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The official website for my Princess charity for social justice for women and animals will be launched next Spring 2018, at

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like a princess...


 "Princess" is a song based on a true story, and was written to inspire anyone dealing with anything bad in their lives. I really hope it will remind them to be happy, stay strong and keep shining. I also want to inspire kindness, warmth and compassion towards others, especially those dealing with heavy things.  It's really what I stand for.  We never really know what others are going through.

One thing I like to do to make a difference is go rollerblading with my dog and hand out $5 bills to homeless people. I know some people think I'm crazy for doing that, but it's just the way I am. I love seeing their face light up, that they matter.

  I wrote this song about my experience battling Depression and trauma. For 3 years of my life, my career was taken away from me, unlawfully, by a Detective named Lauren Hassard and the Federal Government, until a judge revealed that the Ontario government had erred in holding back my passport. This was devastating for my career. Justice came together for me in the end, when it was decided that the Canadian Government had breached my charter rights, and as a result, we knew we could finally seek some justice. 

Though I was young, and did not believe a Detective would ever do wrong, since we are taught to trust Police, I did not realize that she was acting in misconduct in taking away my Passport at her own discretion, since I was friendly, not a flight risk and had no history breaking the law.

The title Princess came to me one day when I was really depressed and sad and my producer, who is like family, asked me... "Why are you always crying Jadey, you look like a Princess, what a waste." I knew that he meant; why would I cry and ruin my face for people who don't know me, bullies...I was wasting my ability to be a singer and although I have lost some of the most important years of my career, I will still have a lot to look forward to.

  I have also read so many heartbreaking stories on social media about people facing other things, so I hope that Princess will help anyone else no matter what they may be going through; bullying, emotional trauma, emotional, mental or physical abuse, PTSD, girls feeling taken advantage of or used, loss, struggle, abandonment issues, defeat, mental illness or anything else. I know that everyone has been touched by one of these things at some point in their lives. I hope that #Princess will inspire you to #staystrong and keep smiling. - things will get better.

I feel like mental and emotional abuse and some of these issues are heartbreaking, so it's my mission in life to make as much of a change as I can into the lives of people and animals. It's my dream to make a difference in the areas of women and animals. Many times the Police force try hard to ruin innocent people's lives for personal motive, or to support boyfriend/girlfriend or general revenge games, but when animals are seen publicly beaten or abused, fail to do much. I hope to raise more awareness in regards to animal cruelty and women who are emotionally, physically or mentally abused, as nothing is really done about this now and it has heavier impact on well being. There are good officers who do exercise discretion to know when not to ruin lives for silly or meaningless things that don't matter, but there are still some who fail and we have to stand up and speak about it, as they are not above the law, and not there to bully, abuse or make mistakes. 

Animals are the most innocent beings who bring smiles to our faces every day and rely on us to speak for them, yet our prosecutors do next to nothing to protect them and merely take them for granted. I will also be pursuing my dream in having my very own animal rescue on some land, where animals can get a chance at a good life. There isn't a more precious life than a life of an animal and there isn't a happier life than one surrounded by them. They do nothing wrong. Please stay tuned for more information on my dog rescue.

30% of proceeds from my Princess by Jade Naraine nail polish and hair perfume line out January 2018 will go directly to improving the lives of women and animals, by offering financial support for women who are struggling financially through any kind of trauma, as well as owners of animals who need to access vet care. A portion of proceeds will go to saving for my very own dog rescue. 

As a Social Justice for women activist myself, I have always taken a stand and sought justice against men, or people who harm women, through any form of abuse or in trying to push them down. Only by taking action and talking about these issues, will any change be done. 

Love, Jade ♥



Behind the song...

``I wrote "Princess" with the idea of Depression, trauma and abandonment in mind about a girl who's life spirals out of control to a point where she could hardly breathe, but she made it through! I hope that it will help anyone else no matter what they may be going through; bullying, emotional trauma, emotional, mental or physical abuse, PTSD, feeling taken advantage of or used, loss, struggle, abandonment, defeat, mental illness or anything other challenges. I hear so many stories through social media that are just heartbreaking. We can all relate to at least one of these things. I hope that #Princess will inspire you to #staystrong and keep smiling; because, things will get better. During my Depression, psychologists kept telling me I should take anti depressants and drugs to make me feel better, but I didn't... I had never touched them and never will. I want you to know that you shouldn't either. I had always been against drug use my whole life, never even touching as much as a cigarette or marijuana after growing up with my mom who used heavy marijuana, I couldn't wait to get away from it. Find other ways to feel better when your sad, like watching your favorite movie or eating your favorite food, or adopting a new puppy. please love yourself and your body and don't harm it with disgusting substances. Time heals all and you will be better off.``

Love, Jade ♥

Like a Princess.