Law School and Country Singer it is.

So, I made a diary entry before about how I thought in another life, I would have liked to be a powerful women’s rights lawyer. Well, I’ve decided to do it in this life.

For four years of my life, I felt defeated. I felt like women were put down, and being subjected to sexual harassment, bullying, women who do not help or support other women, and being a victim to sexual abuse, I realized I had to do something.

When my sexual assault case became public, I received a lot of messages from other women claiming to have gone through similar issues. It seemed like the system was broken for a lot of women, who were victims to abuse.

In January 2018, I had my lowest point. I had never had to be hospitalized for depression before, but I felt like I had no choice but to try to die to escape everything that was going on in my life. By the grace of god, and the support of strangers and those who love me, and my own strength, I put one foot in front of another and kept my head up. I knew that one day it would all be over. A kind police officer told me I had a lot going for me, being a pretty girl, talented at singing, and that everything I was going through was just a process that would end soon. He confided in me about his own false arrest, where his ex-girlfriend had accused him of assaulting her. He was ultimately acquitted but related to the degrading feelings I had been dealing with.

Several months later, I saw an interview with Gloria Allred and that’s when I knew. I watched her documentary and she inspired me to go to law school on the side of my already busy singing career. Gloria has made it her mission to fight for Justice for women, and refuses to go away until there is justice for her client. She has stated that the women she represents all come in with tiny mouse voices and by the time she teaches them to be empowered, they are strong, bold women who stand up for themselves. She says she will continue to fight for justice for women from the grave if she can. She has inspired me to turn bad things into good as she was fueled by her own life experience as well.
My favourite quote by her is:
"I will go away when theres justice for my client, but until there is justice, I will be relentless in my quest for justice." ❤

I just wish that more people were kind and I wish that women would help other women, not tear them down. I have dealt with many women in my life from my mother feeling the need to tell me she was prettier than me at a young age, or telling me I won’t ever be a singer, to various female Detectives and lawyers, who have caused so much damage to my life, but still, I want to help women, because I don’t want women to hurt or feel sad, like I have. There is no need to tear other women down. When you tear down another woman, it means you are unhappy within.

I want to help women get justice for abuse and injustice inflicted on them. I want them to be okay, because every girl is beautiful and deserves to be happy, like how I feel in my life today.

My goal is to fast track through school and be able to represent victims of sexual assault and sexual harassment on a contingency basis, in civil law suits against their perpetrators, which will allow more women who may not have otherwise had the means to afford a lawyer, get a chance at justice, with someone who will not accept anything less for them. I want to reinstate women’s rights here in Canada, improve the laws, and make sure women are getting the civil justice they deserve. Sometimes all it takes is a judge accepting that something happened, improve a woman’s self esteem, and make her feel whole again. Every time get justice for my client, it will be emotional for me, I know that, because I remember how I felt when I was awarded for my sexual assault. It was like the dark clouds went away and the world was bright again.

I do think there are still many stereotypes about women, and I see that they are around even in other women’s minds. I hope to help break those stereotypes, by bringing more stories of genuine victims to the media, throughout my career, to show that we do need to do more as people to be there for women, who allege abuse. Something I would like to do in my lifetime as well, is create a fund to help women who are victims of abuse financially restart their lives. Dealing with Depression and trauma, can interfere with your financial situation and in domestic situations, often times, women don’t have much money to be independent.

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Love Jade.