The movie: pretty and the liars

- Targeting - If you speak out against police misconduct you risk becoming a target. You should consider the risks that you face and take measures to protect yourself. Suing the police could also work in your favour. If the police know that you will take them to court if they mess with you, they may find someone else to bother. This is an important decision for you to make. - Davin Charney civil lawyer


For four years of my life, I was a victim to a snowball effect of unfortunate events - Jade Naraine

This is a synopsis of the based on the True Story movie of Canadian Country Singer-Songwriter and soon to be women’s rights lawyer; Jade Elizabeth Naraine, born Jade Elizabeth Thelwell. No court cases and judgments are being referenced on here, until all of them are closed. Jade was the first girl in Canadian history to have some of the things that happened to her, happen. She was subject to injustices, so stood up for herself and proceeded to get justice.

Pretty and the Liars, is the true story movie about the abuse she faced by the Toronto Police, men, and professionals. Growing up with abandonment, caused by emotional neglect as a child, and then in having her career halted for many years, she found herself with a low self esteem, and dating poor quality professional men, some of which had secret lives of drug use, and unorthodox sexual lifestyles, past charges, jail time and guilty pleas involving aggravated assaults, unlawful use of firearms and drugs, sadism and who ended up testifying under oath to having never liked or respect her, even while they were dating, putting her down as a woman and even making fun of her being half-black. This all happened after a Detective unlawfully seized her Passport and never returned it, causing her to be unable to pursue her career goals and aspirations. Through strength and those few that helped and believed in her, she would maintain her traditional, conservative morals and values, get through it all, and reach her career goals.

Jade also found her fairy tale love with her country guy, a good, well raised, manly, protective, safe, traditional, conservative man who was also against polyamoury, sex clubs, drugs and smoking, and was an old soul, like her, who believed in lifelong, everlasting love, and who never let a day pass without showing her how amazing she was to him, how much he loved her and how proud he was. They both loved country music and they both thought that everyone shared the same views on relationships, until they realized they were a rarity. He quickly wanted his whole family to meet her and believed in taking care of his girl. He was okay to wait until engagement, before intimacy. Jade believes and always encourages women around her, that being friends first and building an emotional bond, was important first to getting a good guy and avoiding many toxic relationships with bad guys. Jade and him both knew they were rare in the world, so they wanted to hold onto each other. Old Souls are often perplexed, and unable to relate to the things people their own age consider fun, or important, and so feel out of place. They also usually have a wealth of wisdom. He knew all about her past and always held that she was an amazing girl who made him the happiest he had been in a while, but with an ugly past, a girl who was vulnerable and naive. He promised her he would always take care of her and never hurt her or make her cry like she had been hurt in the past. Both Jade and him believed that they met out of fate. Best friends.

Jade is non convicted of any offense and has no criminal record. More info is coming soon regarding; Detective Maureen Trueman, Detective Sajeev Nair, Detective Lorie Palermo, Detective Ruby Dhatt, Detective Branko Novinc, Detective Erica Wester, Detective Lauren Hassard, Detective Pasquale Alberga, Detective Nicole Ozretic, Sargent Sabadics, PC Ian Sabsay, PC Kaylann Ball, John Doe PC 1,2,3 and 4, and Detective Dave Peterson.

Since 2014, Jade endured a snowball effect, that all started with one Detective Lauren Hassard who took her Passport away from her, and held onto it illegally to disrupt her career. After that, it was easy for new Detectives or police officers to believe she was bad, because all they had to do was contact the first Detective, and hear all the bad things she said about her, or check the negative notes in the police computer, without doing any of their own due diligence.

One of the men was involved in cocaine use, and even offered it to Jade, which she of course declined. While there was evidence that another man supported violent sex.

One of the men, her perpetrator, even stated in a text to have posted Jade, and said if she removed her posts, that he would remove his Click here, another man said he would be colluding with two other men to cause harm to her, but everyone only cared about her, claiming she was bad for posting how harmful these men were on the internet, manipulated by the men’s sociopathic personalities, which causes them to go through life never being caught, as they often appear credible and mislead people. Her perpetrator would also lie and claim he ended the relationship due to an instagram account he made for her in hopes he would take it over, but two people stated that Jade told them about the sexual assault the day after it happened, which was before he claims to be upset about an instagram. He also sent Jade texts asking her to stay, stating she was a great girl, with great qualities, and lots to offer, calling her several times, wanting to work through things and see her for her birthday, but she declined.

The men were upset that she released a statement of how she was treated by them online, so they commenced a defamation, and harassment campaign against her, believing their actions were proportionate to hers.

After the singer was sexually assaulted, the men, led by a man she alleges sexually harassed her into having an intimate encounter, made a defamatory website about her, had chats about her on reddit, and wrote comments like; "All we have to do is ruin her life and career hahaha" while writing postings with racial hate speech on them, towards her being half black. The men also contacted media, her record label and radio stations to try to interfere with her career. 

It became a nightmare for her, where she has had many lows. She states that the met the men during a time when she was new to dating, and very naive and vulnerable and as a result, fell into the hands of some harmful men.

The men also colluded to lie to others, by claiming she was loosening wheels on their cars, things that she says she couldn't fathom doing to make her appear as the typical “crazy ex-girlfriend.” Her perpetrator was known to drive broken cars, with doors that didn’t shut properly.

“These men and individuals have spent years trying to destroy this young girl.” - Daniel Kayfetz

"Jade is a victim of conspiracy to target and defame her by people who are fearful of her disclosure of their conduct. These persons are increasing their false attacks on her. The only scour of bad information is by those who have wronged her." - Danny Kayfetz


Jade has always believed that the internet is a good place for women to share their stories about how controlling and manipulative men treated them. We all have rights to freedom as speech. It was a way to prevent other women from being misled or harmed emotionally, mentally and in some cases physically, as women who would see her story, would be more cautious when dating that man.

Men would become very angry at Jade for posting how she was treated by them and united to attack her and revenge. In the USA, laws are protecting the rights of women a lot more than in Canada.

In a famous Gloria Allred case, When a dishonest cheater tried to sue two women for “defamation” for posting a warning for other women, the law suit was dismissed from court, where the honourable judge stated that women should be able to at least warn each other, due to anti heart bomb statutes that protect men when they lie and cheat. While their actions are not criminal, it is certainly damaging to women’s emotional and mental health. There needs to be some recourse for rape by deception.

Based on her own experiences, Jade has decided to attend law school on the side of her music career, where she plans to become a women’s rights attorney, like her role model; Gloria Allred, so she can fight for women who are victims of sexual assault, sexual harassment or who are sued with defamation. She states she would be very happy to be able to help women find justice, even if it’s just a few probono or contingency cases on the side of her Country music career.

Like Gloria Allred’s winning case where she had a mans defamation claim dismissed, because the judge stated that women should be able to write about their dishonest partners on websites designed for that purpose, without having to worry about a law suit, Jade plans to do what she can to reinstate women’s rights here in Canada.

In Canada, women risk being criminally charged for posting their stories/reviews online. Even though, it’s not a criminal offense, Police officers often mistake it with criminal harassment. When police fail to ever punish men for the harm they do to women, what else can the woman do? The websites were legal in Canada, for anyone to use.

There are so many good and respectful men. Every time law enforcement protects these kinds of bad men, and punish the girl, they ruin more and more women’s lives, as men believe treating women badly is okay, which is hardly a good thing for society. The court is not a place for dishonest men, to cover up their harm. Educated law enforcement would have kicked the men out of the station and advised them to stop abusing or manipulating women, or else to deal with their own problems and posts. She knew that it was up to the judges, the authority, to tell the men their conduct was wrong and that only then, would they change. Many good men, felt it was clear these men were controllers and manipulators and wondered why she would even date those men and that they should at least accept the posts and that their conduct was caught, but manipulators and controllers, once figured out and interrupted, become extremely angry. Men should be trained in society to respect women.

“In my case, these men, especially my perpetrator especially, preyed on women who were vulnerable or had low self esteem. After using and abusing women, he would talk about how much he never liked them and call them names. He would tell me how I had hideous acne and other hurtful things about my being half black.” - Jade Naraine

Justification is a defence to defamation, which is why it should be tried in civil court and not in criminal court. If a person can prove that the statements published were substantially true, then they will not be liable for defamation. Jade would always base her posts on evidence in the form of texts, emails etc.


Pretty and the liars is the true story movie of one young girl named Jade Naraine, who just wanted to be a singer, and the abuse she faced by her parents, men, lawyers, professionals, the Canadian Government and Toronto Police.

A story about how one girl got through what most wouldn't.


Prior to 2014, Jade was nominated as valedictorian in high-school, always the lead in the school plays, was an English scholar and accepted to the University of Toronto, until she chose to leave University to pursue her career as a singer-songwriter. Jade had all of the tools needed, from songwriting skills, investors knocking on her door, to accessible recording time at no expense, until she was blocked from pursuing her goals and fell into a downward spiral of dating men who led her into toxic relationships. She was a girl who had never touched drugs, including cigarettes or marijuana, was extremely traditional and incredibly kind hearted, the complete opposite from the men she met.

As a child, her grandmother wanted custody of Jade, but despite that Jade would like to and would have been better off with her grandmother, that the law states that a child has to stay with their birth mother, unless there is evidence of physical abuse. Jade’s abuse was mostly emotional and mental, which even though it can have a worse effect on children, often times, is often not acted on. As a result, her upbringing contributed to a low self esteem, depression and anxiety which contributed to her poor dating choices when she started her adult life.

Her mother was liberal. Liberals always try to put others down. This is why her perpetrator, who is polyamorous, puts Jade down and says she has no idea about adult normal relationships and has fairy tale views on them. Danny Kayfetz said there is nothing wrong with having fairy tale views. Very liberal people will never get along with traditional conservatives. While the system tries to promote liberal views , like polyamoury, and that there is nothing wrong with them, that didn’t change the fact that some people still believe it is, and have that right.



In 2014, Jade’s Passport was taken unlawfully at Detective Lauren Hassard's took her passport because she herself had a failed career in entertainment and wanted to harm Jade. This impacted her ability to pursue her career as a normal functioning member of society, causing barriers and therefore lowering her overall mental health and self esteem.


In 2014, Jade met Christopher Payne of Hawthorn Equity Partners. Jade met Christopher during an investor search where he said he would invest into her career, as well as make introductions for her with his other "millionaire and billionaire friends." He agreed the relationship would, investor/ artist and friend, and would be non-sexual.


Christopher agreed to provide her with $5,000 to put towards a deposit to a music video, which Jade also put her own $3,000 in savings into. Christopher met Jade at Marche for lunch, where he handed her the $5,000. Before meeting Jade for lunch, he sent her a text message stating; "I only have eyes for you."


After providing her the payment, he agreed to provide the balance, an additional $5,000 at a later date. Jade double checked to make sure Christopher was still providing it, before sending off her $8,000 deposit. Christopher said yes.


Christopher then began sending sexual text messages, which made Jade very uncomfortable. At this time, Jade was still a virgin, and Chris was sending explicit text messages late nights, approx. 12-2am, every night, stating things like; "I am imagining you in a bra, which only covers your nipples." Or "I'm very hard now. " "Please call me and help me out." He also promised to buy her a condo at the Ritz Carlton, a new phone, and provide her with spa and skin treatments whenever she wants and a $10,000 monthly allowance, if she would do this phone sex. Christopher attempted to call her for phone sex once, but she could not do it so she hung up the phone on him. She knew she did not want to do any kind of phone sex or sexting. To this day, this is not something Jade ever liked to do, let alone with strange men she has no intimate relationship with.


A few weeks later, when it came time to pay the balance, he refused and became very angry. He texted; "barf" "we all have problems" "boohoo" when she tried to explain that she would lose her deposit and an opportunity, stating how much it meant to her. Jade began to email him repeatedly, demanding the payment. Christopher felt embarrassed by his unwanted sexual texts.


Christopher Payne may have "white collar psychotic disorder," which her psychologist Antonella Magnatta also concluded and supported, based on his behaviour and actions towards her. Elon Musk, a famous and reputable investor, known for Tesla and Paypal, also concluded in his book, that Christopher Payne does not have a heart and is a very cold person, where he states; "Christopher Payne is great at making money but has no heart." 


Jade suffered a loss of career opportunities, investments, monies and livelihood, which could only be maintained with travel, and emotional trauma damages of; major Depression, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, as well as a permanent disturbance in her life.

At this time, Jade’s career was booming in the USA, where she was charting 7 spots below Taylor Swift. Jade had investors who had invested $140,000 into her career, in which she needed to travel to the United States to attend radio tours and meet and greets. Passport Canada was aware of all of this. Passport Canada was also aware of the fact that Jade had left University to pursue her career as a singer, that her only training was in music, as well as that her it had been a long term goal for her since the age of 3.

Jade finally received a new Canadian Passport, after almost 5 years.

According to Canadian history, there have only been four cases in history, where someone was banned from Passport services for four to five years, and stated that those cases were very different from hers. The other individuals who received the suspension were involved in heavy fraud, terrorism or illegal entry, one of them, ending in a long jail sentence in France.

Her psychologist Dr. Elaina Cohen, believes that had Jade not had Jade been able to pursue her career, without barrier, that it would have only improved her overall functioning, self esteem and prevented her from getting involved with many bad men and all of the aftermath which followed.

More info coming soon                             

luke halstead


Luke, who defames Jade online was Jade's ex boyfriend who Jade thought may have antisocial disorder; such as unsafe risky sex, not caring about himself or others risks, ignoring court orders, public mischief, no ideas about disease, incapacity to love, many police issues and no money to name a few. 

Because texts have been released where she states she would be willing to engage in intimacy with men for an allowance, it should be noted that Jade has never engaged in intimacy with any investor or man from seeking arrangement. When it was determined that her perpetrator lied about being monogamous and traditional and was still polyamorous, she felt bad and hurt that he was still that way, but that it was hard to leave due to her emotional abandonment, so she said that she would be okay with it, if she could also have something on the side. Jade has never met any man who works for McCain or their son. She has also never had a “sugar daddy” so to say. Jade has only used the website to seek out professional investors, who agreed to finance her career for a return on investment. Jade is always honest with men who she dates about using the site for investors, but has always remained traditional and monogamous, as seen below in the “Finally” section. She says she could never be intimate with another man other than her boyfriend or husband.

"Luke lines up with sociopath so flawlessly  in my opinion, that its scary. His stories never lined up. He said he had been loyal for 6 years to his wife so he is fully capable of monogamy but then another time, he said he met his wife on a fetish site and they were polyamorous... Financial issues at 34, risky sex and not understanding intimacy, self gratification, manipulating for personal gain, artificial charm and intelligence, incapacity for love or meaningful interpersonal relationships,  allowing his wife and women to spread their legs for anyone, short marriage, no idea of love and marriage, rage, anger, aggression, disorganization, poor hygiene (he had that odor on his penis that one time and another time, his breath was horrible, banana peels, large dogs and chips all on his car floor, pay stubs on the ground, no remorse, no shame, no morals... I also read that they tend to call all of their past girlfriends or boyfriends crazy. On the first date, he told me all his past girlfriends were crazy and then he called me crazy too... I should have known, but I didn't know what a sociopath was at the time... but I have faith. Also, if you kiss him, know that your kissing someone who has been god knows where. He was on dating sites with women ready and willing to do dirty things but it wasn't enough for him. He had to try to suck other normal girls in. Know that he thinks drugs are all okay, and his girlfriends and him fit the died hair Queen st, drug user profile, so if you are against drugs, then he would be very scarring. It's saddening that people think drugs are okay. During my whole Depression, even with psychologist recommendation, I refused to take any anti depressants, or drugs of any kind and just try to heal on my own. If you love yourself, then you don't want to harm yourself with disgusting things. No morals."

"Never let Luke convince you that this life is the norm. He is only using your insecurities, abandonment or emotional issues to convince you he's all you'll ever get by suppressing your self esteem. Girls who really like rape, anal sex and casual sex are far and few between and not healthy, according to Jade's psychologist and he knows that. A good man will also NEVER ask you to have sex with other men or women. A good man who loves and respects you would never ask you to do such dirty things. What man would want other men having sex with his wife or girlfriend. What girl would want to have sex with multiple men... He's just looking for the ones he can lure in. And don't let him make you think you are crazy, because you're not. No girl is If a man calls you crazy, it means: "I messed around with her emotions, ruined her mental health, gave her reasons to be jealous, used her body, and now that she is justifiably upset, I demonize her, so she will lower her self esteem and come back to me."


Luke Halstead also had ADHD, so the drugs used for that can increase sex drive for men. This may be why no self control was there. Just because a psychologist says it's okay, doesn't make it okay.


When Jade ended the relationship with Luke due to a Sex Assault; Luke expressed in a series of text messages and phone calls, having close friends "ex army buddies" at the 41 division who wouldn't need evidence to make things bad for her. Luke gave multiple fraudulent stories to his friends at the division in hopes that something would stick.


Luke denied signing a silly, unimportant, not of monetary value, character letter for her during their relationship.


Luke was a father but would teach his son to lie and swear in front of him. When a Private investigator, attempted to serve him for Public mischief, he said "he's not coming to the fucking door." and told his son to say he was sleeping. 

fALSE Forgery ACCUSATION/Polyamorous detective erica wester & husband pc wester

After her Luke harmed her credibility by claiming he never provided her a frivolous reference letter, forensics has proven Jade did not sign the letter. Click here.

It should be noted that other witnesses including other women who have been abused have come forward to state that her perpetrator is very calculative and will call the police first, even after an assault, such as pushing a woman down the stairs, in order to ensure he covers his tracks so that if the woman reports it, the allegation goes nowhere. He was also convicted or assault and assault with a weapon, where he received a probation, though pardoned, so he had a violent history. A judge recently told another woman that she is not to accuse him of pushing her down the stairs any longer, since the police report shows that he called first, claiming it was a slip and fall. Other witnesses have stated he would file contempt motions, right after being served with contempt motion paperwork, just to confuse the judge and bring commotion to the court. He would ultimately be found in contempt. He spent years committing crimes and getting by. His main ammunition was always to contact the police first, even when he’s the one committing the crime. Another woman, is so hurt by his abuse that she doesn’t want to come forward and have to relive the memories. He also impregnated a 17 year old homeless woman and introduced her to alcohol, this was after he was homeless himself and addicted to drugs and alcohol. It turned out he even had a woman living in his basement, for sexual favours, while him and his wife lived upstairs, during his relationship with Jade, when he advised her they would be exclusive. He was telling this woman that she was his primary partner and having unprotected sex with her.

More info coming soon

sex assault and sex assault causing bodily harm


Luke Halstead was known to lure abandoned girls, which he knew a lot about, with their need for safety. Luke would promise the girls that they could feel 100% safe and exclusive, so that he could lure them into risky sexual lifestyles that would in turn, affect their mental and physical health. Jade received a forwarded email from his email account with photos of 12 half naked women, stating "so many good little girls. Sometime's my cock needs a break." Jade was sick because Luke had called her a good little girl when he had raped her. 


Jade was lured into not only a violent sexual lifestyle and subjected to painful intercourse in the form of a rape fantasy, but Luke also left long term mental scarring and the inability to have sex ever since, as he tried to lure her into a life she never new of, filled with underground and alternative thinking; drugs, sex clubs, and a strange polyamorous cult.


How did he get her? he told her she could feel 100% safe with him, that he is with no other girls and they are exclusive, the words any girl with abandonment would want to hear. Luke hated Jade so much that he did all of this to her while already having women before Jade who he was in love with and who knew about Jade before he met her, putting her at risk for std's.


Luke didn't seem to have any idea about adult relationships built on monogamy, trust, respect and traditional, respectful moral sex, coming from a mother who had had him through an affair. You can read more about the sex assault on the "Luke Halstead Polyamorous paramedic" blog.


Luke was living a lifestyle where he forced abandoned girls into violent sex against their will, claiming girls liked to be beaten during sex, with paddles and other instruments, anal sex and other deviant activities. Despite her abandonment, which makes it more difficult than most girls to end relationships after sex, she found the strength to leave, when many women stay in abusive relationships. Abandonment makes it more difficult for a girl to leave a relationship after sex, due to an emotional bond.


For someone with so much trauma, and who copes on her own, this was very damaging. It was like Luke turned into a different person, like he was enjoying hurting Jade, someone who didn't want this. Jade had nightmares for months and said she still feels bad seeing girls on their phones, worried they would meet Luke and their life would be ruined. Luke claimed girls loved being beaten during sex, anal sex and that he had broken women's bones during it. It was very unfortunate that someone she thought she trusted would subject her to abuse.


It wasn't just physical pain, it was mental pain as well that may last a lifetime. She looked at both men and women differently, not knowing who they really are, if they like deviate lifestyles, which is disturbing. Luke had a history of heavier prosecutions; drugs and assault. 


Luke came from a mother who was a secretary and had him with a much older senior. She destroyed a family and the man never left anything or him in the will, as his kids and real family hated Luke and his mother for what she had done, It was this reason, he may have hated women. No man had ever called Jade names before. Luke didn't know how to treat women. Jade told Luke, she never was and never will be one of his good little girls and that she would not accommodate him in any way regarding threats.


He was not credible to give relationship advice, with a short marriage and no love, allowing his wife to have sex with anyone. Jade received so many emails from his wife, and women of the strange polyamorous cult/community. She was meant to be lured in. Jade was embarrassed and said that had she known, she would not have engaged in any form of relationship with him whatsoever. The calibre of his women were women who had severe mental illness or were highly insecure or unattractive and it was a shame to everyone who knew Jade that her abandonment got the best of her. 


I met; Luke Halstead, on or about the beginning of January 2017
through an online dating site called ‘Bumble’. After a period of chatting, we decided
to meet around mid-January 2017. Luke said he was a single, 34 year old
Paramedic, who was divorced and looking for a life partner. I found I was attracted to
him as I was a Country Artist eager to learn the ins and outs of Country living and he
had agreed to take me hunting, to his home in Petawawa and we would sing and
play guitar together. We both enjoyed outdoor activities. On the fourth date we
began to engage in sexual intimacy with each other. The love making was normal
without any issues. Luke then told me he was separated from his wife now but that
they did continue to live in the same house on weekends, but assured me that they
did not have any sexual relationship, that she would be moving out soon, that they
would be divorcing and it would not interfere in our relationship. I wanted a
committed and permanent monogamous relationship with him and expressed my
traditional morals and values to Luke. Through all that he said to me, I believed he
wanted that kind of relationship as well.
On the day of the incident, March 2, 2017 at 9.00 p.m, Luke picked me up at my
home, and we went to his mother’s house. He started cooking when we arrived at
his apartment. He was making a Venison stew. While the food was simmering, we
were on the couch. Luke had put on a movie. Five minutes into the movie, we
kissed, engaged in heavy petting, had oral sex and normal missionary style love
making. I noticed an unusual fishy odor on Luke’s penis, but was unaware of what it
may be as he had never had it before.
At some point during our intimacy, he told me to turn over so that I was in a
crouching position. Luke then penetrated my vagina from behind. He had a large
penis and was thrusting me very hard. He was very rough, so much so that I was in
pain. I told him, “Can we please take a break. It’s hurting.” He said, “What?” I
repeated; “Can we please take a break. It’s hurting.” Luke then he asked “a break?”
in a questioning tone. He ignored my plea to stop and continued thrusting in my
vagina harder. I started to cry, eyes watering, through the extreme pain in my vagina
and tears began flowing from my eyes. He could see my face and the agony I was
in, but he continued even though I said “Ow, Luke please stop.” I could hear his
mother’s footsteps on the floor above his apartment and I believe he was scared his
mother would hear my cries so he put his right hand on my mouth and said,” Shh,”
then said, “good girl.”
By this time, I was very distressed, scared, and sad that he would want to hurt me
and continue hurting me despite my protest for him to stop. When I made further
noises of pain, he pushed his hand harder against my mouth to stifle the noise I was
making. He then put his other hand round my neck and squeezed hard for some
seconds. Luke is 6’4” tall and over 180 pounds. He is strong and I knew I could not
stop him so I kept quiet—waiting for the nightmare to end.
Finally, he forcefully pulled me up, took my head and shoved his penis into my
mouth and ejaculated. I nearly choked on the semen in my mouth. I coughed it out.
He then walked away.
My vagina was swollen and sore. I could not put my underpants on because my
vagina was so swollen, sore and in pain. He wanted to know what was wrong with
me, and I told him that my vagina is swollen because he did not stop when I said I
was hurting.
I went to the washroom and put hot water on my vagina . I sat on the bed and poked
at it in disbelief. I looked in the mirror at it. I was in shock about what he had done to
me. In bed he told me he’d broken a girl’s bones through beating her with a paddle
during violent sex and that girls like pain during sex and anal sex. He said he’d been
into kink for a long time and that the girls like the pain. He suggested that I should
engage in sex with him and other men or women and that he met his wife on a
dating site for kinky people who enjoy sex clubs, polyamoury and swinging. I was
shocked by what he was telling me as I thought he believed in monogamy and
normal sex, not the violent sex that he forced on me. I always thought that sex was
to be something loving and enjoyable between two people who love and care for
each other, not a painful thing gotten through deceit and self gratification.
Due to my childhood experiences, being abandoned by my father and being looked
after by a mother who was a drug addict, until I could move to my grandmothers at
18, I have had issues walking away from relationships and as a result don’t leave
relationships as quickly as I should, as I attach an emotional bond to intimacy, which
can leave me vulnerable. It’s painful for me to engage in sexual activity with men
and then never see them again, so I try to hold on, and go back and fourth in my
head before being able to let go, and although I should have called the police
immediately after what Luke did to me, I tried to block the incident from my mind. I
was also confused and worried about my reputation, so wanted to tell my producer
first. I was in pain all night and could not sleep. At 6.30 a.m., Luke dropped me off at
That same day, I told my music producer, Mike Dimitrovic about the sexual assault
Luke perpetrated on me. I told him that it hurt to pee, there was blood and my vagina
was swollen to the size of a small water balloon. He advised me to call the police. I
advised a potential investor, a stranger, I had just met for the first time, the following
day, Martin Lask of the same, who urged me to get some rest that night and then go
to the hospital following day. I told him what happened. He also witnessed my
cancellation of Country music festival performances where I was booked to perform,
which he had funded.
I did attend the hospital, after immense pain had subsided, but odor worstened. The
nurse did a vaginal swab. I told her that I had a pink discharge and there was a fishy
odour in my vagina. The nurse said that I had a bacterial infection and that the pinky
could have been some blood. She prescribed some medicines to reduce my
symptoms. I am in the process of obtaining the hospital records. My vagina was
sore and in pain for days.
When I told my grandmother I wanted to go to the Police, she said she was
concerned about my reputation in Country music and said she did not advise that I
go. I tried to let it go but after a few days, I asked my grandmother if she would come
with me to the station because the feelings worsened. She agreed. We were worried
as due to Luke’s lifestyle, we felt that he was a high risk predator to the safety of
young, vulnerable and naive women. I attended the police station—Division 53. I
spoke to Detective Inspector Bruce Connor and told him everything that happened
as set out in this statement. Prior to this date, Luke told me he had “ex army
buddies” on the Police force who would put in a good word for him, so that he will
never be charged. He also began to engage in Public mischief, which was later
discovered. I never heard back from Bruce Connor in regards to my investigation,
but after waiting 6 months, I realized that the police would not charge Luke Halstead.
I had inquired many times, as well as had my witness rejected by his partner, so
decided to close the case, fearing that it was not going anywhere due to his close
ties on the Police force. I was upset that the Police would not take any further action
after Luke’s violent sexual assault on me that caused me injury. I then decided to
continue my case, believing that I should be able to seek justice, regardless of his
close ties.
As a result of the trauma I went through, I can no longer engage in any sexual or
intimate relationships with men. I am afraid. I cannot focus on my vocation as a
country singer and have disposed of all of my Country music, and videos. I try to
avoid rural areas, and feel like a black cloud is over me. I now associate Country
music with deviance and abuse. I have lost interest in my work, I cry on a daily basis
and have lost interest in the activities I liked to enjoy like; swimming, rollerblading
and song writing. I often try to avoid being outside in the sunlight, because I feel
embarrassed. I have flashbacks and at one point, I wanted to end my life to stop
thinking about it. Since last month, I have had recurring nightmares, approx, 3 times
weekly, some were of the attack, and some were being chased by Luke and his
other girls trying to kill me and members of my family with his gun. Nightmares would
end in night sweats or heavy heart racing. One morning, I had to rush to the hospital
after waking up with dizziness and heart racing. The doctor told me that nothing
appeared to be wrong with my heart and said it could have been caused by the
trauma and nightmare. I took pride in being a loving and kind girl, but now I feel like I
won’t ever be able to be a good girlfriend or wife for anyone, because Luke is always
there in my mind, reminding me constantly that I can’t trust or be happy with anyone.
I want to be alone where I’m safe. I feel afraid to have sex and have lost any interest.
I end relationships with men when I feel it moving to a romantic area. I feel like I am
not the happy, affectionate girl I was before I met Luke.
The day after I spoke to Mike, I was in discussions with a potential investor in my
singing business, and I had to tell him I could not commit to any business proposal
because of what Luke did to me. I told him what happened.
A Clinical Sex Assault psychologist is in the process of examining and assessing my
psychological condition and the necessary treatment. My producer, my grandmother
and other close friends have told me that I need counseling in order to put this
traumatic experience behind me, and cope with my life and repair my career as
everything is in a mess since Luke did this to me and they have been supportive in
helping me to access this care.

Jade suffered a lot mentally due to her sexual assault and was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and major depression. Click here to see psychological assessment of Dr. Pamela Percy

In her case, the perpetrator had a history of violence and abuse towards women, according to the public record. He had been found guilty of assault and assault with a weapon charges. Her perpetrator also faced drugs charges and plead guilty to charges involving unlawful use and possession of firearms and various other explosive devices and mischief like charges while in the military. Her perpetrator also stated to get pleasure from seeing others in pain and would subject his son to gun activity, even after child protected services, clinical investigators and other entities told him not to and that his son made his position clear on it, The son ultimately suffered Depression and anxiety as a result. None of this could be used, due to laws in place that prevent the admissibility of the accused’s criminal past. Her perpetrator had also broken a woman’s bones in the past during intimacy, and pushed a woman down the stairs according to Roth v. Halstead.

Women, too afraid to come forward and face humiliation, had sent Jade anonymous emails stating that her perpetrator was known to believe he was above the law and received special treatment, while referring her to publicly available court cases about his prior conduct. Jade’s perpetrator had even kept a young woman in her basement for free, to perform sex favours for him and his wife. This was even at the time when he met Jade and told Jade polyamoury was in his past. His wife did send Jade an email to warn her, but her perpetrator told people that the wife was contacting Jade, out of sadness, because Jade has posted photos with him on social media (with his consent.) His wife was polyamorous, so this was evidently false.

Her perpetrator was known to contact the police first to divert the attention off of himself. A judge has ordered another woman not to accuse him of physical abuse anymore, since there is no evidence in the police report that shows that he pushed her down the stairs. This was because he was calculative and would call police first, as soon as he pushed her, to claim it was an accident.

Due to various lawyers opinion, that sociopaths are often believed as hey appear credible and get away with a lot, including often misleading the court. They also prey on women with low self-esteem. In Jade’s case, this was evident as there were multiple helpless younger women with poor family backgrounds who were victim to his abuse. One of the women who alleged abuse, was a crown ward, who came from a skitzophrenic mother. Jade herself, also came from parents who did not care for her. One other abandoned girl needed a place to live and he took advantage of that too. Jade appeared credible. While civil and criminal are different, the crown should at least allow a woman’s evidence to be heard, so she isn’t re-victimized and embarrassed. This assault was also premeditated because the perpetrator had stated online that he never cared about or trusted her during their relationship and would never say good things about her. After he raped her, he talked about how much he hated her and made fun of her acne and that she was part black. He would also bring his wife to his personal court dates against Michelle Roth, to talk about what a nice person he is, but then when not in court, claim they were getting divorced and never see each other. He claimed he was getting divorced for many years, and even lied to Jade about that, because he never actually did.

He would also threaten conduct to men above his calibre, like the new boyfriends of the women he abused before, women who had no family and finally found a good man.

In Jade’s situation, she knew there were some texts and aspects about their relationship that may have been questionable or embarrassing, but with the help of her psychologists and explanations to abandonment, along with the sheer fact that she was telling the truth, she knew would overrule all else. For example, after the sex assault, the following morning when she was feeling abandoned and lost, she responded to his text that she had a good time at the sleepover, just to ensure that she wouldn’t be abandoned at an emotionally difficult time when she was still processing the incident, as fears of abandonment are more severe for her. Jade would never stay in an abusive situation very long, because she knows she deserves better; however, many women do stay. In America, men are charged for their assaults on women all counts over 3 years, even if the woman stayed. This is because the affect on the woman’s self esteem and well being is the same, whether she stays or leaves. Her perpetrator also posted texts where she offered him $300 to cuddle, but failed to provide the rest of the texts where it said it was a joke. Her and her producer had an inside joke about how Jade always said when she became a singer, that the only luxury she wanted was a professional head stroker, to stroke her hair on demand, 10 times, for $3000 monthly. After Jade got involved with bad men, her producer and her had an inside joke, that she should pay a professional cuddler so she wouldn’t need a boyfriend.

The men were often very confused and believed genuinely that what Jade wrote was not true, but Jade had evidence to prove the truth to a tee. For example, her perpetrator said to prove that he posted her. She showed the texts from him and the posts in his own name. Emails which circumstantially are written in his angry volatile writing style, threatening to post.

He quickly changed the subject and asked her to prove that he lures abandoned girls into harmful sexual relationships, so she showed the text that Jade sent him before intimacy where she said she was gonna just end the relationship, where he said polyamoury is in his past and that he agrees monogamy is better and that Jade should not be judgmental to his past. Her perpetrator knew at this time that he was polyamorous but he lied to Jade and was having unprotected sex with other women at the same time as Jade, without telling her. He claimed that she initiated the casual relationship, but realistically, he knew she would be vulnerable after intimacy and hurt and possibly force herself to accept his lifestyle. All men know this. To say what a woman wants to hear, until after intimacy. One of the women was a crown ward and another woman he used had no place to live and minimal family as well so he let her live in the basement for sexual favours.

Then her perpetrator said to prove that he lets his wife spread her legs for any man. Jade showed a text where he says that his friend met his wife on a fetish sex site too, and then he told Jade that his wife and him go to sex clubs and have sex with the strangers there and then they go to swinger events and have sex with other couples. This would be strangers... so as it can be seen, he genuinely believed that the statements on her site were false, but Jade genuinely believes and has evidence that she believes proves otherwise.

Jade was also correct about his assault and assault with a weapon charges that he ended up admitting to. The military firearms charges he confirms are his, and he also admits to a mischief like charge while in the military and then. So Jade had it correct the first time when she said he had a probation. Jade doesn't allege that he was charged with public mischief. Jade only alleges that he engages in public mischief. In order for defamation to be deemed true, one only has to prove that substantially all of her statements are true, so we know the assault charges were true, and a lot of the other statements are true about polyamoury, sex clubs, multiple women, sharing photos of women without their consent etc. any small statements one cannot prove, a judge can usually rule that due to the truthfulness of substantially all of their other statements, that this is likely true too or that they believed it was true, or else at least that even though they can't prove that one statement is true, that because all of the other statements that can be proven, that this one small statement being untrue would not substantially impact a person's opinion of the other person more than what has already been proven true. His income also never matched his claims that he was always broke. He would con women and hide the money in cash, deliberately allowing cheques to bounce for home and car payments while conning women to pay for things for him, claiming to be scraping up change for gas.

A good example of his deceit and inability to respect women’s privacy and consent, was when he was able to convince the police and his work place that he did not know where nude/explicit photos of women came from, after he shared the photos from his own email address, to a friend, without the women’s consent. He was able to get his work to think of him as the victim. His wife, whom he was separated from, and whom he hid their lifestyle from her family for many years, even forwarded the email from his account, to Jade, to warn her that he was living another life, concerned if he was being honest with Jade. Jade tried to file a complaint with his work, for him sharing the women’s photos without their consent, because two of the women contacted Jade to say that they never gave him the consent to share it and were hurt by it. One boyfriend of one of the girls also contacted Jade to ask him how he obtained a photo of his girlfriend, worried there was infidelity.

Despite that liberals believe polyamoury is okay, it isn’t and it is immoral and wrong.

adam wylychenko

Adam was a Toronto based investment banker living up the bachelor lifestyle, not caring what girl he hurts, admitting in writing, to sleeping with ten women in a 2 year period. Everyone she told, felt so bad for her. Jade could not speak about what happened to her without breaking down into tears up to a year later. There was no worse feeling than being treated like trash.


After sex a few times, he just blocked her and she felt so hurt and discarded. Lots of quick meets. never any proper dates, just promises to have more free time soon.


A good man would never block a girl post intimacy a few times. Adam then lied and said that Jade ruined his career and cost him money, being sent home from work, when he was really promoted. Adam wanted to give her a double dose, by going further in harming her than just using and blocking. 


Adam was Jade's first boyfriend she had ever had.  Adam initiated an intimate relationship, in which Jade advised that if she were to become intimate, she would expect that it would not be a casual relationship because she is not capable of doing so. Through a series of text messages, Adam advised that he did not want a casual relationship either and would be in a genuine relationship with her. Adam also knew about her previous traumatic experience with Christopher Payne, and Passport issue where she hit a career halt, as a result of her inability to travel.


Adam then blocked Jade the day before a scheduled date, after 2.5 months of dating. Jade began texting him repetitively demanding an explanation.


During this time, Adam went back and forth in regards to meeting her for closure. Adam claimed that most girls are okay with casual relationships, was not considerate to Jade's feelings and spread around false information, that it was meant to be a "casual relationship." 


He also said his work suffered as a result of her; however, it was discovered that he had been recently promoted to Assistant vice president, shortly after, followed by vice president.


"Adam was the 1st boyfriend Jade I had. We met on line and I insisted if we were to proceed it had to be serious committed relationship. After saying that I was everything he wanted in a girl; beautiful, soft spoken, talented and thin and telling me he was happy with me, I was blocked, abruptly. This hurt me. We were intimate by this point, numerous times and I had every right to confront him. Adam did not care about my feelings or emotions and brushed me off like having sex with him shouldn't have mattered at all. Men always try to downplay the relationship, in terms of amount of time spent together. Adam always wanted to convince me that most girls were okay with casual sex, but I knew this wasn't true and that I was perfectly normal to expect respect, safety and security after making it clear to Adam that was what I wanted in order to move to a sexual area. I proceeded asking questions and he agreed to meet me and give me the closure.


We never met cause he lied.


So I have a message for those who believe Adam was victimized; Imagine yourself or your sister or mother being in a relationship with Adam, have sex, being entered multiple times, performed oral, risking STDs as Adam had multiple sex partners, then blocked. Then expect of yourself, your sister or mother to go on like nothing ever happened. Expect to be very happy despite of what had happened. This is what you who believe Adam was victimized are suggesting I should be like." - Jade Naraine 


A good man will end the relationship in person and nicely. Adam made it seem like most girls are okay with casual sex, but she knew he was lying since a few days later he said he knew she would react that way, since he's been through it all before many times...


Her psychologists have said that many stunning, really nice girls are being ghosted, blocked or used by men they are meeting online. That was what fueled Jade most to post the warnings. When her psychologist told her many girls are going through this, she felt that what gives a man the right to use a beautiful girls body and dump it like trash. Jade's psychologist said that those girls are being ghosted after sex the first or second time and knowing them for a week or two, and that Adam blocking Jade after 2.5 months was very disrespectful. Many girls develop emotions after just knowing a man for one month.  

detective nicole ozretic

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Lisa anna white criminal lawyer


It is a lawyers job to defend, not prosecute. Unfortunately, many times, lawyers do not have their clients best interest at heart, and are looking to take a flat rate and arrange for a deal with a crown rather than go to trial. Not every lawyer was as experienced and caring as Daniel Kayfetz.

More info coming soon

the ministry of correctional services and jahmal Cameron

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Angus McDonald Psychiatrist

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a couple more men and the harm they caused

Jade met and dated a couple of other men who were dishonest, and disingenuous as well. After Jade released a truthful statement of how she was treated, online, Michael Elaschuk, one of the men began working with two other men, her perpetrator and a lawyer who she alleges were conspiring, harassing and defaming her.

Unfortunately in Canada there is no real investigation aside from taking the complainants words as fact. For example, police do not execute handwriting sampling for forgeries, take the accused evidence into consideration before placing the charges, call notary public’s to find out if letters are genuine, or anything else, to ensure that the investigation is 100% thorough. In domestic breakups, Detectives should be extra careful. It would save thousands of people from revengeful ex-boyfriends or girlfriends bringing false charges forward. 

PC McGrath, whom Jade met, stated to have been acquitted of assault after his ex-girlfriend falsely accused him. Domestic crimes are very tricky. PC McGrath said he had many texts from her, threatening him, which he used in his trial to prove that she was aggressive and revengeful. It would have been nice if police looked at those prior to placing the arrest, as he described the experience to be very degrading. It can be degrading to be falsely charged for your perpetrators. 

Click here to see a letter from a producer at her record label, who received harassing and threatening emails from these men.


Jade then met another man, Michael Elaschuk, account executive at salesforce who more or less, was dishonest. After taking her to lavish restaurants and spending thousands on dates, bringing balloons for her to do photo shoots, and telling her she was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen and how he could not believe she was with him, he was so puzzled by it because she was so pretty... he demanded she remove their photos together, after already giving permission after one date at the Christmas market together, explaining that it has to be that way for now for at least six months, co workers are laughing at the photos and printing them off, a coworker had to be fired for printing off the photos and putting them on everyone's desks at work...they had done this before according to Michael... and he cannot explain why. But wait... she entered the relationship with heavy persistence by Mike, when Jade wasn't even interested in a  second date, delaying it... until she decided to go and got to know Mike more and started to develop feelings, and her only wish was that they could take photos together.

Prior to this, he had said he wanted to bring Jade to meet his friends at work, so they can see that she was real, so Jade was confused. Jade assumes people laugh because he's known to go through women, as he claimed to be used for cc's and money in the past and cheated on on the wedding day. He took it all out on her. Why else would it be so funny to be in photos with your beautiful girlfriend? It was so absurd to people she spoke to, why a coworker would print off the photos and take effort to put them on everyone's desks and why that would affect him so much. No other man could understand why, unless he was playing the field. It was very immature and not the behavior of a real man. A real man would be proud to have such a beautiful girlfriend.

After further investigation, he was hiding his Instagram, changing usernames a few times each day and was being dishonest, so Jade knew this was not what she wanted. He was following porn stars and escorts on social media and had a stripper as a friend. Jade wanted a real man who could build a relationship on trust. He always complained about being used by women and it was shocking that he did not want a pure girl. "I think a lot of us date the same type until we learn. I think he went back to the same types who use him for money. I never cared about his porsche” It was later discovered that his girlfriend or wife, whom he had known before Jade, had a child with him shortly after Jade and his relationship ended… He would ask how his instagram concerned her, but when your in an intimate relationship with a girl, of course, following so many escorts and pornographic accounts would concern her. There was also a website online during their relationship which said “married for 868 days” He quickly removed it when Jade called him on it, denying the wedding ever happened and that he had asked the woman to remove it, claiming she would be harassing him now, but Jade believed he may have removed it himself due to the speediness.

luke halstead


Jade then met one more man who lured her into Polyamoury, sex clubs, drugs and disease A life she never knew of or wanted. 


Luke was a sadist it would seem. All of his alternative looking "queen st" women and partners came out and told Jade that they were his life partner and meeting his friends and family. That they were in love. They all had photos with Luke. Luke denied it all, even though the girls had photos with him. He claimed it was him at first who wrote it, to convince her the underground community of orgies sex clubs, violent and risky sex, drugs, and swingers was a good thing, then changed it to it was a friend, until the photos showed up and he got angry and denied it and called Jade crazy.


Jade's psychologist said that Polyamoury is mental illness. Jade was sent a dirty email from his wife, from Luke's email account to a friend, with 12 lewd women Luke was having sex with, stating something very vulgar about them. "so many good little girls, sometimes my cock needs a break." It was clear that all these poor girls were very insecure or abandoned, why they would be sending their beautiful bodies for a man to laugh at and use.


It still angers her how disrespectful it was. Can you imagine having sex with your boyfriend who just had sex with another girl with a bacterial infection and then subjecting you to horrendous physical pain? Maybe his crowd is okay sharing bacteria, but she NEVER agreed to that. Let’s remember that before sex, he was “divorced” and “fully capable of monogamy” was kind, gentle, agreed to teach her about the country lifestyle, since she was a country artist. – it would be impossible for any polyamorous to live without deceiving for personal gain. The seriousness of this is that he could have accidentally given her aids or permanently destroyed her body as he did her mind.


"He is not tested every time he meets a new partner and in his community, everyone has sex with multiple people and strangers. No idea of why we need morals to function and that's why I hope his son stays with the mother. It has become more than clear that he has distorted views on love and marriage and he claims every time he likes a girl she ends up being crazy, the girls are normal, but after luring into his lifestyle, he views the resulting anger as crazy. He claimed Jade had no idea of normal relationship and adult behaviour but he talked like it was okay that men were meeting his wife on sites like fetlife, what kind of man would want other men releasing sperm into his wife. That alone discredits Luke as a normal sane person."


It was disrespectful and immature of him to start a new relationship with a girl like Jade and expect her to be inherently okay with these polyamorous terms and living arrangements. Luke was unable to differentiate between love and sex addiction.


Luke had heavy control on young women as when they would contact Jade, and she would inform Luke, within minutes, Facebook accounts and Instagram's were deleted without trace. He promised to "bring a universe of shit onto Jade, it would make her head spin" in a text message. And, "have people performing in the same Country music festivals, who would make things bad for her." She quit Country music, with the nightmares she had of Luke's assault and abuse. Polyamorous nonsense, he tried to lure her into, but really just a cover up,but really sex addiction, with a sickness who wanted to have sex with many people at the same time. One who was born out of Polyamoury and wanted to have two wives one day.


The amount of embarrassment that a singer like her had because he told everyone about her before they even met. Jade felt so victimized. Can you imagine the feeling of dating someone and his girlfriends comes out at the end and says “I knew all about you, Luke told me he was going to meet you.”


"He always plays the victim, but he told me we were monogamous. he told me I was 100% safe and exclusive, before sex, but he already had life partners. I never knew this, but he did and that’s why he’s the predator and liar and I’m the victim and nice, loving, honest girl. Why would he go around stealing the intimacy of sex from girls, destroying their mental and physical health. There were all these dirty girls waiting, ready and waiting. Luke said girls liked violent sex. Why me?" - Jade


Good men know that its ridiculous and disgusting and would never work, and isn't fair to anyone, sex clubs are dirty, or drugs. That was what she wanted. A good conservative, traditional man, who wasn't conformed to the new "Everything is okay, don't judge mentality. 


It was victimization. Luke also collected photos. Every woman he met, he would ask to pose with his gun so he can show friends.

detective maureen trueman, DETECTIVE RUBY DHATT, DETECTIVE LORIE PALERMO and 53rd division

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crowns office

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detective sajeev nair

Sajeev has been found by judges to act unethical and abusive against people in his car and breach rights of citizens in the past:

More info coming soon.


Jade eventually learned that the reason she was so different was because she didn’t relate to others. She was against many social new norms like drugs, and polyamoury and most of the people she met were not. She was also very compassionate and empathetic to others, which many whom she met were not.

Jade went through a short phase in her life, due to naivety and low self esteem, where she was unable to recognize the signs of men not being good for her, or genuine.

She learned that she would be okay and be able to be happy despite all of the abuse and trauma she endured. In growing up with parents with personality disorders who would talk down on her, she developed clinical depression. She also felt much pressure to do well in her life quickly, because they talked down on her and by the time she started dating, she got involved with the wrong kinds of men who never liked her and just used and hurt her.

“Going through trying to get justice against a perpetrator, is something that can take a lot out of a girl. When you’re dealing with a sociopath, you are dealing with someone who is a manipulator, liar, user, and controller. The sex assault is about control, on women for sex. I learned of all his abuse against other women in the community. He would slander me, because he was angry that a girl was stopping him from his harm.

I learned how he targeted women with low self esteem, like myself, who was a throwaway and did have low self esteem at the time I had met him, as well as another woman who was a crown ward and who came from a skitzophrenic mother, and others. He would harm those girls and admit to never ever liking them. He would find other women from good homes, and use them for money, but it always ended the same, in the woman’s life being turned upside down. The saddest thing was that men like these are often believed. They appear credible and can mislead the court. I was the only girl strong enough to battle him. Other women would all run scared and hide and he would laugh and tell women to just give up, but all women believed he belonged in jail Even a judges daughter had been abused by him. Every time a judge was manipulated, it hurt, I knew ten more girls lives were ruined, and that he would feel more powerful each time, but I stayed strong, because I knew that eventually, he would be brought to justice. For a long time, I wondered why the men I met did not treat me the way I thought I deserved to be treated, and I eventually, through my experience with my perpetrator, learned that I had low self esteem.” - Jade Naraine

Jade started being more selective and screening men prior to going on dates, to ensure they matched in morals. Click here and Click here

A lot of the men would write false statements online, assuming she had been intimate with her investors, but Jade was a loyal girl and never been intimate with any. Jade always told men she dated, the truth, that she used the site, only to network with potential investors.

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The only time she pretended she had had a platonic arrangement with someone, was with her perpetrator. She was hurt when he told her he was not capable of monogamy, so she pretended she had met the founder of McCain’s son, to make it seem like she had her own thing going on, but really she was too loyal and had never met anyone who worked for McCain.

Through strength and those few that helped and believed in her, she would maintain her traditional, conservative morals and values, get through it all, and reach her career goals. She owed a lot to her music producer, who was basically her father, and loved her like she was his own daughter.