Laws of Passion

Today when I was filing, my producer told me that he would pay for my law school if I wanted to go. Even though I want to be a singer, it makes me cry to know how much strangers can be more family than blood. Forever my Mr. Church.

I enjoy law. But I don't think I would want to do it all the time. I enjoy fighting for issues that I believe in, like social justice for women, animal welfare, charter breaches, abuse of power and maybe even criminal defense for a few abandoned harmless girls, but music is my everything.

I find lawyers to be very passive. The advantage of being a self represented litigant is that you don't need to worry about relationships with the opposing side. For example, I find defense lawyers to be very passive, due to not wanting to break friendships with crowns. Some judges are very nice and very much on your side, but others will still prefer tradition and that you are represented. They will remind you over and over that you are self-represented. You never know who you'll get. 

I remember a lawyer who was representing me in a case, where I brought charges privately. Looking back in the transcript, I'm pretty sure he just said; "okay" "and "yes, I agree with the crown." lol, agree? I am not paying you to agree. Tell them we will fight this!

Also, Danny Kayfetz is the best lawyer I have ever met. He taught me to always make sure the judge knows that they would be doing the best and most right thing by deciding in making a certain decision, rather than simply putting the other side down, or focusing on why it would be wrong the other way. Being Positive is key. 

Maybe in my next life, I will be a powerful lawyer. But in this life, I plan on being the best singer I can be. ♥