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Jade Naraine, is women rights activist who actively speaks out and fights for women's rights issues, such as sexual harassment, sexual assault, women faced with defamation actions and any other injustices brought upon them. As a result, it only seemed obvious that Jade would do something to help women after trauma afford to restart their lives.

In 2018, Jade started the #LikeAPrincess campaign, which is a social media movement meant to inspire women to be brave, kind, strong, powerful, smart, have good self esteem and stand up for themselves.

In January 2019, Jade Naraine, decided she wanted to start a Princess country festival, which are pop up festivals, meant to raise money for women after abuse, to help them restart their lives. The first of many benefit concerts to help raise money to go directly to the pockets of women, trying to turn their lives around after abuse, will be held this summer in Prince Edward County.

All proceeds will go to women, who have been subject to domestic abuse and may be living in shelters. Women will be hand selected, who have the young children or a bright future, but just need a little financial boost to get their life together.

Jade says based on her own experience, coping and getting justice for abuse can be an uphill battle, lengthy process and emotionally draining. Often times a financial boost can help women, who may be dependent, become independent and start doing things to change their life, and improve their self esteems.

“I love reading all of your stories. I get so inspired by them. Please keep sending!” - Jade Naraine

Update: The first Princess Country Fest is being held in Prince Edward County August 28, 2019:

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For details, visit: https://inquinte.ca/story/country-music-fest-raising-funds-for-abused-women

Jade also aims to own a dog sanctuary retreat in Northern Ontario, in 10 or 12 years, with a fund which will help low income citizens afford vet care, and hold shows to raise funds for pets as well, in the future.

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