For 4 years, Jade was a victim to a lot of professional misconduct, and abuse, including fabricated police reports made against her by a group of revengeful men with the intent of harming her reputation, many charter breaches, along with sexual and emotional abuse, slander, defamation and a lot more. In total, she would be found innocent of 15 charges, for harassment, breaches, and a forgery charge. Many were revenging against her because she released a non-defamatory statement of how she was treated by them, which was within her legal right, according to section 2 of the Charter of Rights and Freedom’s.

As charges are dismissed, and she receives judgments for the wrongdoings done to her, those outcomes will be posted here for review. You may also visit various court houses; including the Superior Court of Justice at 393 University Avenue, Toronto, ON, and Small Claims Court at 47 Sheppard Ave E, North York, ON to review files.

At each court house, there is a computer where you can type in her legal name; Jade Thelwell or Jade Elizabeth Thelwell. You will see a list of all of the cases she has commenced against various individuals and entities, in which you can use the file number, to ask to see the file, where you can review evidence and keep up to date with the status.

Thank you for supporting Jade, through her nightmare. ♥ 

*Note that names are temporarily blacked out.

  • 2016 Federal Court Judgment of Hon. Justice Southcott rules Passport Canada fetters discretion - Click here

  • 2017 Federal Court Judgment of Hon. Justice Mactavish rules Jade’s charter rights breached by the Canadian Federal Government - Click here

  • On July 18th, 2018 Hon. Justice O’Marra awards Jade default judgment in sex assault case. (The default judgment was set aside and the matter will go to trial) - Click here

  • On Dec 19th, 2018 2 counts of failure to complies were withdrawn - Click here

  • On January 30th, 2019 Dept. Justice Anschell dismissed Jade’s claim for slander against her perpetrator. An appeal has been filed. The justice stated that she could not determine malice, which was necessary for the qualified occasion that the harmful, false statements were made. The defendant asked for $3,000 in costs. But she did not award the defendant any costs, because the defendant brought the matter to trial unnecessarily, by ignoring Jade’s consent to close the case, sent in June 2018, when she felt that the case may be too complex to succeed.

    - Click here for notice of Appeal

    Due to the justice being unable to determine if the defendant’s statements influenced the psychiatrist, because he was not present, she plans to submit fresh evidence for her slander appeal, to show that his slander was a direct influence to Dr. McDonald’s psychiatry report. Jade also plans to submit evidence of her perpetrator’s prior charges and convictions, an affidavit from other members of the community, stating that he is known to file contempt motions, call police, or slander, even when he is the one committing the offense, to get all attention off himself, now that evidence has become available, along with a transcript from a hearing, where he states he diagnosis himself with PTSD. It was unfortunate that a lot of the good evidence came to light after the trial.

    After accusing Jade of embellishing her symptoms of PTSD, he told a judge that he would be expecting to be getting a diagnosis of PTSD, caused by being sued by Jade. It was evident, he was the one diagnosing himself, as he stated to have a book on mental illnesses and knew the symptoms in great detail. Also, no one gets PTSD from a law suit. Jade’s diagnosis was genuine because in 2015, she did not know what PTSD was and was sent by a friend, to find out what could have been wrong. Her perpetrator stated that increasing symptoms is a good way to get out of issues, so it seemed he was doing this, with his diagnosis to try to manipulate the court. He stated he had a book on mental health issues, and during cross examination, he had also stated that the reason he felt sorry for Jade during the relationship, about her depression and career halt, was because she had a way of leaving details out, but when asked how he could feel sorry for her if she left out that she supposedly made up her depression symptoms, he could not come up with any valid answer. This was a big clue the judge missed. She also missed the evidence of collusion, though did mention it had some relevance. She also failed to see that the report was not used for any purpose and that the psychologist used a validity scale, which detects increasing symptoms. Jade’s were valid and interpretable.

    For her sexual assault trial coming up in late 2019, Jade plans to call Dr. McDonald who was influenced by her perpetrator as an adverse witness as well as many other experts such as; handwriting experts, nurses, doctors, witnesses, psychiatrists and psychologist’s to ensure that her case leaves no holes. Dr. Pamela percy had found that while some of her symptoms tipify borderline personality disorder, that her’s were trauma induced. This will ultimately overpower Angus’ finding that Jade most likely had minor borderline personality disorder, in her sexual assault trial.

    The defendant is planning to use the report to dispute Jade’s credibility in the sexual assault trial. In order to discredit Dr. McDonald's report, she has been advised by counsel that it is in her interest to call Angus McDonald, to challenge his findings with her own experts.

    Some of the witnesses who are attending to discredit Dr. McDonald's evidence are; Dr. Antonella Magnatta to discredit his claims that Jade diagnosed herself with PTSD in 2015, Rolf Reininghaus as a witness to discredit the fact that Angus did not accept his notarized letter or do any due dilligence, Davin Charney and Daniel Kayfetz to discredit any claims of criminal conduct on behalf of her, as Danny has been defending her charges, and Davin is representing her in her action against TPS and passport Canada, so is aware of the targeting and that she has committed no crime, and lastly, Dr. Pamela Percy who diagnosed her for the sexual assault and concluded that although her traits typify borderline personality disorder, in her case would be PTSD and Depression.  

    The witnesses for her sexual assault trial are as follows; 

    Danny Kayfetz, Davin Charney, Dr. Pamela Percy and Dr. Leila Hakim, Dr. Elaina Cohen, Dr. Antonela Magnatta, Nathalie Bureau forensic signature expert, Doctor from Scarborough General, 2 Nurses from Scarborough General, Mike Dmitrovic, Martin Lask, Rolf Reininghaus 

    Angus McDonald, 2 witnesses whom she dated after the sexual assault, whom she could not be intimate with and whom knew of her struggling with the memories of a sexual assault.

  • The perpetrator is calling Maureen Trueman and Detective Nair. Regardless, whatever happened with the police investigation is irrelevant, to the civil proceeding, as Justice O'Marra said. He's also bringing his mother and wife. Jade looks forward to asking his mother why when a woman wanted to speak to her about his son's sociopathic personality, she declined to meet. His mother clearly had no interest in getting to the truth and therefore is a bias and unreliable witness… as far as his wife goes, it is convenient how they stay separated for years and years and every time there is a hearing, she shows up to claim they are no longer getting divorced, and that he’s a great person, but then after the hearing, he claims they are getting divorced and that they never speak. Ted Bundy and Phillip Markoff's girlfriends had no idea about what their husbands or boyfriends were doing, so her testimony means next to nothing and comes down to reliability. 

  • On March 25th, 2019, the court struck/set aside her guilty plea for the harassment charges she originally plead guilty to, for sending her prior boyfriend 13 non threatening texts, asking for an explanation. Click here