Jack Russell Terriers

 You have probably seen my 1 year old Jack Russell terrier, Sage. I just wanted to say that Jack Russells are the cutest dog. I was watching family channel one evening, when the show with the talking dog came on, so I decided to submit her for some acting in commercials like; Fido or Telus, an agency more or less and they wouldn't take her! Every time I would leave her at the grocery store, everyone would surround her and take photos of her. By the time I got back there was a crowd around her. I never leave her anymore because I'm terrified someone will take her, but seriously... I cant believe they took the other boring looking Jack Russell at the agency and not mine. It just goes to show you how unfair the film and television industry is as they say. I was also hoping they wouldn't notice until on the set of Fido, that she really isn't that experienced with posing for the camera. ♥