, under news section or else on youtube, by following this link: - her life story is being made into a true story Holywood film, as all of the misconduct on the part of the police has captured the attention of wealthy investors and a well-known film director in Hollywood.

5. Jade's witness Martin Lask claimed that the phone call from Detective Maureen Trueman was very "weird," where he went on to say that it felt like she did not want him to attend court and she was asking inappropriate questions and trying to cause an argument. She also seemed surprised that he would be attending court. Jade's witness is a credible man, who is of a high-income bracket with no motivation to act as a witness, aside for that he remembered her behaviour when they met and wanted to come forward to help find justice for Jade. Martin Lask's disappointment with the Toronto Police was very high, stating that "The Toronto Police are not like they used to be. You used to be able to trust them, they all behaved honestly." Martin Lask stated he felt it was none of Maureen Trueman's business to ask if he gives Jade money and for what, as Martin is one of Jade's professional investors in her music career and made it very clear in his witness statement. Martin felt like it was Maureen's job to be focusing on Luke Halstead.

Maureen Trueman used her position to intimidate Jade's witness from attending court. This is believable because Jade and her grandmother have also felt very rushed, brushed off and targeted by Maureen Trueman. It was very clear from the beginning that Maureen Trueman did not like the Jade and this dislike has impacted Jade's case. Since the
Police have not helped Jade in her quest for justice, Jade has had to go other routes to try to seek justice. These routes; private prosecution and civil litigation, are both costly routes which require legal representation. Due to hefty career expenses, in prepping for a January music release; plaintiff has had to spend investor funds on a music video and multiple promo videos to be released early Jan, and press tour travel expenses. Plaintiff is exhausting her financial resources for her career with the legal costs. Jade has had a difficult time coming up with the money for the legal fees. Jade asks for these legal fees to be covered by the Toronto Police, so that she is not out of pocket for an investigation that should have been thoroughly completed by the Toronto Police and in a reasonable amount of time.

Had Detective Maureen Trueman not discriminated and done a proper investigation, then she could have seen further than her own nose, and saw that Jade was very hurt and helped Jade put together a strong case and charged her perpetrator, giving Jade a fair chance at justice by presenting the ev idence and letting the jury decide. Due to the Police not taking any action, it has made it more difficult for her to find justice. Jade would like to stop spending money on legal issues and focus on her career, but it appears that things keep coming up for her. Plaintiff asks for $15,000 to cover all legal fees associated in justice against her perpetrator. Jade would not have pursued a civil claim or private prosecution against her perpetrator, had police charged him and given her a fair chance at justice. If her perpetrator was acquitted, Jade would have possibly pursued a civil law suit against her perpetrator, but that would have been many months away, which would give Jade some financial breathing room to focus on her career.

The memories of the assault are still something and will always be something that will be a part of plaintiff's life. Being discriminatory and costing plaintiff excess financial amounts was only inflicting more trauma. Plaintiff feels victimized by 53 division for neglecting her case, hurt and angry that her perpetrator is still not been brought to justice.

Lastly, on an ongoing basis, Jade receives harassing and threatening emails and messages to members of her label and to her directly. This is inappropriate. Had Luke Halstead been charged, this would not be happening. Please see some of the emails in (Exhibit O, O2,O3,O4,O5,O6,O7)

You may also see Luke's character and how he feels he is above the law in this report written by a private investigator who tried to serve Luke his public mischief law suit.
(Exhibit P)

Luke's exploitation of women email. He calls all the girls, "Good little girls" during the rape. (Exhibit Q)
Jade's grandmother has also witnessed Luke's girlfriends looking in her windows and trespassing on her property. Fraudulent delivery notices for packages, with fraudulent companies and fraudulent numbers have also been left, as well as trespassing at Jade's place of work.

An email was sent to Daniel Sabadics, staff sargeant, on December 12th to inquire about all of the above; ie, why perpetrator has not been charged, and why witness was rejected, but so far, no response has been received by Jade. Follow up was sent approx 10 days later. All of Jade's friends and family were hoping for justice for Jade and we are all disappointed by what has happened.

• A disciplinary action taken on Maureen Trueman and a letter of apology.
• Possible re training of how to treat sex abuse victims and how to investigate the cases.
• Some financial support to retain lawyers to seek justice against Luke Halstead, since Jade never had a fair and thorough investigation or for a new detective to be
assigned and process the charges.

A second complaint and law suit has been opened up against Maureen Trueman for her negligence. 

First off Maureen Trueman is a very poor poor detective... Maureen is piling on so much for herself. I know now and have concluded this so, as after what I have seen done by her she should not be believed or taken as credible or competent in her line of work. No integrity, quality, knowledge, just vindictiveness and negligence... Maureen keeps making so many mistakes. She does not and will not know until the judge tells her, because she is very very incompetent we were told today at court but Maureen doesn't see it yet.


Yesterday Jade was circled in psychologist's, therapists, doctors, paramedics and police officers all speechless and in shock after hearing her testimony of the sex assault Luke Halstead perpetrated on her and how it has affected her life. One of the psychologist's brought in a senior psychologist who had a serious conversation with Jade where they said that the Detective Maureen has really missed something here and that they would encourage Jade to become stronger because she has something big there that needs action, otherwise they have won.


The psychologist's said that they hear many sex assault testimonies and Jade's was by far one of the most saddening and compelling ones they had ever heard and that if she had credible supporting witnesses, a psychology report, and the hospital report shows that she said blood was in her vaginal secretions, then for those reasons, they demanded that she fight the Police and Luke civilly for now and win.


Danny Kayfetz also said to Jade in front of me, "What is the big deal with criminal charges for you, I know you want Luke convicted but people fight so hard to get people charged but what is the benefit? Adam had you charged and so did Chris, but what is the benefit to them in the long run? to tell friends? post your law suit when you win. Same thing. They feel good in the moment, until the charges are withdrawn or discharged. Then what? what really changes? Adam still has posts, doesn't he? Danny said be smart and focus on where you can easily win, in civil court because you will get a financial report for the rest of your life and criminal court do not have jurisdiction there to interfere." Danny said, stay quiet, win them, post them online and that's that.


Jade is realizing Danny's logic and believes in this now. Jade just wants to be treated normal like an equal, so that is why she will still fight Police in the courts and media to remove Detectives like Maureen Trueman from the Police force. George has concluded though, that the crown is still open to prosecuting Luke if within 12 months, Jade's lawyer can provide the clarifications to all of the discrepancies found anywhere through the out of date court transcripts and the updated withdrawn charges, as those were the main things giving crown any doubt in a conviction. 


Everyone has concluded though, that the Police have a much lower bar when making charges and that it is unitedly believed that Jade had enough for a "reasonable possibility that this occurred."


Jade has since opened a second complaint and Judicial review against Maureen Trueman for her more recent behaviours, how her lack of investigation harassing emails sent to Jade, and Jade's work led to Jade investigating it herself and being arrested for a breach of contact and criminal harassment, though all will be withdrawn due to no evidence of harassment and Luke's provocations. The Judicial reviews/complaints are separate, one for her sex assault investigation, one for the conduct to more recently. Jade then plans on combining the two issues for the civil action against the Police, which will be the focus on the news story. I have put in list of Errors. There are more than listed, but this will be for now. 


Error 1: There is a lot of misinform in the police system and on record. Maureen was very rude again to Jade and said she's a liar because she says she's 21 on her website, but in person she says 25. She used words; "How old are you today? 21" Jade was concerned with Maureen's attitude. It is known in the music industry that famous singers and actresses often do not disclose their true ages, and even use a stage name, to stand out due to the lengthy time it takes to build such special careers. A lot of people know this, but many don't, but for Maureen to find such malice in it. 


Error 2: Maureen concluded that Mike, her producer was Jade's boyfriend due to a police report in the system fro 2015, where the the complainant made those allegations, Jade was asked to dog sit for Mike, but due to having PTSD at the time, from Lauren Hassard, Jade was unstable and therefore, when the dog would pee on the mattress or consistently on the floor, she gave the dog away to a new home. Jade then felt bad and tried to get the dog back for him.


Maureen became rude on the phone and said; a father or a boyfriend Jade?, because those two things are very different, treating Jade like she is incapable of knowing this. Jade stated, they had never been intimate, as he is too old for her. Maureen then accused her of having had lived with Mike, but she lived with me, her grandma in 2012, then on her own at the ICE condos from 2014-2016, then with me, her grandmother again until present.


Error 3: Maureen also basis fact on allegations. She has no knowledge about people enhancing stories, or removing things, to put things in their favour when filing reports. Allegations be taken as a grain of salt. In court, they thought Luke Halstead was an investment banker and they completely forgot to include Adam on the temporary no posting and contact list until the cases are closed.


- Jade has told Maureen multiple times that the breach of peace bond and harassment with Christopher was withdrawn and said to have had no merit, according to an email from  Lisa White, the lawyer she thinks so highly of, but up until yesterday, Maureen believed that Jade did breach the peace bond. 


- Jade has told Maureen multiple times that Christopher told the Police that he never owed Jade any money, but that he gave the first $5,000 as an attempt to get her to stop extorting him; however, Jade showed text messages to the judge in small claims which showed him stating in a text message that he only had eyes for Jade, the day before bringing the money, then after continuing with texting her, and agreeing to more money for the balance. Jade did not know he would sexually harass her next. Jade won in civil court.


- Maureen believes that all of these men are good men, and that everything they say is true and right and that Jade demanding that she is treated better is unreasonable; however, it has become clear to us all that Maureen, maybe due to weight is used to a lower standard when it comes to respect from a man and therefore finds blocking, sex assault, lying and playing games in the character of quality man. 


- Jade has texts between Luke and Jade where he agrees to signing a reference letter for her civil action.


Error 4: Maureen is basing Dr. Angus MacDonald's psychology report on truth without realizing that it was based on the Jahmal Cameron presentencing report, which was later found to have contained doctored character references information and was degrading due to the use of her perpetrator. Danny Kayfetz stated that the report would have to be redone. Angus never did any tests and is probably believing that the adults are doing the right things and being honest, so basing his opinion through interviewing and on what the police and probation officer said. Any unbiased psychologist who did not read Jahmal's report would have had a different opinion of Jade. 


Error 5: Failing to charge her perpetrator, then after neglecting her case, becoming the Detective in charge of the arrest for her perpetrator against Jade, causing her heavy emotional upset, to the most traumatic day in her life, which Maureen will now have to pay for financially to subject Jade to all of that abuse. Jade cried all day and said she wanted to die, repeating that she feels "degraded, not a person, and worthless."


Error 6: Blaming Jade and saying that only she is to blame for why she has all of the problems she has caused. Jade believes strongly that the only troubles she's caused which could have been prevented were when she texted Chris for her payment instead of opening a law suit right away, and sent too many texts to Adam after the break up. Jade does not blame herself for her lawyer Lisa saying the best she can get is a conditional discharge, or refusing to defend her, Jahmal Cameron doctoring her report, Lauren Hassard taking her Passport away and yelling and bullying her, or her mothers and fathers abuse.  Jade also does not blame herself for being in the situations with men she has been in. Jade was very vulnerable and had abandonment issues and claims to not have known any of this until after her relationship with Luke Halstead and since, she has not engaged in sexual relationships with any men and is aware of her emotions and what sex means to her. We cannot blame a girl who did not know she had these issues, that she had them, until she knows and continues getting involved with the same type of men repeatedly. This vulnerability and abandonment is not something to be taken advantage of by men to use to hurt the woman by using her for sex, raping her, sexually harassing her, or blocking her. Jade has also won the Passport Canada federal court review and is launching a 3.7M law suit next week. Even though, she has done some error in her life, most of her issues were caused by people taking advantage of her not knowing how life works, and going the extra mile to create harm. 


Error 7: When she met the police officer yesterday, he told her that police can trace emails. What Maureen does not know of is that emails can be traced. On top of this, she does not know that there is a thing called circumstantial evidence. Maureen told Jade that Luke sending a text from his number, stating that he knew about her Global morning show performance and implying that it was cancelled due to him, paired with emails and hostile reaction from Global news morning show, would not be enough for circumstantial evidence. It even shows that Luke is always watching Jade and her life.


This is what Jade's goal was in contacting both Andrei and Luke. Jade was receiving emails, posts and daily harassing Youtube comments, that became so harassing and clearly in Luke's writing, she had to remove the ability to make comments on her videos. The police were neglecting her case and she needed some stronger evidence. 


She always felt strongly that the emails that were being sent were from her ex boyfriend, Luke; however, there were a couple of them, which looked to have been written by past friend Andrei Korottchenko. Andrei Korottchenko and Jade were only intimate once when Andrei pushed one evening after dinner, by kissing her neck and shoulder. She told him she did not want to do anything, but claims he kept pushing her. They became intimate, but she was not ready for vaginal penetration with him at that time.  At one point she thought Luke and Andrei may have been working together to provoke her. Jade and a friend thought, lets start sending some bate to Andrei and Luke, so pretty photos of girls they would like and see and saying things they would like to hear, and if we can get it out of them, if they are harming Jade at all, in writing, that even though it was gotten illegally, we can prove that Maureen was negligent. At one time, it got out of hand where he wanted to speak to the friend on the phone, so she said to cancel it. Frustrated, Jade could not get any answers from Luke, she sent him a text message asking him to never contact anyone who knows him again and to stay out of her life and move on, as one final attempt to end the contact to her work, radio stations and TV stations. Again, this would have never happened if Maureen did her work; however, it has become increasingly clear that Maureen wanted to neglect Jade's case. Maureen never liked Jade at all. Luke finally revealed through an angry text message that he may have been involved in the cancellation of some events for her.


Maureen is also very bothered by Jade's postings against all of the individuals she has done. Maureen claims it is ruining their lives. Maureen also claims the info is false, but if any of it is false, then the men brought it on themselves by stating it in writing, some things that Maureen claims are not true about the posts. Luke said he uses all kinds of drugs and that he was charged twice, where he gave detailed descriptions. Luke also said he had no criminal record, so could have had these removed, but that's not to say they didn't happen and Jade has filed a motion to access this pertinent information in her civil matters. 


Maureen is even concerned about a posting on her lawyer; Lisa White, when in reality, lawyers are reviewed all the time, even on google, and lawyer review sites. The judge did not agree or understand why making postings about men or professionals is wrong, but agreed for Luke and Andrei, just until the case is over, in which they said she can resume. She should be more concerned with her own real media posts, than others posts. 


 What Maureen fails to see is that Jade's reputation is being damaged much more than these men. According to her producer; A paramedic, and finance professional are both not a public figures, nor do they rely heavily on radio play and television and media appearances in a tough and competitive market, to make money.  The postings, and emails/texts do not affect these men financially as well as in their position at work. It was evident that Maureen was mistaken, when she said it was ruining their careers and not Jade's. Adam was promoted to Jr. Vice, from Senior Associate. When Luke sends emails to Jade's work, and radio and t.v, what Maureen does not see, is the major affect it will have on Jade and her career. Maureen only protects those she wants, not everyone from the law, only those she personally favours and feels is worthy of legal protection. When Luke has a post and someone comments to his work about the posts, it does not affect his pay check. This is why Maureen should be focused more on the posts that Luke is doing and the emails he is sending to her work, which are having a more direct impact. Jade sent emails Luke sent to Jade to Maureen often, but Maureen simply ignored them, despite being told she was the Detective in charge of the case, and the previous Detective in charge asking for any email communications she receives which are shared between Luke and Jade. It is also not right for the Detective in charge of Jade's case to be the same in charge of Luke's. It's unethical to not have a detective on your side on the Police force, where you don't have to worry that what you say will be used against you for another case. 


Jade was always skeptical when Andrei sent her that anonymous email apologizing for his actions, and it became clear that he had only done so as an attempt to have her remove postings, if she had done any on him. It would have been better for him to apologize genuinely, for the longer term.


Jade met a wonderful and handsome Police officer yesterday, He was so nice to Jade and really helped her to understand that it's just a process. He said he knows it feels degrading to be arrested for your perpetrator by the Detective in charge of your sex assault and it's obviously not very logical for her to be ignoring his emails and arresting you for a couple, trying to find out if he's behind them, but then he said something like this:


 "Cops are not best people, if you don't already know. Not him and his partner, but most." According to Jade, he said; "I was charged for 3 counts of assault when I broke up with my girlfriend. She was beautiful but she became angry and sent me all of these texts and emails. She charged me. I was a police officer and so if you feel degraded Jade, imagine how I felt. I was acquitted and she could have been convicted for perjury or public mischief or even harassment, but I didn't want to go through with it. She sent hundreds of texts Jade, even ones which were threatening. She eventually calmed down. I was never vindictive, or hurtful towards women, born and raised by mom alone, I would never lay a hand on a girl, as you can see, how I treated you. I was very relaxed about the handcuffs and everything. I would never have her charged after I was intimate with her. It is what it is. It sucked, but I'm a man. I have to face it." Jade said that was very honourable of him. ... he went on to state that he hopes to be a plain clothes Detective soon but that he finds great value in busting drug users and dealers. He finds it meaningful that he is doing something good for the world. Jade told him what Lauren and everyone has done and he said that was why he doesn't really want to do Domestic, because he feels that the crimes are trivial and of a revenge nature and not to help with the bettering of society at all. He treated Jade so nicely, watched her dog the whole time, told her to keep calm and get through the process and then win in civil court. He said something like this I believe from what Jade said: "Do not help these people help you anymore. You are a pretty girl. You have a lot going for you. I know this will be withdrawn for you but never break the law to gather evidence. For harassment to be serious, it has to be more than 2 dates of a few texts to try to fish for something. 


Try not to post when your TV appearances are but obviously for some things like Live shows or voting and premieres, you need to let your fans know in advance. Just let Luke keep ruining plans for you and keep suing the Police whenever he does. You can sue the whole Police department if you want to. Eventually the Police will take action on your ex boyfriend for raping you and or stalking you.


You can also sue him or charge him for provoking a breach, which I suspect is what those guys were trying to do. You gave them a short term win, but you can still win." (many people agreed and said to do something because it's ridiculous to let him continue. To watch her life that closely, it's difficult to believe he has truly moved on."


Marco, one Jade's past boyfriends who came at a very traumatic time, postponed their leaf game and dinner date.  She became very upset and sent many texts. He just calmed her down, he explained he didn't want a girlfriend to have to call all the time, he wanted a girl he could casually see every couple of weeks, then she sent many more for many more days, posted him, but he remained calm, never blocked Jade and never ever went to the Police to this date. He did respond a few times, comments like he is sure it was very upsetting for someone like you to be arrested for someone like Chris Payne. And, I am proud of your new music video. It looks very nice. Very honourable and something Maureen should take note on. This is how Jade expects men to behave when they disrespect women. As nice as they can. While not a perfect gentleman, he still doesn't try to get the girl in trouble in the end.


It was overall very simple to us all. Jade's case was neglected. Maureen never really cared about it, then when she noticed complaints, movement and upcoming media coverage around her, to avoid scrutiny, she attempted to block Jade and pile up more onto her to discredit her, but she is now more motivated than ever to make the story as strong as possible and those around her more convinced that Maureen was negligent. Jade was very very hurt in this rape. She was held at the hospital for many hours due to the feelings that still surround her regarding the rape and how the situation made her feel like she wasn't a person and how the arrest represented her perpetrator being powerful and degrading her all over again. The psychologist offered to provide his assessment as further evidence for her cases against Luke.


The trauma she felt on Jan 24th, caused by Maureen Trueman and Maureen Trueman alone was very bad and something that Maureen will have to pay for, getting her to the lowest she has been in her life, a real suicidal state, where Jade was convinced she wanted to go through with it. She told the psychologist she tried to resist arrest and run so that the officer would shoot her, since she didn't have a gun. The Officer was so nice to her that he told her that he understands why she is behaving this way and to please understand that he will help her to feel as good as she can through the process and has been through it himself. 


It was a bad experience, but in it, came some good things. All of the support she felt from everyone, the psychologists, doctors, police officers, and her own heart told her that it isn't a fair fight but that she chose to start the fight, now she either has to finish the fight and play rough too, or else she should have never started to begin with. She realized in all of this that she is a fighter and will battle to be victorious in the end because she wants to be a famous singer and win all her law suits and change the world and she knows that there are many people who would miss her, who love her, like her producer and dog. Mike has cried many times on the phone, after a long period of not speaking due to Jade's stubbornness, like if Mike did not think certain boyfriend was good for her emotional health, he would refuse to do music until she finds a better one. Jade would be stubborn and for months date someone, only to call Mike at the end of it and apologize, where Mike would cry over the phone and say he worries about her all the time, like a father would, if she has money, is she safe, it's a very strong and unbreakable bond that they share. 


He said if she was ever arrested again or dates a scum bag after that Adam charge, that, he would never come to the police station again to bail her out. After Luke framed her for forgery, he was angry that he would ask a boyfriend for a letter for any case, civil or criminal after knowing him only 2 months, without ensuring signatures match on the ID and angry that she would put any kind of sketchy conversation in writing. He was angry when Jade posted her Global Morning show performance poster online before it happened and said he would never care for her ever again now that she gives Luke the ways and who to call to harm her career before it starts. He yelled, laughed and said, "be prepared for lots more Jade. You pissed off a lot of people and you found one who is almost like you, taking a stand, now he will be around for the long term, harming your life and career and you will just keep being stupid and telling your enemies when your T.V appearances are." Jade didn't think Mike would show up for her in court, but there he was in the front row with her grandmother, smiling at her, ready to bail her out. 


Jade needed to do this. Jade needed to find out who was sending the emails and stalking her life, and harming her opportunities. This is Jade's passion. She has hardly been able to feel singing passion since the sex assault. Her producer said he noticed she doesn't like to sing very long anymore, she's in a hurry to finish in the vocal booth. Jade says it's because she can't do one thing for too long without feeling pain from the sex assault. She says the during very bad days, the only time she doesn't feel it is when she watches movies or eats food.The charges will be withdrawn and she will not do it again. This is torment, just meant to make Jade weaker. She will follow the advice the Officer gave her which is to never look for evidence illegally, just let the negligence be done and then sue. 


Ever since Melissa was let go as Mike's intern, she has been very afraid, due to the experience she knows Jade to have had. Maureen asking to speak to Melissa, is ridiculous and has nothing to do with the meaningless case at hand. If Maureen has an issue with the company Voodoo Records, she can say, but she can't contact an intern, just like Jade cannot file a law suit or hold Jahmal accountable for the Ministry of Correctional services. 


I'm sorry to have sided with you at all. After speaking with everyone today, I am completely on this side and will do what I can to keep my memory as sharp as I can. I know that Maureen is heavily incorrect and does not listen to what people say. 


This will be my last email to you. I felt I needed to after the events the last couple of days to show what kind of Detective Maureen Trueman is. The law suits can be posted once completed.


the corrupt crowns (Sean doyle and christine jenkins)



Crown Attorney Impropriety

To be launched April 2018.

This is a formal complaint to the Crown Attorney's office. Should this complaint not be formally resolved, further action will be taken against the Attorney General of Canada for the actions of Sean Doyle and Christine Jenkins who stayed Jade's private prosecutions for reasons none other than not being willing to put in the extra work to clear the discrepancies and in order to justify Detective Maureen Trueman's negligence and misconduct in her failure to charge the perpetrator.

A formal complaint has also been filed against Maureen Trueman. Being next severe to murder; sexual assault cases should always be put through, with a reasonable amount of evidence or witnesses. The long-term effects on a woman, is very difficult. For many years, sometimes even life it can distort her views on men and relationships in general, especially when it's at the hands of someone you thought you could trust, who you had strong feelings for.

Jade Elizabeth Thelwell "Jade Naraine" does not want monetary compensation in this action or any personal action, as this is no longer about her own Sexual Assault, as she is seeking civil justice. Jade will ask that any monies received through any action against the The Attorney General, is to be made as a donation for a charity which supports women after trauma. Jade's goal is that by getting a judgment in her favor, the Crown Attorney's to be willing to put in the work, time and effort to prosecute violent perpetrators and defend vulnerable victims of sexual assaults, who may have more complexities, in the future for other complainants (girls). By doing our small part, we may move closer to a better justice system.

Jade attempted to report her sexual assault to Police but after Bruce Conner became sick, for over 7 months, she was advised by the Division Sgt. Gray, that her case was the only case that seemed to be neglected, as all of his other cases were reassigned. Jade called the next morning to have her case reassigned, where they told her that Maureen Trueman should have taken the case, so she will be the new Detective in charge. Jade was not comfortable working with Maureen on the case because previously, Maureen said Martin Lask was not a witness and she would not speak to him or further investigate, which caused Jade to feel discriminated against for reasons she believes have to do with her passive personality, caused by her abandonment, which cause delays in acting, which Maureen believes is irrational.

Prior to this, Detective Bruce Conner said that witnesses would still be people she told, since sexual assaults happen in Private often. Bruce said that hardly ever are there witnesses who saw the sexual activity happen and that many rape cases, there are no witnesses and it is the victim's testimony as the only evidence, so anyone she told, or who noticed her behavior would help. He further interviewed her producer and grandmother. Lawyers also confirmed the same and that Jade had enough evidence for Police to lay a charge.

Jade forgot about Martin, a stranger she had met the following day, when her and her grandmother met him for dinner to discuss a music investment. Jade had told him that she had to go to the hospital and that she was sexually assaulted, she started to cry and he noticed unusual behavior on an ongoing basis and decided that he wanted to come forward and explain what happened.

Jade was grateful for his willingness and kindness to take time and money to come to Toronto to help her find justice. Martin was perhaps the most genuine witness with nothing to gain from acting as a witness. Many people can argue a family member or close friend may be bias, but a stranger who hardly knows someone is very credible. And the fact that Jade and him lost touch from March till around June or July, when she came forward with the witness, and Jade only reconnected with him to apologize for canceling the Country music festival shows he had funded and to ask him if he would be kind enough to come forward and explain her behavior when they met, so that she can find justice, shows that she did not plan to cry or display that she was raped in front of Martin during their first meeting. Jade never had any thought to use him as a witness until much later when a lawyer asked her if she could think of anyone else she may have told. Martin, immediately said that he would do anything to help because he felt that she was very hurt from the incident and that her behavior all made sense now that she explained. Jade thought that Martin would be the most important witness and she thought it was the missing piece she needed for why Bruce Conner left a note; "Further investigation required" before becoming ill.

On,Nov 17th, 2017 Justice Shoniker was very compassionate towards Jade when she formally submitted her Private prosecution package for sexual assault and sexual assault causing bodily harm. Breaking down into tears in front of her lawyer, the Justice of the peace and her assistant, Justice Shoniker told Jade not to let her career in Country music go and showed much compassion, stating that now was a very important time for her career.

Prior to the hearing; Jade voiced her concern on how her past harassment charges would influence her case. She explained to her lawyer that she had been arrested twice; once for an Executive who owed her money, which she explained was an accident and once for her first boyfriend, which she said she was not well at the time, from the previous lingering trauma of the Executive and the arrest and Passport issue, surrounding the Executive and unaware of how her trauma (outbursts of emotion), childhood, and traditional morals would play into such an upset after being blocked after being intimate many times. She explained that Adam, he boyfriend at the time was aware of what happened with Christopher Payne and she made it clear prior to being intimate that she did not want any casual relationships, because she attaches a bond to sex and is not capable of doing so. In a series of text messages, Adam explained that he did not want causal relationship either and that he would be in an Exclusive and genuine relationship with her. All of a sudden, the day before a scheduled date, he blocked her on all social media and texting platforms. This was perhaps the worst break up style for Jade. Jade has since gotten the help she needed to have a better self-esteem, so she won't need validation, or to ask why after a break up, to not to be trusting, to protect herself, and by knowing herself and what makes her feel most comfortable and safe, abstaining from sex, she has not had any issues with relationships coming to an end ever since.

Raj Napal, her criminal lawyer stated the following;

Your issues with the law before is as a matter of evidence both irrelevant and inadmissible. Please don’t worry.

Raj Napal
Barrister and Solicitor
1 Nelson Street West
Suite 200B
Brampton, Ontario
L6X 3E4
Tel: 416-917-3255
Fax: 416-946-1646

On December 17th, 2017, Crown Attorney; Sean Doyle knew that he wanted to stop the prosecution from happening before Jade arrived. Jade arrived at the hearing with her witnesses; Martin Lask, Mike Dmitrovic, and psychologists Pamela Percy and Leila Hakim. Some of the witnesses flew in from other cities.

Sean Doyle was eager to begin the process and became thrown off a little by Jade stating that she had a lawyer who would be arriving soon. Criminal lawyer; Raj Napal and Sean Doyle got into a heated argument, where Raj was arguing that her credibility has nothing to do with her harassment charges or past and to let the Jury decide. Raj always knew that Jade was heavily hurt by this sexual assault, as Jade confided in Raj a lot about how she feels now about sex and men. Raj said he no longer defends many men charged with rape, due to integrity. "A girl who has harassed can still be sexually assaulted," he continued arguing.

Sean allowed Raj to have his way and the case was adjourned, but seemed very arrogant when he left, giving Jade a look like he knew her prosecution would never go through and they would not let her have justice for that man. Jade remained calm and did not let anything affect her that day.

Sean Doyle's reasons for staying the charges were due to fraudulent information received from Police, not double checked;

1) She's been convicted of harassment.
2) She's guilty of Forgery.
3) The perpetrator and her got into a fight in February.
4) A presentencing report was prepared.
During the time in between the first court date hearing and the adjournment date, Sean Doyle transferred carriage to Christine Jenkins.

Jade explained to Christine Jenkins the following;

- I have not been convicted of criminal harassment and as stated in the DNA, my lawyer Danny Kayfetz, is awaiting on a promise from a psychologist that I will always react appropriately after break ups, as to resolve the matter with an absolute discharge. I have really learned quite a bit about how my childhood and trauma has affected me and caused quite a bit of trouble; however, I am always going to be aware of my issues in my life and never be in trouble with the law again by not being in vulnerable situations and reacting more appropriate.

- The presentencing was not used in court and I had only plead guilty and had the report made due to pressures from a previous lawyer who had failed to review some crucial evidence. Once Danny Kayfetz took the case, he noticed many issues with the previous lawyer's work, stating that a presentencing report should have never been prepared and told me that he would be getting me an absolute discharge. Also note that the harassment charge was very minor and occurred almost two years ago with my first boyfriend and the report was also doctored; CEO of Biovail was completely misquoted and he used my perpetrator, severely breaching his code of conduct, so his report will not be used at all.

- The arrest for forgery was a malicious arrest. No handwriting sample was taken and we have witnesses to the letter being signed by the perpetrator. The Crown did confirm to Danny Kayfetz that he would withdraw the charge and that he did think that it appeared that someone was after me, due to the forgery not being of any importance, or monetary value and the conduct of the individuals involved. Luke was known to have some close friends who worked at that division, so there was a clear conflict of interest.

- There was no dispute in February and my sexual assault was reported to police before Luke filed for forgery.Perpetrator's filing for forgery was much later when he realized that I had reported him for the sexual assault and in no way influenced my reasons for reporting.

Danny Kayfetz can be contacted at: 416-879-8131, in case you wish to confirm the above facts. I have already advised him of what has happened and he said he was willing to speak to whoever, and help in any way he can, as he was also somewhat of a witness early on when the sex assault happened, so knows how I am feeling. You may also speak to the crown attorney in charge of the forgery case to confirm the withdrawal agreement. Danny estimates that once he receives the psychology report by the end of January, that he can wrap up both cases on March 28th, 2018. Danny has also advised that civil law suits can be launched against certain individuals, surrounding the forgery, so you may be able to use the forgery to our advantage, if it comes up, as it supports that Luke acted in public mischief. Danny did mention; however, that he is trying not to ruffle any feathers, as he has stated that a lot of Detectives and people are after me, so he has advised me to keep the withdrawn forgery agreement, quiet from the enemies until complete and just state that I am innocent both in law and in fact for now.

Christine Jenkins, not willing to step on the toes of Sean Doyle or Maureen Trueman, because that would put heavy negligence on especially Maureen, for not charging her perpetrator; decided she would also stay the charges. Her reasons were new;

1) Jade tried to get her perpetrator to lie to a probation officer.

2) In a previous allegation from 2014, Jade threatened to do a smear campaign on Christopher Payne to ruin his reputation.

3) She is not getting the same information from the crown attorney's officer, that Forgery is being withdrawn
4) There is just too much, the jury would never find him guilty. There is no reasonable prospect for conviction.

5) Her grandmother did not remember writing an email to Todd Higo, Detective.

The truth was in a magnifying glass of the law, everything looks worse than it is, but Christine could have expressed the truth in trial. However, Christine Jenkins was given completely false information. The information she was given was that the perpetrator had said he could only say 1 month, and that the perpetrator never asked Jade to lie as well. Perpetrator was equally dishonest here, if one was to pick on Jade.

1) Jade had an innocent request to her then boyfriend, where she had asked her perpetrator if he could say he knew her for 4 months instead of 2 months, as he had previously said was no big deal when he provided a letter for a civil matter. Jade says there was no real purpose in this, except that it may seem more normal. The Crowns have blown the facts out of proportion, as to many this is a very common thing. The Crowns even stated this to be a formal dispute; however, couples have little conversations on things daily, but in no way was this a major dispute, in which Jade would plan and execute an entire rape to revenge.

Something like the following conversation occurred, see attached for text messages records for exact conversation. This is a shortened version:

Jade: Hey, remember when I told you about the harassment charges? I just finished at a meeting with a probation officer, I used you as a character references. So if he calls you can you just say that I am nice, sweet or something like that?


Perpetrator: Sure, but I am not sure I am the best reference for you. Usually they want people that have known you for at least two years.

Jade: hmm. He didn't specify that. He just said anyone I want to use. I told him 4 months so just say that.

Perpetrator: I can't say I have known you for 4 months. I can only say is 2. If I said 4 months and they checked, I could lose my license to practice as a paramedic. We testify in court all the time so everything we say has to be precise.

Jade: Really? Most people don't care like all my friends, when I ask them how long I should put I knew them for like if they knew me for 4-5 years not sure exactly, they say put whatever 6 years if you want. Anyways no worries, I'll just let him know you don't wish to be a reference here. If he calls, just ignore it.

Perpetrator: I can't ignore blocked calls, my work calls me blocked all the time. Tell him I'm in the military.
Jade: No then I would get in trouble when he calls and finds out you are not. Plus he would never buy that. My boyfriend is in the military now? What girl would be dating a guy who is in the military and not here.

Perpetrator: He would never check or know and it's none of his business our relationship or where I am. It's not his business what relationship arrangements people have. Many relationships have to deal with Military separation.
Jade: It's okay no worries, I'll just say that you don't wish to be one anymore and try to get it removed, but if he still calls, just say two months.

Perpetrator: Okay babe. How are you doing otherwise, I can't wait to see you.
Jade: I'm good. Miss you. :)

Perpetrator was very dishonest when protecting himself. He has said a lot of false things on court documents since this incident. He has tried to cover up that he is polyamorous and so much more.

2. Allegations should never be used against someone for the rest of their life. As we know, Police always tell you that "these are only allegations." But we know it's not true. Allegations stick in the computer forever. So this is why Police have to be careful about what to include. Just like, the Police said that the exploitation of women email from Luke Halstead, was not evidence to her sex assault, unless he raped one of those girls too, it is wrong for Police to include postings and things which are not illegal in criminal allegations.

We all become angry, especially when sexually harassed. Christopher Payne owed her a balance to a music video and it was one week away.

Jade stated that if he did not provide it then everyone know that he promises investments and monies and then sexually harassing you, and if you do not respond, he will not give the money. Jade never went through with the reputational damage. She took him to small claims court and sued him, where she received a settlement. Christopher Payne did a lot to her emotionally, while she crossed the line and sent to many text messages and emails, her frustration was definitely warranted, as she was in the right.

Jade's lawyer at the time Robb MacDonald told her to plead guilty and get off with a peace bond for one year and no record, instead of going through a long trial. Robb advised her that pleading guilty would not influence her life moving forward; however, it seemed to have in this case, since the Crown Attorneys are bringing it up. Jade was truly innocent and had the sexual harassment texts been read as well as the promise of outstanding payment been read in trial, it is very possible that Jade would have been acquitted, as it was later found that Christopher was dishonest to the Police and told the Police, he never owed her any money and the first payment he gave her was as an attempt to end the extortion. Jade had texts that proved something else. Jade had texts where Christopher stated; "I only have eyes for you" the day before bringing her the first $5,000. They met at Marche, for lunch where he handed her the money, and then he was still on good terms after that, promising further investment. Jade's sexual assault should not be prevented from going through due to some allegations from a Christopher Payne who was incredibly dishonest and tried to prevent a trial from happening, embarrassed his unwanted sexts would be read in the court of law. There are many mature and kind men like CEO of Biovail who wrote letters supporting Jade in this matter, stating Chris to be childish.

Jade would never do a smear campaign on anyone. Anything she posts online is for good reason, whether reviewing a lawyer, so people don't waste the money, or reviewing a boyfriend by writing in first person, exactly what happened to her, which she can prove with text and email records. Jade always has a good intention, though she may be rebellious and take a stand, it's never with the intent to deceive.

For example; after breaking up with her first boyfriend she wrote something like;
"I met this man named Adam and he seemed like a nice boyfriend material guy, but then he just blocked me. We were intimate many times by this point. He is a very poor-quality man."

This is exactly what happened, so if smear campaign is what the men who are in denial call it, then that's one thing but for a Crown Attorney to not look at things from Jade's angle, or even check to see if the postings were truthfully based, was negligent and careless. Jade posted these to help more girls know what disaster and abuse will be coming should they become intimate with these men. Her own psychologist Pamela Percy said it was good of her to do so after seeing so many women coming in crying after the way men have treated them, which they met online. This only fueled Jade more, in knowing that she is doing the right thing. Nothing gives men the right to take advantage of naïve women.

3. We believe that the Crown Attorneys are not asking the correct Crown Attorney about the Forgery charge. The Crown Attorney in charge of Forgery has told Jade's lawyer; Danny Kayfetz on all court appearance dates that his plan is to withdraw the charge once Danny finishes the Adam case with a non-conviction. Danny has conveyed this in emails, texts and phone conversations to Jade. Jade has sent these emails and texts to the Crown Attorney's Sean Doyle and Christine Jenkins, who are all believing Jade is guilty. What ever happened to innocence until proven guilty.

Every time Jade offers evidence to her side or tries to tell Danny that the other Crowns are saying the Crown is not withdrawing the charge, he says that the Crown has not changed their position, that they have not scheduled any trial, and that they have decided not to send Jade to any handwriting specialists and have simply decided to withdraw the charge after he finishes resolving Adam Wylychenko charge.

For many months, forgery has been held over Jade's head and has prevented her in justice for her perpetrator. It is very disorganized for the Crown to tell Danny Kayfetz one thing and then the Crown Attorneys, another thing. Which is why we don't believe that is what is going on.

We believe that Maureen Trueman, who initially intimidated her witness; Martin Lask, from attending court, contacted Sean Doyle to tell him, all of the incorrect info above, and that if he was to put the charges, she would look very negligent. perpetrator has very close friends on the Police force so is well protected in this case as well, as he expressed in writing to having close "ex-army buddies" at the 41 division.

Sean, helping out a colleague, agreed to stay the charges. Once he realized he had been given false information from Police, and the situation escalated, he then transferred carriage so that a second crown could also stay the charge, in order to further support that if two crowns stay the charge, then it must be correct. Maureen Trueman was also always influenced by perpetrators's friends at the division, other colleagues in uniform, so was not going to go against the good words, even at one point stating that Luke had never been charged in his life, another major lie, as Luke had previously given two detailed descriptions of previous arrests, one as a teen in school, for drug possession and dealing, and one at a later date for assault.

After visiting 51 division, PC Lynch advised that there were many reports as well as things against him, which she could not divulge specifics. PC Lynch showed much compassion for Jade and encouraged her to file a complaint against the Police. Perpetrator described the outcomes and lawyers used, and how he felt about the charges, so it was clear he was telling the truth. He explained that the drug charges were withdrawn and assault was a conditional discharge with a 3-year probation. There was no benefit or need to make up stories about previous arrests and charges, since Jade did not ever confide in Perpetrator, as having ever been charged until after Luke confided in her.

Later on, when Christine took over, she just said that "That's not what we are getting from the Crown attorney's office" when her new lawyer; George explained that Forgery is to be withdrawn after Adam case is closed.
On February 7th, 2018, after the court date, Danny Kayfetz once again, stated that the Crown Attorney will be withdrawing the forgery charge after he finished the Adam case and that he does not know where Jade is getting her information from, but to keep things quiet until closed.

A complaint has been made against Maureen Trueman, for not charging her perpetrator, when he should have been charged. An exclusive news story is being released in the near future on this topic.

After reviewing all of the events, it is also evident that the Crown Attorneys have stayed the charges for no real justifiable reason. A good lawyer, or Crown Attorney can make anyone look good in the court of law. Some lawyers, are known to help murderers get off, some lawyers are able to turn the table around and make the victim look like a monster, a girl who has always been an outstanding citizen. According to a lawyer, there has been a case where there was a gang bang rape where the woman was found almost dead with major PTSD. The woman was a mother and had a good career.

The lawyer turned things around to make the jury and court believe this mother was a prostitute who wanted to be attacked by a group of men, and when she was not paid the right amount, she became angry and cried rape. The court bought it.

In another instance, which was made into a true story movie called; the pastors wife, a woman was charged for murdering her husband, where no one believed the woman's husband was anything but a good citizen. In the end, the lawyer was able to prove the abuse the woman endured, in her testimony, when the husband asked her to do sexual acts she did not want and degraded her on a daily basis. They did not convict her for murder. The Jury ruled innocent.

It is not to say that the Crown should act in a way which is dishonorable, but to many it is clear that harassment does not make Jade a terrible person and the crown could have helped paint a better picture in court.

The Crown Attorney's had another motive for staying Jade's charges. It was just to keep things in line, protect accountability for the Police who were protecting Luke. Staying the charges were not in the public interest, as it puts many more women at risk now, building confidence in the perpetrator. It also shows an abuse of power. The private prosecution process is not being used properly. The two-crown attorney's by staying the charges have proven corruption in the process. Many would wonder, what is the point of private prosecution if the Crown Attorney's will stay in line with the Police.

4. Jade's grandmother Doreen Rasanen, has been through so much and is 84 years of age. Doreen does not remember quite a bit. They have videotaped her leaving a voicemail for Todd Higo more recently and then asked her if she remembered sending it, about 1 week later and she could not recall, this was again taped. With all of the cases, traumatic events for Jade, and her own old age and life, working on two books, memory can be a little bit off.
Jade also knew this prior to going into the Police station to report her assault, which was why she told Bruce and Maureen to be patient and just understand that she may not be the best witness, she may also, be overwhelmed. Jade also excluded her grandmother from the Private prosecution package with the advice of her lawyer; Raj Napal, because he stated that she might ruin it for Jade, with the lack of memory of important details. He also stated her to be a little bit off, trailing off topic. Often Doreen has very strong opinions on things, like disease, so at some points during testifying at the station, Jade realized she was more focused on the minor infection Luke had given her, than the seriousness of the violence. Doreen has provided a signed letter stating that she is sorry for any forgetting she had done in the past and not to take that out on Jade.

This is another thing that made the rape so horrible. Luke Halstead had coerced Jade into having unprotected sex, which she had never had with any man prior, she felt as if Luke had stolen that closeness with a boyfriend from her in the most violent way.

This goes to show that Private prosecution is not a separate course for complainants who have had their sexual assaults neglected by Police or endured misconduct. Everything is connected and if the Police do not make charges, most likely, neither will the Crown Attorney's and they will keep changing their reasons, over and over again, until action is done.

It is clear to George Gray, Raj Napal and many other lawyers, that the Police and crown had enough evidence to lay the charges.

"Yes, it happens every day. Goodluck!" - David Bayliss Criminal Lawyer

"As you already have a lawyer, there are certain professional ethical constraints, on what advice, if any, I can provide. Suffice to say that I have seen cases wherein an individual has been prosecuted based solely on one witness's statement." – John Erickson Criminal Lawyer

"What do your previous harassment charges have to do with a sexual assault. That is so unfair like it's not even related. Do you know how many girls send their boyfriend a million text messages after breaking up like... Wow." - Lisa Xing CBC

"Police are not like they used to be. You used to be able to trust them." - Martin Lask Investor
"There is no justice system. Even a conviction is not justice to me. Men after rape should be beaten daily in prison." - Paul Bristow

"I hope the Police leave you alone soon. And I am sorry to hear about all of the misconduct. You will soon be a star and you will be able to talk about everything they have done. Everything is coming together nicely on your website and in the CP24 video. They gave you a great story. Great Passport claim. I think you have a strong case." - Rolf Reininghaus Former CEO and Founder BIOVAIL pharmaceuticals

"I agree that if the Crown played it that he lured you using your vulnerability and abandonment then the Crown could argue, the you harassing before doesn't mean anything other than her being vulnerable and sensitive, which would make this sexual assault so much more traumatizing, for a girl who is vulnerble and abandoned. They could argue with defense that the fact that you did not send Luke many texts after the break up, would show that you had an opposite reaction to that of which you had with the previous boyfriend, where you were not sexually assaulted. I think from my opinion, and what I have read and what you've told me, an action against the Police may be beneficial. It's a bit more difficult to prove crown attorney impropriety. If the Police had of charged perpetrator, it's possible your case would have been taken on by the Crowns." - George Gray Criminal Lawyer

"As I said before, harassment could happen to anyone. I could have been arrested many times in my life time if the men were as mean as your ex boyfriends. I have sent my husband and boyfriends so many texts in my lifetime. They never called the Police. Big deal. But we will work on ways to improve self-esteem because I believe that it all comes from there. When you are texting, a man asking him over and over why he doesn't want to be with you, it is about you and your insecurities and needing validation. It's sad because it's not your fault. A lot of girls do not know this, but we can fix it. Also bettering your ability to select good men and learning how to let go of things you can't change and self-soothing." - Dr. Elaina Cohen

"There is no Justice System Jade. It is something you will learn as you go through life. - Dr. Pamela Percy
"If the crowns were real crowns, they could paint you as the biggest angel in Toronto. They don't want to do the work and they are protecting other colleagues in uniform. They refuse to see it any other way. No one will go against a colleague." - Mike Dmitrovic Producer

"Only convictions matter in these sexual assault cases, I mean they would have to ask permission to bring in any other past private records, but as long as your honest when on the stand and you explain yourself, you have just the same chance as any other girl. They look for honesty, not that you harassed a guy. If it comes up, tell them how you felt when your ex-boyfriend blocked you." - Nadir Hasan Criminal Lawyer

"Non-convictions, absolute discharges and withdrawn charges. I have to double check but I do not think those matter for sex assault victims. Convictions yes those can be brought up and used against." - Daniel Kayfetz Criminal Lawyer

George Gray and Raj Napal further agreed that Jade open a formal complaint against the Police, as the crowns would be difficult, but that they believe the Police do not have a valid reason for being negligent in this matter, but they both believe that the Crowns could take on the prosecution.

They further explained that Jade is non-convicted of any crime and any allegations could have been explained by a strong and intelligent Crown Attorney, as they themselves as human beings do not see Jade as a bad person or dishonest after reviewing everything she has done, as many don't in the real world. It is apparent that the Justice system does have many holes and corruption does happen, and Media and many people have shown compassion towards Jade's story. They further advised her to pursue Justice against Luke Halstead civilly, where they feel she will have a much better chance at Justice, since none of the criminal issues will be matter there. It is still Jade's hope that a little bit of change will be done by her actions.


1) Notarized letter from Martin Lask stating his disappointment in the system and Police.

2) Text message where Luke asks Jade to lie and say he is in the military.

3) Samples of postings, which are non-defamatory and not part of a smear campaign (any excess or excessive posts may have been reposted by the sites themselves. Apparently, websites like liar's cheaters r us, or cheater report and bad biz, repost postings to other sister sites, to have people charged twice for removals. Also, if the men have dated after Jade and broken up with the women, perhaps after seeing Jade's posts, they too felt like posting. For Luke especially, there were so many women.)

4) Settlement with Christopher Payne and sexual harassment text messages.

5) All Evidence of the sex assault plus the formal complaint made to the Ontario Independent Police Review Board.
6) Evidence that her grandmother wrote the letters and or emails which she provided to Todd Higo.

7) Complaint made to Police about Maureen Trueman's excess targeting and charges, which would have been prevented if she had investigated the anonymous emails being sent to Jade's work.

8) Proof of Forgery withdrawal.

9) Tribunal against Jahmal Cameron for breaching his code of conduct, to show that the presentencing report was doctored and discriminatory against women, and even influenced a forensic psychologists opinion of Jade.
10) Info about Jade's charter rights breach which caused all of this trauma to begin with.

11) New psychology report from Elaina Cohen, who states Jade as being a nice girl, with no mental illness who will always be appropriate in interpersonal relationships moving forward.

12) Character references.

Jade has opened up a Petition to help change the way sexual assaults are handled in the Criminal Justice system and despite what happens with hers, she hopes that the Police and Crown Attorney's will start taking them more seriously moving forward.

Her lawyer; Raj Napal commented:

The perceived credibility of the complainant by the Crown and the police based on past unrelated alleged crimes by the complainant that is wholly irrelevant to her complainant of sexual assault should not have any impact on her credibility and the torment, toil and damage of that horrible experience.



detective pat (pasquale) alberga

Now facing a law suit, in 2016, he falsely accused Jade of harassing Christopher Payne, when she was trying to get the money she deserved and was rightfully owed after she was sexually harassed. Jade attempted to tell him during the arrest that she didn't breach a peace bond, but he was rude and insisted. The charge was dropped and said to have had "no merit." Christopher owed her the money and attorney Clayton Ruby said that she could have got a lot more, had she had representation. 

She also told him that her dog did not have any food at home, as she did not know she would be arrested that day and you accused her of being a terrible dog owner. Jade is very passionate about animal welfare and dreams of one day owning a dog rescue. Jade prepares meals for her dog, freshly cooked, expensive beef, chicken, veal, and turkey, on a daily basis, she doesn't leave out dry food like most owners. Jade's dog also has separation anxiety as she was adopted as a little runt Jack Russell/ fox terrier and every time Jade comes home, she almost dies of excitement. All Jade wanted was to ask your permission to phone her producer to ask him to come to the police station to pick up her condo keys, if he insisted on holding her many hours, so that her dog would not be terrified alone for many hours in the condo. He was the animal abuser, not Jade. 

What this Detective may or may not have known was that Christopher Payne's lawyer; Jeanie Demarco was sending innapropriate emails to Jade, and would forward Jade's responses to the police in hopes that they would arrest her for harassment, so that the law suit would be dismissed. 



Jade then loved herself, she learned to be wiser, she learned she was better than them and she learned she had a gift to make music and real inner and outer beauty. 

Jade has always made jokes, like Taylor Swift does, about what everyone thinks, says and does, and remained happy through everything she's been through, but underneath it all it has been hard on her and there have been lots of moments where she struggles with what happened and wishes she could go back.

"For me, I have accepted all of what has happned to me, unimaginable, but my reality, and now I want to turn it into something good, whether I can inspire social justice for women, to take a stand against bullying and abuse by the Police or Government, whether I inspire people to be strong, it all makes me feel like it's worth it."

Jade has always taken a stand and done what's right, starting with posting warnings regarding the hunters who hurt her, so that other girls who may be vulnerable, with abandonment would not be hurt. Yes, it's the parents of the girls fault for not teaching their daughter to be a smarter, careful and loving their girl, and women can go through trauma, like she did, with my passport, which makes us more vulnerable, but it's also the men's fault for taking advantage of that. Now that Jade knows what she was lacking, the sensors to detect the traits of a good man, it would be her fault if she was ever used again. A good man will teach and help the girl, not use and harm.

Her heart always bled for women who endured the mental, emotional or physical abuse these men put on her and then just raising more awareness on what real love should be, standing strong for girls, because it's tough being a girl. Psychologists and people she would meet would say good for her for posting these warnings and taking a stand. You have to be brave to stand up against abuse and you will be kicked down a lot, but it's better than doing nothing, so no matter what men say about her or post about her, she will always be happy and know that she did the right thing, saving some girls.

"So we see that men who love to victimize all these women, who do not all agree to casual sex, stick together, but one honest voice is louder than a crowds! We never lied to the man, we were honest and had good intentions to love. The man was lying, using, manipulating, all for sexual gain and in Luke's case for rape. You are ALWAYS the victim and it's never your fault. Just learn to protect  yourself so that it doesn't happen again, and you can be with the kind of man you deserve." - Jade Naraine 

Psychologists have told Jade that women have been coming into their offices crying, after dealing with men they met online, who lied to them to get sex. After Jade heard this, she was literally in tears. What gives men the right to do this? So because the girl has abandonment issues or is vulnerable, that means their behaviour is acceptable? Jade could have never victimized men as they claim, because she was nice to them and told them at the start that she was traditional and what she wanted. So, if they weren't that and they led her on and she got angry, that does not constitute as victimizing.

Again, Jade never knew Luke had life partners when he met her and told her they were monogamous... he did though... if you tell a girl she can feel 100% safe, but you have a hidden life, of course your the predator and you can team up with men all you want who will vouch like men alike, but good men and women know this is not the case.

A woman who's body is used through deceit is never the predator, she is the victim. Now men think they can threaten her to get their way, but until they apologize for victimizing all those girls and make changes to becoming better men, like her new boyfriend who has been with 3 women at 29, then those warnings will always be there. 

Jade then got the help she needed to repair the broken little girl and learn how to be the confident, girl who won't ever be taken advantage of again. 


message to girls

Remember girls: When people say you too pretty to not have a boyfriend, remember that your too pretty to be lied to and used. Don't give anything until your in a long term, respected relationship. You have to gain a mans respect and heart first. That takes time and comes with meeting the family and engagement or even better; marriage, at your discretion. The longer you wait, the better the relationship will be.  My personal opinion is to use your beautiful years to spend time with men who can help you succeed, established men. Relationships can wait until late 30s, or when you find a real prize of a man.

"Also, don't look for happiness in the same place you lost it. Look within, good things will come to you when you least expect it. Also understand that the world is not always just. Otherwise how could my story be rationally explained. In theory, the predators should be punished, but everything works out in the end. Please post all your stories and experiences of abuse. It's the only voice we have since what they do isn't against the law but without a doubt, a very damaging form of abuse.

And I will always agree with psychologists and others who believe taking a stand is the brave and right thing to do against abusers. They even asked me if I posted the infection and that Luke raped me and I said yes and they said good for me. Everyone makes me feel that posting my stories is bad, but many professionals have said it's good of me and honorable. Those sites were good sites marketed to "help a girl out." My heart bleeds for kind hearted and naive girls who are sucked in.

I've learned so much about men. Adam always wanted these quick short visits add he couldn't go out to do anything in the day time, and we always had sex, so no matter what he said about not wanting hook ups, it's what I was. There were so many red flags that had I not have been vulnerable and traumatized, I would have picked up on. A real boyfriend spends the whole day or evening with you especially weekends, doing fun outings. 

These men were never my boyfriends, they were my predators and dozens of other girls with abandonment and trauma's hunters. They are delusional to the amount of girls who are suffering in silence and seeing psychologists after being used and discarded emotionally. There is no more need to explain anything. Adam and Luke also all agree that drugs like Cocaine are not harmful and okay, because everyone uses them. They are conformed. These men all know they never had genuine intent with any girl and their main goal was to deceive for sex.

They can write all over the internet that wasn't the case, but smart people will know that it was. I hope the men learn that when they meet girls who are neglected as children, its important to understand their needs in a relationship of love and safety, that they won't be abandoned. These men should have never gotten involved with me if they were just looking for sex, especially when I was 100% specific. Very low class men living these filthy lifestyles." - Jade Naraine


more ways jade has been kind

Jade, always used to being wined and dined, also paid for dinner for Luke when he had limited money. Luke said he had $70.00 to last him ten days and was collecting change for gas so they would have to do dinner the following week when he gets paid, and he would cook instead. Jade said she would pay Little did she know he would hurt her and was hiding other women and a filthy lifestyle. That she was paying for dinner for her boyfriend, she was beginning to care for, who had just had sex with other women the same day and would pass along a bacterial infection and rape her. Jade told him if she ever needs anything, let her know, as she felt really bad because he was part time and he had hefty child support and it didn't leave him much money until he became full time. 


Jade also bought her boyfriend Michael a Lacosste t shirt and his favourite goodies and a Ralph Lauren shirt when he was relocated to Boston for work in a new position for the year. Everything was great. He even agreed to fly her there and back to continue the long distance relationship, until his insecurities kicked in... he demanded she remove the photos from Instagram for 6 months or they can't be together. He said, he's sure Jade will find a more handsome man while he's gone anyways since she's really pretty. Jade didn't even ask for it back when they broke up, where as; Michael had bought a girlfriend a Louis Vuitton bag for her birthday and asked for it back when they broke up and she was being a bitch. Jade told him that you don't ask for presents back, you just be careful who you give them to.


Jade also bought Adam designer pocket squares for his suits, when he was going to be promoted, because she knew Adam loves fashion, which she then returned when he blocked her and she found out he had multiple girls and didn't even meet her for the closure she really needed, being her first real boyfriend, she was quite emotionally bonded to Adam and states that she got butterflies every time she saw him, and he just disregarded her, and told her that most girls are okay with casual sex, even though he promised that he wasn't going to have casual sex with her, that they would be in a relationship. Adam said he didn't know Jade was so different from most girls who are okay with casual sex and if he knew, he would have done things differently, but he did know. Jade sent texts stating that sex was special to her and what she wanted in order to have sex... and he ignored it, and admitted to having casual sex with 10 girls in a two year period, in writing, so before everyone goes on thinking she's a horrible witch, consider the above. Adam also withheld the nice email Jade sent to Adam's work. Adam was promoted and never sent home from work as he claims. A post is not half as bad as a man having sex with you and blocking you. You cannot pay to remove that. Jade needed to warn other girls who didn't want to be used and blocked, and she's glad that the people agree that it's her right of freedom of speech. 

Jade also compared to Mother Theresa, hands out $5 bills to homeless people while rollerblading. Like Matilda, Jade was so lucky to have her producer who was like a father, the real life Miss Honey, and Detective Lauren Hassard, the real trunchable. Her producer even wanted to adopt her, paying for her acting school, microphone, head set, and always being there for her through her trauma and she's lucky to have free recording with a top notch producer, which most artists would kill for, someone who goes above and beyond to organize shows, do photos, videos and more.

Jade was also lucky to have one other investor who thinks Jade is the most compassionate and kind girl he's ever met and helped her with over $35,000 through her depression, as well as her dog, and lawyer; Danny Kayfetz to name a few. It just goes to show you, sometimes strangers can be more family than your own flesh and blood. It is still truly amazing that Jade got through what most wouldn't, without any anti depressants, drugs or anything at all. Just through finding her inner strength. She hopes that her strength will inspire others.

Who knows though, perhaps one day the men, will become better ones and become honorable and the rest of these people will become better people. 


Love, Jade  ♥

This is proof that Jade has no criminal record. Both of her charges were withdrawn, meaning no criminal record or conviction. 

This is proof that Jade has no criminal record. Both of her charges were withdrawn, meaning no criminal record or conviction. 

This proves Jade's win against Christopher Payne, who had her falsely arrested. He owed her the payment, and she won double!

This proves Jade's win against Christopher Payne, who had her falsely arrested. He owed her the payment, and she won double!

WhatsApp Image 2017-09-13 at 8.28.06 AM.jpeg
This was the judgment which noted that the Passport Program had breached Jade's charter of Rights resulting in 3 years off loss of her career. Attorney Patrice Cote, is currently seeking damages in a civil suit against the Passport Program and Detective Lauren Hassard for seizing it unlawfully with the intent to harm her career. Jade had never had a bail hearing, she received a promise to appear, which is when you attend the station for a few hours to fill out paper work and receive a court date, and then leave. 

This was the judgment which noted that the Passport Program had breached Jade's charter of Rights resulting in 3 years off loss of her career. Attorney Patrice Cote, is currently seeking damages in a civil suit against the Passport Program and Detective Lauren Hassard for seizing it unlawfully with the intent to harm her career. Jade had never had a bail hearing, she received a promise to appear, which is when you attend the station for a few hours to fill out paper work and receive a court date, and then leave. 

WhatsApp Image 2017-12-03 at 6.12.50 PM (1).jpeg
Proof that her Veteran lawyer; Danny Kayfetz, proved that Luke had his friends on the Police force engage in Public mischief. Jade was innocent and never signed the letter that Luke claimed he never signed. As a result, Luke is facing a Public mischief law suit, which could ruin his work with EMS, as paramedics frequently testify in court and a winning law suit for Jade could result in resignation for Luke. 

Proof that her Veteran lawyer; Danny Kayfetz, proved that Luke had his friends on the Police force engage in Public mischief. Jade was innocent and never signed the letter that Luke claimed he never signed. As a result, Luke is facing a Public mischief law suit, which could ruin his work with EMS, as paramedics frequently testify in court and a winning law suit for Jade could result in resignation for Luke. 

what people really think of Jade.

what people really think of Jade.

Poeple thought she was so nice. CEO of Biovail well known Canadian multi millionaire gave her over $35,000 through her Depression. A very kind man. This is the man who had to have a notarized letter prepared stating his anger for the court officer putting words in his mouth, he said Jade was always polite, kind, talented and never bothered him in any way at all. Jahmal wrote that the relationship went sour when he aid he could not invest and she became angry, frustrated and starting sending text messages. 

Poeple thought she was so nice. CEO of Biovail well known Canadian multi millionaire gave her over $35,000 through her Depression. A very kind man. This is the man who had to have a notarized letter prepared stating his anger for the court officer putting words in his mouth, he said Jade was always polite, kind, talented and never bothered him in any way at all. Jahmal wrote that the relationship went sour when he aid he could not invest and she became angry, frustrated and starting sending text messages. 

Professional contract between investor and Jade. Paul invested $140,000 total but had agreed to $300,000. Money for appearance costs, surgeries or skin treatments, costumes, wardrobe, travel expenses, recording, music videos, and more. She also got offered $2,000,000 from an American investor, but lost that due to no passport, so we are seeking that as well in losses. The government basically stole Jade's career and livelihood for what started as misconduct on part of the detective. 

Professional contract between investor and Jade. Paul invested $140,000 total but had agreed to $300,000. Money for appearance costs, surgeries or skin treatments, costumes, wardrobe, travel expenses, recording, music videos, and more. She also got offered $2,000,000 from an American investor, but lost that due to no passport, so we are seeking that as well in losses. The government basically stole Jade's career and livelihood for what started as misconduct on part of the detective. 

Screenshot (42).png
Jade can seek damages for her forgery charge. Luke made it clear in writing, he and friends at the division, so it was a conflict of interest. Jade is pursuing a law suit against Detective Erica Wester and Luke Halstead. 

Jade can seek damages for her forgery charge. Luke made it clear in writing, he and friends at the division, so it was a conflict of interest. Jade is pursuing a law suit against Detective Erica Wester and Luke Halstead. 

WhatsApp Image 2017-11-29 at 4.45.15 PM.jpeg
WhatsApp Image 2017-11-29 at 4.45.15 PM (3).jpeg
WhatsApp Image 2017-11-29 at 4.45.15 PM (2).jpeg
Proof that Luke's posts online are fraudulent. Jade paid for her own ticket and she's not an escort. She has perfect skin, never has sex outside of a relationship. He is completely discredited. There was nothing Luke could say bad about her, she was an angel. 

Proof that Luke's posts online are fraudulent. Jade paid for her own ticket and she's not an escort. She has perfect skin, never has sex outside of a relationship. He is completely discredited. There was nothing Luke could say bad about her, she was an angel. 

evidence list 

evidence list 

Martin witness statement 

Martin witness statement 

Mike witness statement 

Mike witness statement 

Some of her witnssess and psychology report in regards to the sex assault Luke Halstead perpetrated on her. 

Some of her witnssess and psychology report in regards to the sex assault Luke Halstead perpetrated on her. 

Contingency lawyer for her law suit against The Passport Program and Detective Lauren Hassard launching early 2018.

Contingency lawyer for her law suit against The Passport Program and Detective Lauren Hassard launching early 2018.

Luke Halstead avoided law suits. He also couldn't answer the door for his public mischief claim. His mom has to do everything for him because he can't stand it when girls are in control. 

Luke Halstead avoided law suits. He also couldn't answer the door for his public mischief claim. His mom has to do everything for him because he can't stand it when girls are in control. 

New court date for Luke Halstead private prosecution.

New court date for Luke Halstead private prosecution.

My victims statement 

My victims statement 



Superior court claim launched to help get back over $900,000 in damages lost as Jade can no longer pursue her career as a country artist. 

Superior court claim launched to help get back over $900,000 in damages lost as Jade can no longer pursue her career as a country artist. 

hysterical and threatening emails from Luke Halstead. 

hysterical and threatening emails from Luke Halstead. 

Letter of notice to EMS in hopes they will take action as no one wants to know that someone of his nature would be allowed to practice as a medic. 

Letter of notice to EMS in hopes they will take action as no one wants to know that someone of his nature would be allowed to practice as a medic. 

Unfortunately the statute of Limitations had expired for being able to sue the Detective Hassard for breaching her constitutional rights, but she is just happy and at peace with getting some financial closure for her suffering, from Passport Canada, and for all of the discrepencies to be cleared as well as the Detectives bullying, and unlawfully seizure. 

Unfortunately the statute of Limitations had expired for being able to sue the Detective Hassard for breaching her constitutional rights, but she is just happy and at peace with getting some financial closure for her suffering, from Passport Canada, and for all of the discrepencies to be cleared as well as the Detectives bullying, and unlawfully seizure. 

WhatsApp Image 2018-01-12 at 12.44.15 AM.jpeg
Proof that Jade never had any psychiatric or personality disorders like Luke Halstead had said. This letter was written regarding her issue with Adam Wylychenko, as mentioned above. 

Proof that Jade never had any psychiatric or personality disorders like Luke Halstead had said. This letter was written regarding her issue with Adam Wylychenko, as mentioned above. 

Demand Letter for Detective Alberga's actions

Demand Letter for Detective Alberga's actions

rolf letter page 1.jpeg
Proof regarding the probation officer making up fraudulent statements. Jade never got any probation anyways, but it showed the malicious behaviour of a government employee to use her perpetrator as a reference as well as misquote Rolf. The tribunal has been launched. 

Proof regarding the probation officer making up fraudulent statements. Jade never got any probation anyways, but it showed the malicious behaviour of a government employee to use her perpetrator as a reference as well as misquote Rolf. The tribunal has been launched. 

WhatsApp Image 2018-01-29 at 19.16.37.jpeg
WhatsApp Image 2018-01-29 at 19.16.37.jpeg2.jpeg