The Princess charity for Women and Animals.

"I wish I was the Princess so I could do charity work for life. I'm just so passionate about change for social justice for women, abuse of power and corruption in the government/police entities and animals. I try to juggle both singing and saving the world. 💗💗 - Jade Naraine

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like a princess...


 Jade Naraine is a social justice for women activist who actively speaks and fights for women's rights issues. Jade plans to launch a charity, which will help women after trauma afford to restart their lives, and a dog sanctuary retreat in Northern Ontario, with a fund which helps low income citizens afford vet care, with funds from her Princess charity launching in 2019. 

"As a Singer, it allows me the opportunity to through my fan base and status, influence change, and be a good role model. I choose Social Justice for women activism. Thoughout my career, I will passionately and fearlessly fight for women's rights and make a foot print in that area. I have always taken a stand and sought justice against men, or people who harm women, through any form of abuse or in trying to push them down. Only by taking action and talking about these issues, will any change be done. In exposing our stories, and hoping the bad will become better, and more won't follow in their footsteps, do we get a little closer to the end of the toxic heartbreaking abuse. I am lucky to be able to use my platform as a singer, to help make change. In reviewing a hotel, lawyer, boyfriend, you are making change by helping prevent others from being in the same situations."

Love, Jade ♥

Like a Princess. ♥